Hot Stove - SS - Starlin Castro


The Chicago Cubs have informed the Mets, and other clubs, that SS Starlin Castro is NOT available in a trade.


Ernest Dove said...

Smart move by Cubs....
All those hotshot SS prospects are still just that.....'prospects'.......
Castro is a proven major league hitter, no matter the reported behavior stuff.
Same reason y I wouldn't trade d'Arnoud in favor of Plawecki.

Anonymous said...

Im more interested in Russell anyhow
This is a Bluff, to see who wants Castro more

Anonymous said...

Can Sandy come out now and say he wants to keep,all his pitchers/
Tell the media he is happy to have the most pitching depth in all of baseball.
He is not going to trade anyone

Michael S. said...

Agreed, Russell is who I'd want.

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