2-9-13 – Zac Ryan, Mark Appel, Aaron Hill, DePo on Omar,


VP of Development /Scouting for NYM Paul Depodesta - on Zach Wheeler - "he made huge strides with his CH and being more efficient last yr"

You’ll start seeing posts this month from Adrean H.S.(IN) RHP Zac Ryan who will begin his senior year this month. My buddies over at www.bigleaguefutures.net have him going into this season in the 8-10th round range, though his verbal commitment to Georgia Tech will weigh heavy on decision day. Ryan has agreed to take us through his senior season so we can all get the feel for what it’s like to be in this position.

Ross Clark asked: Mack, will the inability of the Pirates to sign Mark Appel last year cause him to fall or is he just too good to pass on for the top teams?

Mack – Hey Ross. I don’t think so. First thing first, I don’t think Appel wanted to tie himself down for seven years with the Pirates. I found it surprising that he turned down this kind of money, especially since the new system controls the highs and lows a team can offer you now as a bonus.

In addition, like most front leaders, they fall behind new names that have had big summers in travel and showcase leagues. These have become the true test of prospects. They’re not back in school playing in a weak conference or a small county and the team you’re up against tends to stocked with prospects also. Arkansas’ RHP Ryne Stanek, Indiana State LHP Sean Manaea, Loganvile HS (GA) OF Clint Frazier, and Grayson HS (GA) OF Austin Meadows are just getting all the press now.

Appel is still the best right hand throwing pitcher in college baseball. There are General Manager’s in the 8-12 pick range that would give a kidney to have him fall this low.

We’ll see how things fall after this season ends.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have signed 2B Aaron Hill to a three-year, $35 million contract extension.

Hill had a big year in 2012:  - .302/.360/.522 with 26 home runs, but $11.3mil a year?

Teams are starting to realize they need to lock up their young talent, a la Jon Niese, early so, in the long run, it turns out the be a good deal.

Zone went into yesterday with a past 2012 salary of $75mil, and $82mil+ on the books for 2013, including $5.5mil for Hill.

Don’t be surprised that both Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis go down this path soon.

One other thing… the Diamondbacks now have both 2B and 3B (Martin Prado) signed up long term. Now all they have to do is figure out which one of their top SS prospects (Didi Gegorius, Chris Owings Nick Ahmed) come up and play in 2014.

Andy Martino‏ - @MartinoNYDN

Heard DePodesta on w Duquette and Ferrin, and thought it classy that he went out of way to praise Minaya regime for Tejada, Harvey, Kirk etc. He said farm system was in better shape than people gave credit for, and was right.

          DePo didn’t have to say this. Everybody loves to blame Omar for everything, but when Mets historians look back in 50 years, he’ll come off as one of the progressive General Managers that improved the team he inherited. 

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