SIGNED - IF - Alberto Callaspo


The Atlanta Braves have agreed to sign 31-year old infielder Alberto Callaspo.
2014:  .223/.290/.290 in 451-PA
MLBTR.com speculates that he has the inside tract to start at second base (hits like Uggla).


Reese Kaplan said...

It wasn't that long ago that people held the Braves in high esteem for how to run a baseball organization. Then came Uggla. Then came B.J. Upton. Then came the questionable Heyward trade. Then the totally head scratching Markakis signing. Now this?

Well, I will already go on record saying that I think the Mets will finish ahead of the Braves. Even with Terry Collins at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate John Hart, who took over after the end of the season.

He is a phenomenal GM and the fact that he is now the Braves GM scares me.

He was not responsible for the Uggla and Upton signing and trade (both brothers), but I wouldn't doubt him on the Heyward and Markakis transactions until he is proven to have made a misstep.

Hart was the architect of some terrific Indians and Rangers teams and deserves some latitude.

Mack Ade said...

I think, on paper, the Mets are ahead of the Braves right now for the 2015 season, but, depending upon the return of the Marlins pitchers, the Braves could easily project out as a 4th place team.

Charles said...

The NL east, except the phillies, will be hard to beat. The Nats have great pitching too and a better offense. The Mets won't go anywhere unless their Veterans actually get better and their young players step up. That's a lot to ask for. But, 100 million dollar payrolls, a lot needs to go right and your decisions almost always need to be correct.

They'll pay Colon and Grandy 25 million plus together. I'd rather have Handley Ramirez. They'd be a better team.

I'd stick den Dekker in left until Nimmo was ready and the payroll would be the same. Without colon and Grandy last year, they'd have probably finished with one of the bottom worst records and their first rounder would've been protected for the Cuddyer and Rameriz signings.

Of well. At least they moved the fences in.

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