2014 Winter Leagues: 12/7/2014 Results


Venezuelan Winter League
- Tiburones de La Guaira 12 - 10 Leones del Caracas
- Cardenales de Lara 7 - 3 Caribes de Anzoategui
- Tigres de Aragua 6 - 4 Aguilas del Zulia
  • PR/DH Wuilmer Becerra: Run Scored
- Bravos de Margarita 11 - 5 Navegantes del Magallanes
  • SS Wilmer Flores: 4 for 5, R, 2 RBI(4), SB(3) 

Mexican Pacific League
- Aguilas de Mexicali 2 - 3 Charros de Jalisco
- Caneros de los Mochis 8 - 0 Mayos de Navojoa
- Caneros de los Mochis 2 - 3 Mayos de Navojoa
- Venados de Mazatlan 0 - 8 Tomateros de Culiacan
- Yaquis de Obregon 5 - 2 Naranjeros de Hermosillo

 Dominican Winter League
- Estrellas de Oriente 2 - 3 Gigantes del Cibao
- Tigres del Licey 1 - 3 Aguilas Cibaenas
- Toros del Este 7 - 3 Leones del Escogido
  • PR/RF Cesar Puello: Run Scored, SB(2)

Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican League
All-Star Game
- Team Feliciano 3 - 3 Team Figueroa
  • 2B/1B T.J. Rivera: 2 for 4, R, 2B
  • RHP Jon Velasquez: 1.0 IP, clean


Ernest Dove said...

Uhhhhhhhh Wilmer has 3 stolen bases???
LOL.... whats going on in these winter leagues? Are the bases at little league distance?

Reese Kaplan said...


My eyes must be playing tricks on me this morning regarding our would-be shortstop. He not only stole a base but it was his 3rd of the season already? Isn't this the guy who ran like a catcher? :)

Hobie said...

TJR last 10 games (41AB): .415/.442/.585/1.027


Anonymous said...

@Ernest and Reese

LOL I saw the same thing too! Wilmer all of a sudden was running wild over the weekend

1 SB Friday night
1 SB Saturday night
1 SB Sunday night

The 3 catchers were

Sandy Leon (AAA- Washington) 46% Career RTO
Carlos Perez (AAA- Houston) 33% Career RTO
Juan Apodaca 26% Career RTO

Thomas Brennan said...

I guess Wilmer wants everybody to understand he's a 5 tool player. He can hit; hit; hit; hit with power; and now run too.

Wilmer will hit, hit, hit, and hit with power next season.

TJ Rivera was born too late - someone mentioned Bud Harrelson this AM - he had a .288 slug %. So TJ would have been great 40 years ago, great 20 years ago (with some readily available steroids help), but in 2015 will have to just keep hitting better and better and hopefully turn that .350 into .380 with a little more power, to make himself impossible to notice.

Adam Smith said...

Wilmer 4 for 5, now officially tearing up winter ball. Whatever happens, I want to see this guy in the lineup every day, and hitting 2nd.

Anonymous said...


Agreed....although surprisingly enough the line-up is actually very well balanced right now that Flores will probably bat 8th.

This line-up is honestly not that bad right now....There's sneaky speed at the top, power throughout the middle and bottom of the line-up, only two guys K at a rate higher than 20% (Duda, Grandy) and they are flanked by guys who carry high OBP or simply put the ball in play (Murphy, Wright, Cuddyer, d'Arnaud, Flores).

There's is a very noticable weakness up the middle defensively, but it is migtigated by the fact that Wright plays off the line which reduces the range requirements for Flores who naturally moves to his left (into the hole) better than the right.

Lagares- R (.280, 5 HR, 15 SB)
Murphy- L (.285, 10 HR, 15 SB)
Wright- R (.290, 20 HR, 15 SB)
Duda- L (.250, 25 HR, 0 SB)
Cuddyer- R (.300, 20 HR, 5 SB)
Granderson- L (.230, 20 HR, 10 SB)
d'Arnaud- R (.260, 20 HR, 0 SB)
Flores- R (.260, 15 HR, 0 SB)

Hobie said...


Wonder if the Barwis Ballet Camp has given WF a quicker (& more graceful) first step.

Anonymous said...


Its always a possibility....

As soon as the Mets hired Barwis and opened his new facility in Port St. Lucie.....Flores was one of, if not, the 1st player there.

Adam Smith said...

Call me crazy, but I would have Wilmer batting 2nd, with TDA 6th, Grandy 7th and Murphy 8th.

Murphy protects Grandy, and I think that Flores, with his bat on ball skills, would be a tremendous hit and run guy.

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