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01Joey GalloIF/OFL/R11-19-1993
Joey Gallo is really, really strong.I thought about ending the report here, but the 150 of you who will read this expect more. That being said, it’s pretty close to all you need to know. No hitter in the minor leagues — and few in the major leagues — have as much raw power as Gallo does, with the ability to hit some absolute moon shots to the pull-side and enough raw strength/loft to his swing to take the ball out to opposite field.
The reason Gallo has seen his stock improve so much, however, is that the hit tool has improved considerably; though there is still more work to be done. Because of the length of his swing, there will always be a great deal of swing and miss in his game, which limits his chance to hit for average. Because he’s improved his approach at the plate, along with the fear of leaving a pitch in his sweet spot, he has a chance to get on base at above-average levels. A future batting champion he is not, but .250 average, .360 on-base percentages are not out of the question.
The biggest question mark for Gallo going forward is where he’s going to play, and there’s no perfect answer. He certainly has the arm strength to play third base, but nowhere near the foot speed to be much more than below-average, and he’s not getting any faster. First base is the worst-case scenario, but I certainly understand those who believe he can handle right field, and that’s where I’d move Gallo to next season to see if he has enough athleticism to handle a corner outfield position.
Even if Gallo has to be a DH, he’s still a top 20 prospect because of his enormous power, and hit tool that’s good enough to allow it to be plus-plus. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was among the league leaders in extra base hits very soon, and you should see a cup of coffee for that immense power soon, maybe even 2015.
HIT: 45
GLOVE: 40 3B, 50 1B, 45 RF
ETA: LATE 2015


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