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I’m back from my five day battle with this new flu strain. Trust me folks, you want no part of this one.

I opened the computer twice (during the ‘War Room’) and that was it. The TV never went on and I had to ask the next day who won the Super Bowl.

I did open the laptop last night and went to my worksheet and saw that the last thing I was writing about was how insulting it was to have the Mets try to push off Marlon Byrd as a good enough outfielder for 2013.

Now, I notice two more signees have surfaced. Corey Patterson and Mike Wilson were signed to minor league contracts and assigned directly to Las Vegas. They will come to spring training but reports that neither of them are close to being in shape to compete for an opening day Mets outfield slot.

Patterson (bats left) was a big guy for the Cubs back in 2001-2005, but those days are long gone. Last year, he never got out of AAA, hitting .251 in the PCL as a 32-yr. old.

Wilson, with all due respect, has never been big. He’s a 2nd round draft pick in 2001 by Seattle that just hasn’t worked. His best year was 2008 at the AA level when his stat line was: .276, 26-doubles, 27-HR, 84-RBI.  He had another great year in 2011 (AAA - .331, 16-HR, 49-RBI), but he hit only .239 last year for the same Tacoma team. The two best things you can say here is the guy needs a new home after 11 seasons with the same team and the fact he bats from the right side of the plate.

Look, I know that some people feel this I have begun sounding more ‘cynical’ about the Mets, but those that truly know me that the only anger I have about this team is the ownership and how they force their employees to operate this team.

I write about the New York Mets. I don’t live in Houston and write about a team whose total payroll is lower than A-Rod. If I did, I would be trying to project to you what year that team will play another playoff game.

No, I write about a baseball team located in the number one media market in the United States, who is also the part owner of the third largest cable-TV sports networks in the county. This is a ‘power’ team. This is a ‘big market’ team. Their only problem should be how much the luxury tax is going to be charged to them.

Instead, I’m lying on my ass for five days fighting off the flu and the only thing my team has done is sign these three yahoos to take the jobs away from possible emerging prospects that are one step away from proving their worth on this team.

Lucas Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Matt den Dekker, Juan Lagares, and Jordany Valdespin. I really don’t know if any of these are going to be a star in baseball. What I do know is they are young and they need people around them that promote what they are doing positively and support their hard work to achieve their goals to make that critical next step.

Yes, a couple may be a year too early, but wouldn’t that be better than five years too late or no years never?

What kind of signs are you sending to these guys? Are we done or are we signing Richie Ashburn today?

Oh shit, I’m sounding cynical again.


Reese said...

Duda is pretty much a lock in this make or break year. Nieuwenhuis and Cowgill are locks IF they don't overpay for Bourn. Right field is where it gets interesting with Baxter and Brown. The odd man out here appears to be the most productive of the bunch last year in his mere 191 ABs -- Jordany Valdespin -- who is cursed with being left handed, immature, in Collins' doghouse and (on the infield anyway) having the defensive prowess of Roger Cedeño. Why he's not being considered for a starting CF role I'll never know. He can't possibly strike out more than Captain Kirk while he would provide both more power and more speed.

Charles said...

I understand completely about ownership...I think Sandy has done an amazing job with what he's been handed with one exception...I think he screwed the pooch by not trading Reyes, although I understand why he didn't.

The Wilpons have screwed the Mets with the payroll constraints.

Mack Ade said...

Reese... I'm writing on this in the morning, but I'm being told that what we're reading is all smoke and mirrors...

the Wilpons, the Commish, and Boras will work this out to a 3-4 yr, 14-15mil deal and the loss of a 2nd round pick

Michael Bourn will be in CF on opening day.

Mack Ade said...

Charles, I was kind of still connected with the Mets when that went down and it just seemed that Sandy Alderson and Fred Wilpon either didn't care about Jose Reyes or they thought he would bring whatever he was offered back to them for a shot to match it.

Regarding ownership, all the pissing and moaning you and I have done about the relationship between our owner and the Commish is, well, it looks like it's going to get us a new center fielder for a second rounder.

Mets Dreams said...

I will qualify this statement with a big IF. If the Mets sign Bourn then this offseason has been a success. The team will have 4 potential stars at key positions. Wright at 3B, Davis at 1B, Bourn in CF, and D'arnoud at C. The rotation could be better than last year even without Dickey. The signing of Marcum is significant plus a full season of Harvey, a healthy Gee, and hopefully 25 starts from Santana. Plus, Wheeler on the horizon. However, the big question will be the bullpen. The area of the team that has been the major problem since Duaner Sanchez went out for a late night meal. If 2 of the bullpen signees work out and the returning cast of characters pitches to their ability, then the Mets are a significantly improved team. A lot of ifs, but that is what spring training is for, saying what if.

Charles said...

Mets dreams, I agree to an extent...

I think the off season is already a success just by the RA trade. I've already bought into the get younger and cheaper mentality. I had to, the owners left no other option.

With the pitching that already excited in the minors, getting D'Anaurd and Syndergaard was exactly what the team needed. I never anticipated a good team this year. Signing Marcum and possibly Bourn was icing on the cake.

TP said...

Glad to see you are feeling better...cynical and fiesty can be positive signs. I agree with Met Dreams, I am coiming around to think this offseason can be a success, and that is pretty good being that the Cy Young award winner was dealt from our 74 win team. Alderson needs to land Bourn without guaranteeing the 4th year, and without losing that 11th pick. I still think they should take a gamble on Wilson, even with Lyon. FF needs direct competiton from a proven closer. Those two would make me real happy. Lastly, if they don't get Bourn, I agree with Reese that Spin should get the CF/leadoff role to lose.

Mack Ade said...

Spin will at least make it exciting...

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