2-10-13 – Mike Piazza, William Buckley, Richard Nixon, Mary Jo Kopechne, John Buck


The Mike Piazza book is out and don’t look for any big-time Lance Armstrong announcements here. He did say he took a few greenies (who didn’t) but they made him jumpy. Books like this do very little for the people out there that love to make you feel that everyone in the world is a lying drug addict. Now, admit you were, and that’s a different story. Please line up to give you a second chance.

William Buckley wrote an article in the 1970s for the New York Times called “The Profumo Factor”. Buckley used the old British sex scandal trials that featured prosties Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davis and a bunch of high ranking British politicians. The point was no one cares because everybody was cheating on their wife so the story went away as fast as it started.

He then pointed out Watergate which took place well before the 1972 election that features Richard Nixon winning with the largest margin, like, ever. Again, no one gives a shit because everyone tapes people.

But… stand up and lie and then get caught… well, now, you have the same Nixon but fast forward to the impeachment trial.

Buckley used many more examples, one of the best being Ted Kennedy saying he was sorry that Mary Jo Kopechne drowned when she was riding in his car when it ‘accidently’ off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. No alcohol involved here, right.

No, the point of the whole story was say you screwed up and you’re sorry and you survive. Lie and have the truth come out later and you’re dead for life.

Will we ever know if Mike Piazza played clean? What exactly is clean?

I’m still wondering if the guy is gay.

Ruben Tejada, Josh Satin and Scott Rice all reported to camp today.

RedSox OF prospect Bryce Brentz shot himself in the leg while cleaning a handgun a few weeks ago. Not on ST roster.

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John Buck on Johan tipping his pitches and his Glove Guardian: #Mets @johnbuck44

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^^this bryce brents story is crazy

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