TRADE - 1B - Brandon Moss


The Oakland Athletics have traded 1B Brandon Moss to the Cleveland Indians for 2B/3B Joe Wendle


    Moss - 500-AB,  .234/.334/.438/772, 25-HR, 81-RBI

    Wendel -   AA:  336-AB, .253/.311/.414/725, 8-HR, 50-RBI


greg b said...

What I don't understand is if Beane is trading away his top players for salary relief why did he sign Billy Butler.

Reese Kaplan said...

This one is even MORE of a head scratcher than the Josh Donaldson deal.

Lew Rhodes said...

This is weird - he setting up the money for an uncharacteristic big signing?

Mack Ade said...

Wendle wasn't even a top 10 prospect

Charles said...

you'd think 25 homers gets u at least a top ten prospect from some team. If this is the going rate, the Mets will never trade Murphy.

I thought power was what everyone was after? This is like the Mets trading for Moss and giving up what?
TJ Rivera? Dustin Lawley?

Christopher Soto said...

To be fair Brandon Moss is not that good....he's basically Adam Dunn-lite.

25 HR power with low avg, high K's, and 0 defensive value.

He's a 2 win player at maximum.

That said....your right in the sense that it feels like a light return.

The Mets equivalent foe Wendle is 2B Daniel Muno.

Senior sign with limited power and an average bat that is played up by excellent strike zone recognition skills. Decent defender but limited to the left side due to below average speed.

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