The Morning Report – December 23 – Posting Cuba, Ineligible Players, Homegrown Mets


Boy… gotta tell ya… not much out there to write about this time of the year.

There is a ‘sell the team billboard’ going around on the internet – check it out and join in if you want to participate.

 I hate the posting system that is used in both the Japanese and Korean baseball. At the same time, it might be a way to start rebuilding the baseball infrastructure on the island of Cuba.

Let’s face it… it’s going to take some time for our country to life all the sanctions against this country, but it will happen if for no other reasons that corporations are licking their chops to get down there are start rebuilding anything and everything.
Every team down there could use a new baseball stadium with all the full amenities that go along with a professional operation. I haven’t worked out in my mind where the 16-year old kids like the Dominican and Venezuela would filter in. You just can’t incorporate them into the current DSL/VSL teams because you would rob all the Cuban teams of their talented youth.

But what you could do until you figure this all out is develop a posting system for the established players and all those monies would go to the team that specific player players for, to be exclusively used on stadium development.

It’s a thought.

I think it was Hobie that asked about the Trea Turner trade and how that could be pulled off if he wasn’t even eligible yet for a trade…  here’s a good explanation from Baseball America[i] on how all this works, including another trade involving the Mets -
And ever since baseball teams have worked on ways to skirt the rule, including in 1997 when the Mets loaned righthanded pitcher Andy Zwirchitz to the Braves, who assigned him to high Class A Durham. In June of that season it was announced that the Braves had accepted Zwirchitz as the player to be named later in the trade that sent Paul Byrd to the Mets for Greg McMichael.

Zwirchitz, however, wasn’t a prime prospect, like Turner, and no    was paid to what happened. Zwirchitz was a 22nd-round draft-and-follow, and after that one season with the Braves he was released and spent the rest of his career pitching in independent leagues.

[ii]Fangraphs had a very interesting story today on how each team builds their team.   It shows a graph which clearly states that the Mets have more home grown players on their 40-man roster (27) than any team in baseball (I will post up the chart this weekend)

Fangraphs stated:

Compare that to the 27 homegrown players on the New York Mets’ 40-man roster, and the differences in organizational philosophies become readily apparent. The organizational ladder for the Mets dates all the way back to 2001 when franchise-favorite David Wright was drafted in the first round. Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell were both drafted in 2005, Juan Lagares, Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejeda followed in 2006, and a whole host of current 40-manners came in 2007, including starters Jenrry Mejia, Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee, Jeurys Familia and Wilmer Flores.

It’s interesting because the Mets have been undergoing something of a rebuilding process over the last several years, which could help explain their stockpiling of homegrown players. They trust their draft selections, and so they want to see them pan out. At the same time, the other end of the spectrum includes the A’s — who are constantly in some state of rebuild despite whether or not they’re competing — and the Astros, who have been undergoing one of baseball’s most known rebuilds, despite having just nine homegrown players on their current 40-man roster. It just goes to show that there’s no one way to run an organization, and there’s not even one way to rebuild.  


Thomas Brennan said...

It is a slow time to write about, definitely.

Sandy should give us a few stocking stuffers. I hear Alderson is setting up a blog to write about us. Turning the tables. But he gets all his ideas from reading Macks Mets, so he'd have to be nice!

Now if the Castros would just post themselves and sign with North Korea, that would be even better. Dictators never want to admit how much better life would be without them. Hollywood could do a picture about Kim, Fidel, and Raoul, with a novel name like, oh, The Three Stooges.

When exactly do pitchers and catchers start?

Ernest Dove said...

Good for the Mets for 'promoting from within' more then other teams.
However, the next step in contending process needs to be having a lot of this young talent pan out so that the Herrera's, Nimmo's and Dom Smith's of the world create trades for prospects opportunities for the Murph, Duda and Grandy's of the world. As long as there is no huge drop off, thats how you build and sustain an annual contender.

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack:

Hope your feeling well and have started your holiday celebrations?

Even though you have nothing to write about,yours is still the 1st site I look at.
There is a lot of time for Sandy to make his trade with Colarado or Chicago. He isn't goig to fold to either teams asking price. Im sure he has something in mind and once either team comes to that line in the sand a deal will happen!
But if it doesn't im certain he is happy with were the Mets org is! Top 4 in baseball with more prospects than are being talked about like Bowman,Mazzoni.
The one thing I wish Sandy would do is extend some of the younger players threw ARB years. like Lagares Duda Wheeler Familia.

But anyway, hope you have a great holiday season

Zozo said...

Tom you better watch out they might break into Macks Mets and start writing how good dictators, oops I mean owners, the coupons are?

Thomas Brennan said...


The Coupons will be clipped before that happens! Macks Mets site is rock solid.

The first 4 letters of Coupon are coup, which is what both of those failed nation states need.

Zozo said...


Reese Kaplan said...

I'm not on the Mets for not spending so much as I am on Alderson for spending unwisely. Yes, we'd all like to see the team in the upper echelon in payroll, yet when you dump money into the likes of Chris Young, Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch, Curtis Granderson and the extension of David Wright when the coffers were empty, thus handcuffing other transactions in the future.

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

I too am surprised to not see more extended contracts like the one Niese got.

Mack Ade said...

I still say don't loo for that much more to happen this year. There aren't that many players on the table anymore

Anonymous said...

I agree with Reese that money has been spent poorly over the past few years, but apart from Grandy and Wright, there are not a whole bunch of terrible contracts that weight down the future and with the expected eventual departures of Gee, Colon, Murphy and likely Niese, there will be some dollars coming available after this year. On the homegrown front, it will be very interesting to see what the minor league opening assignments will be, but more importantly, where they finish this year. Aggressive assignments would be Nimmo and Herrara in AAA, Cecchini in AA, Conforto/Smith in A+, and Rosario/Becerra/Lupo in A-. At any rate, if the prospects play well enough to earn the following promotions, it will go a long way to adding internal pieces, but also increasing trade values.
Ending 2015
Nimmo/Herrara in AAA (hopefully Herrara to majors in July)
Cecchini/Conforto AA (doubt it, but maybe even Smith)
Smith/Rosario/Molina/ Becerra in A+
That would add 2-4 possible internal solutions over the course of 2016, but more importantly, those lower guys have to step forward in higher levels to increase trade value

Herb G said...

Not much to write about means not much to comment about. I don't think a coup is in the cards, so we all better hope thw Wilpons get their financial house in order and begin acting like the big market owners they were in the pre Madoff days.

I love all the homegrown talent. I'm impressed with the quality of our young kids in such large numbers. But if we are to be serious contenders in 2015, we need to supplement the home grown talent with seasoned, proven difference makers as well. And to start, that means upgrading SS sooner rather than later. Alderson needs to shed his apparent disdain for using some of our better young chips to acquire needed playerrs. Then, come next wwinter he can build the pewerhouse we have all been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I really believe that Sandy is ready to shed some talent for a SS, but he would prefer to go the route of Russell, Profar or Bogeerts. He would probably bite on Castro, but the Cubbies say he is not available, so best to go for long term solution and I think Tulo comes with too much risk, at too much money and for too much talent. For better or worse, I don't see an upgrade at SS to start the season, but I would venture that the move gets made midseason. One of the studs will have to go, but waiting does have the advantage of seeing which SS is producing (and available) and also hopefully Thor graduates will success to lower the add on price. I still think the Cubbies would make out great with a Thor/MDD for Russell deal. They don't have a true CF ready to play and they are short on LH bats, so MDD would be a nice add to the package. The other advantage of getting one of the young SS is that Rosario could be made available in a trade if Sandy could get a Russell and he is quickly gaining stock across the league, so if they could fill SS with Russell this year, Rosario could elevate to his level by the end of this year or the latest next year if he continues to progress.

Christopher Soto said...

LJ Mazilli has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a drug of abuse....(aka non-steriods drugs)

Thomas Brennan said...

Mazzilli has got to be kidding, after such a great 2014

Anonymous said...

I also think Sandy is waiting for those 3 SS to become available.
But I personally don't like Bogaerts!
There are also 3 other Shortstops I'd prefer.
Ketel Marte from Seattle and Alen Hanson from Pittsburgh. Or Raul Mondesi jr from KC. A lot can happen from now till April 1st


Mack Ade said...

The Mazzilli news really sucks but this is what ballplayers do to themselves.

Second offense.

Jeez, Daddy is going to be REALLY embarassed and pissed over this one.

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