FINAL Results: 2014 Rule 5 Draft


     Today at 12pm is the start of the 2014 Rule 5 draft. The Mets will select 14th today due to their finish in the standings in 2014. During the Sandy Alderson regime, the team has generally not dabbled in the Rule 5 draft market for themselves. Instead, the team acts as a selection spot for those teams in the bottom of the draft order, or with full 40 man rosters, in exchange for cash or international bonus slot compensation.

     It is widely reported that the club expects to lose RHSP Logan Verrett during the MLB Phase of the draft. Other clubs view Verrett as an good option as a 6th/7th medium leverage reliever or as a #5 starter. Sandy Alderson also indicated that he expects to lose "a handful of guys" during the AA phase of the draft. This means other clubs will be looking to pluck players from the St. Lucie, Savannah, and Brooklyn rosters for their own AA clubs.

MLB Phase

PickTeam# on 40 ManPlayer Selected
1Diamondbacks39C- Oscar Hernandez - Astros 
2Rockies391B- Mark Canha - Marlins
3Rangers38OF- Delino DeShields Jr - Astros 
4Astros38RHP- Jason Garcia - Red Sox
5Twins39RHP- JR Graham - Braves
6Red Sox39RHP- Jandel Gustave - Astros
7White Sox38Pass
8Cubs38SS- Taylor Featherston - Rockies
9Phillies38SS-  Odubel Herrera - Rangers
RHP- Andrew Oliver - Pirates
11Marlins39LHP- Andrew McKirahan - Cubs
14Mets39LHP- Sean Gilmartin - Twins
15Braves38RHP- Daniel Winkler - Rockies
17Blue Jays37Pass
20Mariners39RHP- David Rollins - Astros
28Orioles37RHP- Logan Verrett - Mets

AAA Phase Selections
1st round
D'backs: RHP- Tim Crabbe - Reds
Rockies: RHP- Kyle Simon - Phillies
Rangers: 1B- Rock Shoulders - Cubs
Astros: C- Luis Flores - Cubs
Twins: RHP- Greg Peavey - Mets
White Sox: RHP- Peter Tago - Rockies
Cubs: OF- Ariel Ovando - Astros
Reds: C- Cam Maron - Mets
Marlins: LHP: Matthew Tomshaw - Twins
Padres: SS- Juan Gamboa - Mets
Rays: OF- Louis Urena - Pirates
Braves: C- Steven Rodriguez - Diamondbacks
Indians: RHP- Delvy Francisco - Phillies
Giants: RHP- Ramon Del Orbe - Marlins
Tigers: RHP- Jheyson Manzueta - Marlins
Cardinals: RHP- Tyler Waldron - Pirates
Dodgers: OF- Peter Lavin - Phillies
Orioles: OF- Sean Halton - Brewers
Angels: IF- Chris Curley - White Sox

2nd round
Rangers: SS- Hiram Martinez - Marlins
Reds: RHP- Euclides Leyer - White Sox
Marlins: 1B- Harold Riggins - Reds
Rays: RHP- Michael O'Brien - Orioles
Giants: RF- Brett Jackson - Diamondbacks
Dodgers: RHP- Alexander Santana - Orioles
Angels: SS- Pedro Ruiz - Diamondbacks

3rd round
Marlins: LHP- Alexander Burgos - Tigers
Dodgers: RHP Randy Fontanez - Mets
Angels: OF- Kentrail Davis - Brewers

4th round Dodgers: SS- Nate Samson - Diamondbacks

AA Phase Selections

No Players Selected


Lew Rhodes said...

There goes Verrett

Lew Rhodes said...

Gilmartin was Braves #1 pick in 2011.

Had some shoulder issues - pretty interesting pick

ExileInLA said...

Greg Peavey too...no surprises so far.

Michael S. said...

No worries but I would've liked to see Verrett in our pen this year

Mack Ade said...

I REALLY didn't want to lose Maron

Lew Rhodes said...

Sucks to lose Maron - but maybe they like Carillo - he is hitting a ton this winter.

Michael S. said...

I don't know enough about Gilmartin, but if he becomes another effective LHP out of the pen for the Mets, it's essentially trading Verrett for Gilmartin and that's a decent deal.

Ernest Dove said...

Not much downside to selecting a 24 yr old former first round pick who plays a position of need for Mets. .....worth a shot.

Mack Ade said...

I got a bunch of stuff for tomorrow morning's report...then, on Saturday, I'm going to spin my take on the Rule 5 results

Anonymous said...

Verrett may get bombed in the Camden Band Box and be back in Vegas by June

Thomas Brennan said...

All in all, not bad. Hopefully Gilmartin will fill a lefty reliever need well, and Verrett had no chance of making the Mets' rotation, nor the pen for that matter on this pitching-surplus team. Wish him well with O's.

Mack, I guess Maron was at a level where he was interchangeable, at best, with Monell, Recker, Carillo, all of whom are behind d'A and Plawecki on the depth charts, so they remain deep there. Would have been nice to keep him and see if he developed. He certainly lacks the power of Carillo. Maron seemed like Thole II.

Hobie said...

I see the LAD's DFA'd C Ryan Lavarnway. Any upgrade over Recker? Or a MinL replacement for Moran?

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