2014 Winter Leagues: 12/04/2014 Results


Venezuelan Winter League
- Bravos de Margarita 1 - 4 Aguilas del Zulia
  • SS Wilmer Flores: 1 for 4
- Cardenales de Lara 2 - 7 Tiburones de La Guaira
- Leones del Caracas 4 - 8 Tigres de Aragua
- Navegantes del Magallanes 6 - 2 Caribes de Anzoategui

Side Note: Flores received his first start at SS last night for the Bravos de Margarita team. Remember these teams are in the business of winning....not development....that said, its a very telling sign that their manager, Henry Blanco, felt Flores is a strong enough bat to put him in the clean-up spot.

Mexican Pacific League
- Naranjeros de Hermosillo 2 - 10 Caneros de los Mochis
- Charros de Jalisco 2 - 3 Venados de Mazatlan
- Mayos de Navojoa 0 - 9 Aguilas de Mexicali
  • C Xorge Carrillo: 2 for 4, 2 R, HR(7), RBI(24), K
Side Note: The Mets ALWAYS carry 3 catchers on the 40 man roster....yet they have not filled that 3rd spot yet. I believe we are going to a very interesting Spring Training battle between Recker, Monell, and Carrillo for that back-up catcher position on the MLB team. 1st loser gets added to the 40 man and gets sent to AAA to be Plawecki's back-up, 2nd loser gets released.

 Dominican Winter League
- Gigantes del Cibao 7 - 5 Leones del Escogido

Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican League
- Indios de Mayaguez 1 - 2 Criollos de Caguas
  • 2B T.J. Rivera: 2 for 4
- Senadores de San Juan 0 - 17 Gigantes de Carolina


Thomas Brennan said...

I'd release Recker and keep lefty Monell and superior hitter Carillo.

TJ Rivera hitting machine - will it roll out of town in the Rule 5?

Reese Kaplan said...


I think you missed the BIGGER story out of the winter leagues regarding Flores. If the team is in the business of winning games, they chose to play allegedly flawed defensive player Flores at the critical position of shortstop. I'm confident he will hit. I'm less confident he can man the middle of the diamond. To me, that's the headline of last night's action.

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