The Morning Report – December 12 – John Mayberry Jr., Kyle Regnault, Brandon Nimmo, Rockies/Twins Players in Play For Gee, Weinberg Chat


Okay, the Mets aren’t signing any big pieces this Hot Stove season, but they are addressing some of their more pressing ‘minor’ needs past the subject of shortstop.
The Mets signed OF-1B John Mayberry Jr. to a major league contract. The former first round pick is primarily an outfielder than can also fill in at first base. He has a lifetime 859-OBP against lefties which does pair up well with Lucas Duda and will allow Michael Cuddyer some days off rather than have to play first base. He also had a .537 slugging average last year against lefties.

My spin is easy here…  Cuddyer and Juan Lagares are two-thirds of the starting outfield and hit from the right side. Your third right sided option right now is an untested Cesar Puello.

The Mayberry signing looks like a good one.  .

New Met – LHRP Kyle Regnault – 25-years old – 6-2, 201 – University of Rhode Island – not drafted –

2012: Worchester - CanAm: 31-G, 3.80, 1.41, 42.2-IP, 46-K…

2013: Quebec – CanAm: 30-G, 3.82, 1.34, 61.1-IP, 60-K…

2014: Quebec – CanAm: 4.47. 1.23, 86.2-IP, 90-K

Since 2012, outfielders who have a .300 BA and 40+ HRs:
Torii Hunter, Jayson Werth, Andrew McCutchen, Mike Trout, Michael Cuddyer –

Anti Wilmer Flores article written by Brad Kallet/WFAN[i]

The Rockies and Twins have also spoken to New York about Dillon Gee, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports tweets.

We assume the Mets are discussing lefty handed relievers, shortstops and right handed utility outfielders:


          Colorado –

                   Relief Pitchers –

                             Rex Brothers – 74-G, 5.59, 1.85, 56.1-IP, 55-K, 39-BB

                             Yohan Flande – 16-G, 10-GS, 5.19, 1.20, 59.0-IP, 34-K

                            Christian Fredrich –16-G, 3-ST, 5.92, 1.44, 24.1-IP, 27-K

                             Boone Logan – 35-G, 6.84, 1.68, 25.0-IP, 32-K, 11-BB

                             Chris Rusin – 4-G, 7.11, 1.66, 12.2-IP, 8-K,5-BB
Shortstops –
Troy Tulowitzki – 315-AB, .340/.432/.603/1035, 21-HR, 52-RBI

Cristhian Adames – 15-AB, .067/.067/.067/133, 0-HR/RBI
Outfielders –
Corey Dickerson – 436-AB, .312/.364/.567/931, 24-HR, 76-RBI

Drew Stubbs – 388-AB, .289/.339/,482/821, 15-HR, 43-RBI

Charlie Blackmon – 593-AB, .288/.335/.440/775, 19-HR, 72-RBI

Brandon Barnes – 292-AB, .257/.293/.425/718, 8-HR, 27-RBI

Carlos Gonzalez – 260-AB, .238/.292/.431/723, 11-HR, 38-RBI

                      Kyle Parker – 26-AB, .192/.192/.231/.423, 0-HR, 1-RBI            

          Minnesota –

                   Relief Pitchers –

                             Brian Duensing – 62-G, 3.31, 1.33, 54.1-IP, 33-K,20-BB

                             Glen Perkins – 63-G, 3.65, 1.18, 61.2-IP, 66-K, 11-BB

                             Caleb Thielbar – 54-G, 3.40, 1.41, 47.2-IP, 35-K, 16-BB

                             Aaron Thompson – 7-G, 2.45, 1.36, 7.1-IP, 6-K, 2-BB 
                   Shortstops –

Danny Santana – 405-AB, .319/.353/.472/824, 7-HR, 40-RBI

Eduardo Escobar – 433-AB, .275/.315/.406/721, 6-HR, 37-RBI

                   Outfielders –

Jordan Schafer – 130-AB, .285/.345/.362/707, 1-HR, 13-RBI

Chris Parmelee – 250-AB, .256/.307/.384/691, 7-HR, 28-RBI

Eduardo Nunez – 204-AB, .250/.271/.382/654, 4-HR, 24-RBI

Oswaldo Arcia – 372-AB, .231/.300/.452/752, 20-HR, 57-RBI

                             Aaron Hicks – 186-AB, .215/.341/.274/615, 1-HR, 18-RBI

Chris Hermann – 75-AB, .213/.253/.253/506, 0-HR, 4-RBI   


‘Heels On The Field Re: Brandon Nimmo[ii]

Mets top prospect Brandon Nimmo says he doesn't have any particular focus working with Rick Strickland, that the plan is 'general' and he's concentrating on all areas and, simply, 'getting better' overall. He confirmed that he'll remain in Port St. Lucie for the winter for the second year in a row to work on all aspects of the game at the Mets facility there. He split time between Florida State League and Eastern League in 2014, finishing hitting 278/.394/.426 combined. Baseball America recently ranked Nimmo the #3 prospect in the Mets system, and his quick progress through the system indicates a possibility that he sees big league time sooner than expected. A focus on losing weight, and the added advantage of staying in Florida all winter, seems to have made a big difference. Nimmo was fatigued at the end of his 2012 stint with the Brooklyn Cyclones of the New York Penn League, and it showed at the plate

Mack – I wouldn’t overthink his living in St. Lucie. This can be nothing more than where he chooses to live in the off-season, plus he gets free access to the weight room.

It’s impossible to figure out right now which team Nimmo will start the 2015 season. His .238 (240-AB) in Binghamton, followed by a weak .202 (84-AB) this winter suggests he will begin the seasoning repeating AA ball, but my guess is all this will be determined in spring camp.
Right now, Travis Taijeron, Darrell Cecilliani, Kyle Johnson, Alex Castellanos, Kirk Nieuwenhius, and Cesar Puello are penciled into the Vegas outfield while Nimmo, Jared King, Gilbert Gomez, Eudy Pina, and Maikis de la Cruz are in Binghamton.

You take it from here

I do have to tell you that I’m having a ball watching the winter meetings. The amount of deals are incredible and meetings like this give all of us an opportunity to learn more about the teams the Mets play against. We especially learn all this information from the beat reporters that are guests throughout the day, but also from the field managers and General Managers from the clubs that are pulling off the deals.
But, do you notice that you see very little of either Sandy Alderson or Terry Collins? Have you figured out why? Well, you don’t see them because there is nothing talk about. What do you have, an old signing of Cuddyer and Mayberry Jr., , and two minor league signings of Castellanos and Regnault? It’s fucking embarrassing compared to what’s going on by the other teams just in our own division, no less the entire sport.

Comment From Scott - Neil, what are you thoughts on Mets dealing Murphy and Gee for salary dumps and signing Drew/Lowrie on 1/2 year deals and finding a LHP specialist? This makes them better no? Plus gives Sandy roughly $10-15MM to spend in the event they actually are good in July.

Neil Weinberg: Don’t have the arb projections in front of me. Does that really save that much cash? Those SS types are going to get $9-10M. I think the Mets are capable of a big year in 2016, but 2015 seems like a year to tinker

Mack – All of this is just some more bullshit secondary trade talk during a week where 29 teams are trading back and forth to each other good, successful players for good, successful players. We just continue to sit on the sidelines and the only people willing to listen to our General Manager say anything ate the beat reporters that are paid to follow him around like a little shadow, It’s fucking pathetic. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Morning, Mack.

I like the Mayberry trade, but the unwillingnes to do anything may leave this team short of the playoffs. It would be exciting to see more, for sure.

At least Terry Colins spoke favorably of Ruben Tejada...that in itself made the winter meetings so encouraging to Met fans.

Nimmo should start in Vegas ans show us the good and the not-so-good, and how far he has to still go. No coddling.

Thomas Brennan said...

When i wrote the "unwillingnes to do anything" I meant "to do anything big"

nickel7168 said...

" Right now, Travis Taijeron, Darrell Cecilliani, Kyle Johnson, Alex Castellanos, Kirk Nieuwenhius, and Cesar Puello are penciled into the Vegas outfield while Nimmo, Jared King, Gilbert Gomez, Eudy Pina, and Maikis de la Cruz are in Binghamton."

and Cory Vaughn, who ended the season at AAA, is where? I think Capt. Kirk is out of options.

Anonymous said...

10. Mets: Sean Gilmartin, lhp (Twins)

Scouting Report: A first-round pick of the Braves in 2011, Gilmartin was expected to be a polished lefty who would move quickly despite average stuff. The stuff has proven more fringy than expected, and the Braves dealt him to Minnesota last offseason for catcher Sean Doumit. Gilmartin doesn’t project to be a useful one-inning reliever, so his best chance to make the Mets is as a fifth starter who can eat innings.

Chances To Stick: Low.

13. Orioles: Logan Verrett, rhp (Mets)

Scouting Report: Verrett succeeds with intelligence more than stuff. He mixes four pitches, none of which are plus but all of which are usable. The Orioles think his slider could end up a tick above-average, although most other scouts see it as a fringe-average pitch. He has a long track record of success, and he has 300 innings at Double-A or higher, but the track record of back-end starters sticking is quite low.

Chances To Stick: Very Low.

Ernest Dove said...

Kirk should not clear waivers..... if the Mets and some of their fans are excited about mayberry jr because he has a decenr stat line against lefties, then there should be teams happy with kirk hitting against righties, his good defense and overall pop/power at the plate.

Ernest Dove said...

I tend to believe the rumors that poor den dekker will be shoved back in vegas simply because team has control/option to do so.

Kevin S said...

Was anyone else impressed by what the Reds got in return for 1 year of Alfredo Simon? Getting back a young 23 year old shortstop and a high upside pitching prospect.

I think Gee is comparable to Simon. Gee has an avg. 4.08 FIP over the past 3 years. Simon made 32 starts last year as his first as a full time starter with a FIP of 4.33.

Simon's 2014 season was very comparable to Gee's 2013 season.

Gee is younger with more control. Not sure what Sandy is asking for in return but a high upside single A arm seems like a realistic return.

Reese Kaplan said...


Remember the old Mamas & Papas song, "Creeque Alley"?

The Mets version of the refrain:

"And no one's standing pat except the Mets brass!"

Zozo said...

Mack I think Puello is out of options as well.

Christopher Soto said...

Puello and Kirk are both out of options....

Kirk will compete with Den Dekker for an OF bench spot and will clear through waivers if he loses.

Puello is now competing against Mayberry Jr. for the 2nd OF bench spot. If he loses, that will be the end of Puello in New York as he will not clear waivers.

Hobie said...

I mentioned (late) last night in the Rule 5 thread that the LAD's had DFA'd Ryan Lavarnway, I was high on him pre TdA, but his MLB stats have not compared with his (impressive) MinL numbers.

Any thoughts?

Thomas Brennan said...

I think Kirk should go and Dekker stay, and the heck with the options. We want the option to win this year, and Dekker gives us a better chance.

Kirk is a marginal guy and easily replaceable, as we saw with the Mets acquiring a guy like Mayberry.

Vaughn can go too - he looks like a clearly inferior version of Mayberry. let him try to latch on elsewhere and not hold back other guys. I want to see Taijeron get every day playing time in Vegas and see if we can turn him into a cheaper version of Mayberry for 2016.

Now that we got Mayberry, it's time to bring in cousin Guber.

I see that Verrett "chance to stick: very low" blurb. I don't agree. I'll bet they said the same about Dillon Gee some years back.

Christopher Soto said...


The 40 man is full at the moment with 1 move pending to add Mayberry Jr.

No need to make unnecessary 40 man cuts at this point in the off-season for someone who may not stick on the team come April.

Recker is a capable back-up and Carrillo and Monell will both give him more than enough competition in Spring Training.

Christopher Soto said...

I am interested where that analysis came from on the Rule 5 guys.

In my opinion Verrett has an below average chance to stick on the Orioles but still a chance.

As for Gilmartin, I think his potential to stick at this point in time is actually very high. The club does not have many additional left handed options at the moment.

Ernest Dove said...

Overall I can have respect for what m my favorite team is doing. Agree or disagree, im ok with facf they are signing 'veterans' to fill the bench role, and going with quantity at relief position, which should create a lot of competition. .... they could easily just go with puello and den dekker in the outfield, and let gorski leathersich or dario alverez be the lefty, and blow smoke up our booties about their high ceilings, while perhaps watching them all struggle through growing pains. To me it still a sign that organization wants to win in 2015, even without a $10mil/year short stop.

Brian Joura said...

Count me as another one who thinks Verrett has a better chance to stick in the majors than what he's given here.

The Orioles are not too different from the Mets in that they're not big spenders like they once were. Instead, they're trying to build through the farm system and improve on the margins.

Baltimore has selected a player each year in the Rule 5 Draft under Duquette and they all made the Opening Day roster. I would wager on Verrett doing likewise.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I agree with you sort of... remember, the Cuddyer signing was a 'big deal' just an early one

Mack Ade said...

Nickle -

fogot Corey - my bad

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

Ryan Lavarnway would make for a nice AAAA addition to the organization

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, I was high on the Puello-making-the-team view until they got Mayberry. I think Puello's chances in 2015 of being anywhere near as valuable as Mayberry for the Mets would be slim, and I really do not want 2015 as another rebuild year.

If they win a few more games with a Mayberry rather than a Puello on the team, that may be enough to secure a wild card.

Gilmartin vs. Rice - let the battle of the crafty LOOGY dudes begin!

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack

I think too many people are making a big deal,about nothing.
Sandy is waiting out the market.
This is just like having kids,patience is needed/
Just because everyone else makes trades doesn't mean the METS DO!!!
Atleast today,let Sandy and his merrymen look around the lot ,before they buy or sell.
Take care

Anonymous said...

List came from baseball America, they did a full recap of the rule V. I actually like the gilmartin pickup and think he has a chance to stick.

Anonymous said...

I think that Puello is actually competing against Soup, even though he is more of a backup infielder. With Cuddyer, Flores and Murphy able to play 3B in the event of an injury to Wright, the Mets can focus more on who might provide better bench/pinch hit play, so I think it will come down to Puello v Soup.

wouldn't be surprised to see Kirk added to a Gee deal to sweeten pot and maybe get an additional prospect. He can definitely serve as a useful 5th OF, who can play all 3 positions, has a little speed and some pop as well, so I think he has some value. If he doesn't get moved, then I think unfortunately, the Mets will use their option on MDD to start because I don't think Kirk will clear waivers.
Anon Joe F

Anonymous said...

I can see a scenario where both Puello and Mayberry are on the team with Soup going back to Vegas. With MC, Murphy and Flores all capable of filling in at 3B, Soup is not vital for defensive purposes and it will be a question of whose bat is seen as more valuable: Soup or Puello. Does Soup have options left? if so, I think it is possible to have MDD, Puello, Mayberry, Tejada and Recker taking the bench spots. Puello has defensive value (more than Soup on this team) speed and RH pop that may prove more valuable than Campbell
Anon Joe F

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

you are right, especially about the lefty reliever

Mack Ade said...

Ya see, I see this Puello thing all different than the rest of you.

I don't think Puello is competing against anyone anymore

Christopher Soto said...

I agree with Mack....

Puello's career with the Mets is most likely over.

@Joe F.

There is no scenario where Puello and Mayberry are on the same team as neither would be a viable option to back-up CF. That role will go to either Kirk or MDD

Christopher Soto said...

@Joe F.

Your proposed bench has 3 OF'ers and leaves no back-up for David Wright.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this assessment. It has been pretty much understood that there were 4 specific needs that were going to be addressed this off season: Starting RH OF, which was filled by Cuddyer; RH backup OF/1B, which was filled by Mayberry; a second LH reliever, where Gilmartin serves a candidate, with others still available; and an upgrade at SS, which was not really available at the Winter meetings, so not sure what move was expected. With the MC signing, there were really only three needs left to be addressed; one was filled with Mayberry, a second was addressed (maybe not solved) with Gilmartin and the third need still has many options available.

Ok, maybe a 5th need was to trade Gee, but even though he wasn't moved in SD, they definitely left there will clear trade candidates, so even that was successful. I think the magnitude of some of the deals consummated made it seem as though the Mets were inactive, but there really wasn't much more to be done that cannot be done in the coming weeks.
Anon Joe F

Anonymous said...

I did propose backups for Wright: Flores, Murphy and Cuddyer can all serve as a backup. Last year when DW was shut down, they did not put Soup there because in his limited time there was quite poor. If they viewed Soup as the backup for DW, he would have played there last year when DW was shut down, but they moved Murphy there instead. If they were not willing to put Soup there when DW was shut down in Sept of a sub .500 season, they definitely do not see him as a viable back up for DW in a season where they expect to compete. I think there are more concerned about offense off the bench than defense. Besides, if DW was to get hurt, any one of the three could fill in for a pinch and if he hit the DL, they could call up Soup, but I don't think they would even do that because he is a poor defender at 3B and they didn't want to use him there last year
Anon Joe F

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon, Kirk can go in a deal with Gee.
Toronto has been looking for pitching,and needs extra OFs.
Wonder if Sandy would be interested in Toronto's younger prospects? Richard Urena and Roberto Osuna would be solid pickups!

TP said...

My 2 cents -
Mets currently 82-84 win team on paper, not playoff contender as many other in NL are stronger at this stage of the offseason.

Mayberry Jr. is ok signing but I need to see him slotted in as an IF backup, pushing Soup to AAA. My understanding is that Cuddyer can backup at 3B, and there is also emergency coverage with Tejada/Flores assuming no SS acquisition.

Count me in as wanting both MDD and Kirk on the roster, with Puello given his shot to push MDD back to AAA. With MDD and Kirk, that leaves them with an OF of 2 RHB and 3 LHB. It also allows for strong late game defense, and some coverage by MDD as a potential leadoff vs. RHP should Lagares tank or get hurt (he was on DL twice in 2014). Unless they find a leadoff hitter, MDD needs to play somehow in that spot for the 2015 team.

Hobie said...

As of now the 25th spot will come down to Puello, Kirk or Soup, where only Campbell has options.

Den Dekker has to on the squad IMO, and Cesar has to rake in ST to stand a chance. I hope he does.

Bill Metsiac said...

Anyone have info/theories/speculation on Puello's '14 season? Kinda strange that his ass was basically nailed to the bench both in Wallyville and in the Carib.


Lew Rhodes said...

Busy day on comments!

Kirk is a goner - MDD is light years better defensively and better on the bases - also, I believe without checking, that MDD has much better minor numbers and DRASTICALLY cut his K-rate last year.

If it comes down to Campbell vs. Puello, Campbell is gone - Puello has much better upside and is better all around.

With Flores and Murphy the Mets don't need a backup for 3b - making Campbell expendable.

S Finch said...

Those that are disappointed, what "move" are you wishing they made? I really don't understand why an arbitrary week of meetings matters all that much in the internet and cell-phone age.

For those that are clearly upset, where was the available upgrade? SS? Another OF? Relief pitcher? A trade for the hell of it?

As much as a trade can benefit the team, it can just as easily blow up in your face...

S Finch said...

I like Puello, but i think everyone needs to give it up.

We had nothing to play for last September and he was not brought up. If the Mets had ANY intention of keeping him on the 25 for 2015 they would have given him a look.

Maybe he's an asshole, maybe he dogs it, or maybe the ORG just doesn't think he can cut it as a big league OF, thus saving us from 250 major league at bats that mirror Chris Young.

bob gregory said...


It really is hard to get excited about this team.

Given the past few years....
questionable decisions...
money pinching....
words said not matching up with actions taken....
promises not met...

the fan base has plummeted.

No matter what you or I may think or feel, the Mets are unattractive to potential fans.
The Mets are unattractive to players.

Even if the team miraculously began producing wins regularly it will take time for them to become attractive to fans.
Even with a winning season... the stadium could look like Tampa's empty stadium while the Rays were having playoff caliber seasons.

The Mets are missing out on an opportunity to supplant the Yankees in popularity in NY.
Bold, decisive, quality baseball decisions that are not hamstrung to a bottom half of the league payroll would have produced not just a winning team this year....but one that would be sustainable for years to come.

instead.... this team remains.... meh...ok...

Anonymous said...

Yikes, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Mack?

It is only mid-December and the off season is far from over.

I see a team that is doing exactly what the GM said they would do going into the meetings......take the pulse of the SS market, explore options for LH relief and RH power for the bench (that can play OF and 1B).

They addressed the bench, added a few possible lefties (with more to come) and they haven't found a deal that beats what they have "in house", yet.

The only way the Mets make a "splash" is to part with the young pitching that is the key to our future (and kudos to Sandy for holding firm).

I know it is popular to "hate on" Sandy (especially on this site),but he is doing what he always does.

Exercise patience! Hard for some to grasp, but it is the proper choice.

His track record is pretty good on trades and I trust him to make a SMART deal that improves the roster.

Otherwise, what did we lose this week?

The title of Winter Meeting Champions?

Now that is something I don't give a "fuck" about.

Omar won that mythical title several times, yet in hindsight, it rarely equated to regular season success.

I would like to think a rational fan would wait until the roster is finalized before judging the Mets' chances, etc.

StarvingHystericalNaked said...

This is everyone I'd be willing to trade:

1. Gee (I feel like Gee's value is raised a bit with Brandon McCarthy's 4-year deal. Should/will it be? Does money equate to trade value?)
2. Colon
3. Montero
4. Niese (a little bit reluctantly)
5. den Dekker
6. Nieuwenhuis
7. Plawecki
8. The lesser of either Nimmo or Conforto, whoever that is (and again reluctantly)
9. Either Flores or Murphy (if you're trading for a SS why not throw in one or the other?)

To me that's a lot of pretty good chips?

Now to be honest I'm not comfortable going into next year with a middle infield of Flores and Murphy. I think that could very well be the worst defensive middle infield in MLB. Offensively, I'm more than comfortable … but when the strength of the team is pitching you're neutralizing that strength a bit …

Also do we need to get a SS just for this year? What if we aimed a little beyond this year? This is a list of SS candidates I'd like to try for (some are major league-ready but all are close to major league-ready):

1. Erisbel Arruebarrena
2. Jung-ho Kang
3. Corey Seager
4. Raul Adalberto Mondesi (Royals named as possible Gee team)
5. Jorge Polanco (Twins named as possible Gee team)
6. Rosell Herrera (Rockies named as possible Gee team)
7. Jurickson Profar

What does everybody think about all those SSs? Are they realistic? I think Seager (for whatever reason) is my favorite out of that very open-ended list. Also if you're trading for a SS who's closer to the majors, wouldn't Amed Rosario be a valuable trading chip? How good is Rosario supposed to be? If he's really good, wouldn't he be good in trading for someone who's closer?

Other thoughts: Bench should be: Mayberry, Kirk, Tejada, Recker and Campbell.

I thought we should have gone for Zach Duke as the 2nd lefty out of the pen. As far as a possible Rex Brothers acquisition, 2011-2013 great years but why so interested in a guy who had a 5+ ERA last year? I'd love for somehow Leathersich to be that guy, but apparently he's better against right-handed batters than left-handed ones?

One complaint regarding moves in recent years … does anyone else find it weird that the one player that could solve all our needs—SS, better defense up the middle, leadoff hitter—is none other than Jose Reyes?

But overall I'd just like to say that I think Sandy's done a pretty good job. I don't know why people get on him when he's been afforded so little money to work with? He's working with nothing! and he still has us in prime position to contend next year? I wouldn't be able to list those trading chips if we didn't have such an accumulated wealth of talent to replace them with. Hopefully he roams these blogs and checks out my ideas!

Mack Ade said...

Erisbel Arruebarrena - I am writing about him tomorrow

S Finch said...


What move would you have made? Should we have signed Lester? What was the BIG move that fits this team?

Promises, questionable decisions, money pinching, yada, yada, yada...All teams have fans that disagree with a particular direction. Do you wish to go back to the Minaya era where we just sign whatever big free agents are available? Sure, we have a short-term chance to make a run, but as we saw starting in 2008 it's not sustainable..

Again, i ask, what is the Big, bold, decisive, winning move we should have made?

bob gregory said...

What has Alderson really done that other GMs would not have been able to do?

There are many gms that could have gotten back very similar returns for Beltran and Dickey.

S Finch said...

Hey Mack, seems one of my comments got deleted...website glitch or do you remove comments that do not meet your guidelines?

S Finch said...

What has Alderson really done that other GMs would not have been able to do?

-Reverse the outlook of our minor league system. 4 years ago Gabriel Ynoa would have been a top 3 prospect in our system. He is now outside of the top ten

-Rid our team of large contracts that hamstring future moves.

-Worked with a ridiculously difficult owners and a low payroll by NY standards

-re-worked a young rotation with high upside

-Made some great trades that now fill catcher, will fill 2/5 of the rotation. Traded the right 1b...

Sure, other GM's may have been able to do this. But, i'll simply reverse the question... what would other GMs have done differently?

Mack Ade said...

S Finch -

I didn't remove any of your posts - sorry - stick it back up

Mack Ade said...

S Finch -

It really doesn't matter anymore what other GM's would have done.

The 2015 Mets are on the road they are travelling...

StarvingHystericalNaked said...

@ bob gregory

That's really an impossible question to answer. But Dickey for Syndergaard and d'Arnaud seems like a steal. And I think Wheeler's going to keep getting better & better. But even if he doesn't I think it's a good deal right now. So maybe other GMs might have gotten similar returns, but I don't know of any ones who could've gotten much better?

StarvingHystericalNaked said...

@ Mack,

Excluding Erisbel Arruebarrena since you're writing about him soon, what do you think about my other potential SSs?

Mack Ade said...

Starving -

Regarding your list of shortstops...

There doesn't seem to be the perfect solution here, but I would go in one of two directions...

offensive wise, Castro (if he didn't shoot someone last week...)

or I would look up the best defensive shortstoo I could get my mitts on (Arruebarrena), bat him 8th, pray he hits .230, and leave the hitting to the other seven members of the squad

S Finch said...

my opinion..

1. Erisbel Arruebarrena: We have an all glove no bat option - Tovar
2. Jung-ho Kang - Who the hell knows..
3. Corey Seager - Nice prospect, but what do you want to trade and will he indeed be a SS?
4. Raul Adalberto Mondesi - Nice prospect, but he is in a ball. We have SS depth in the low minors.
5. Jorge Polanco - probably not a SS and still not ready for the big leagues
6. Rosell Herrera - See Mondesi
7. Jurickson Profar - Great upside, but far too risky. Willing to give up Thor for a guy who might never be able to throw a baseball again?
8. Reyes - Would have been nice the last couple of years, but his defense has diminished and is an overpaid injury risk at this point.

No doubt some good players, but I only see Kang, Reyes, or Arruebarrena as helping the Mets this year.

StarvingHystericalNaked said...

Not Thor, only these players:

1. Gee (I feel like Gee's value is raised a bit with Brandon McCarthy's 4-year deal. Should/will it be? Does money equate to trade value?)
2. Colon
3. Montero
4. Niese (a little bit reluctantly)
5. den Dekker
6. Nieuwenhuis
7. Plawecki
8. The lesser of either Nimmo or Conforto, whoever that is (and again reluctantly)
9. Either Flores or Murphy (if you're trading for a SS why not throw in one or the other?)
10. Amed Rosario

If they don't want any of that, then fine. They all seem like good players to me?

Anonymous said...

patience fella's.
I would rather be patient than watch Sandy make a bone head trade,that on Monday you"ll rip him a new one for.
Seriously would you trade Wheeler for cespedes? Gee for Escobar?
Your all acting like 6 year olds on Christmas morning. Upset you didn't make a trade and all your friends made trades.
Just be thankful on Christmas morning you'll still have HARVEY-WHEELER-deGROM-SYNDERGAARD and MATZ.
Lets all relax and watch what happens

Anonymous said...

Starving foolishly naked here are two more shortstops
Alen Hanson -pitt
Ketal Marte -sea

bob gregory said...

@ S. Finch

-acquire Peralta last year
-Traded Reyes or resign him instead of just letting him go
-acquire any of the cuban players such as Tomas, Abreu, Puig, Solar.
- looking for a longer term solution with less injury risk than Cuddyer and Granderson for the outfield.
- not making Cechini his 1st round pick

-When a position is identified by the gm himself (ss) as an area that needs to be improved for 3 years......actually doing something to improve it.

-realizing that sometimes effort has to be made to identify a player in trade that can make a long term difference in a team and actively pursue that player. Not just sitting back waiting.

These are just off the top of my head in 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

He wanted Peralta last year, but he chose the Cards.

Couldn't trade Reyes because he was leading the league in hitting and was in the DL at the trade deadline. I wouldnt have resigned him at that money knowing the team was going to suck for the first two years. Draft pick turned into Plawecki, which was not bad and required good drafting.

Plenty of teams with lots of money passed on the Cubans and just about everyone took a pass on Tomas just a few weeks ago.

Grandy and Cuddyer were ok moves but not disasters like Bay yet.

Woildnt have picked Cecchini in 1st round, but I still think he will be a major league SS.

Some good, some bad and some really good. The Mets are way better off than the Yankees and they have operated with unlimited budget. Even the Red Sox stunk last year, so not everything works out as planned

Hobie said...

Playing GM is fun, we all do it. Some of us realize we are PLAYING a game within a game we enjoy watching. We contemplate the what-if-we-had's and what-if-we-try. None of this has any effect on actual outcomes.

Some seem to take it seriously enough that their lives diminish with every star not signed, )last year it was what--Choo & Drew?) every fantasy trade not consummated (Niese for Cepedes?) evidently neglecting that there's another guy on the other side of the phone.

Me? For the time being I'll fantasize that Flores will out-perform Castro with or without sidearms. That seemed to work for Legares & Duda.

Steve from Norfolk said...

bob Gregory,

1) Our long term solutions in the OF are Nimmo and Conforto.
2) Peralta was WAY overpriced - We would have bought him - for $8mil/yr.
3)Which one of Harvey, Syndegaard, Wheeler, or DeGrom would you have given up for a SS prospect either untried above AAA or with an arm or hip injury?
4) It took us over 2 years to land Carlos Delgado. We even went with a one-year placeholder (Mientkiewicz) to keep the opportunity open.

I've been interested in Hanson for over a year - was hoping he'd be the player to be named later in the Davis trade. I would love to see us get him. As much as we trade with the Pirates.....

bob gregory said...


Any number of things can happen with Nimmo and Conforto. They are probably 2 yrs away a best. Add to that a year plus to settle into the majors.
So..... Mets fans waited years until 2014 that was supposed to be "The Year".
Waited another year because (surprise, surprise) a counted on player got hurt.
Now 3 + more years for Nimmo and Conforto?
Ooooops. Now D. Wright is older and performance is lower and Wheeler and Harvey need to be moved because they are making too much $.
Parnell/Mejia/Familia are making too much $ too.
and D'Arnaud is making too much $.

Now we wait until 2020.


bob gregory said...


Oh yeah. ....
Syndegaard would be my answer on which player to be involved in a ss trade.

Without a second thought

An over priced Peralta would have resulted in more of a contribution last year than an under priced Tejada.

Thomas Brennan said...

Forget all the shortstops. Turn the job over to T J Rivera! No one hits like TJ, and he owns a glove too.

From the office party.

Anonymous said...

Umm, 3+ years for Conforto or Nimmo? Don't think so with Nimmo slated for next year and the hope for Conforto is sometime in 2016. I don't know where everyone sold themselves on 2014 as the year, but every plan is contingent on circumstances and injuries. I don't think this is the year either, but the full plan will be in place for a run beginning in 2016 and they are well positioned to make it a multiple year go of it. Do they win the WS? Who knows, too many variables, but this team is so much of a better place than 2010, so I don't understand the overstated pessimism. 2020? Please

Lew Rhodes said...

I don't buy this at all - especially the Dickerson trade - very few GMs extract trade value like Sandy

bob gregory said...

An optimist sees a realist as a pessimist.
A pessimist sees a realist as an optimist.

Time will tell.

bob gregory said...

Buy what you want. ...

What is the Mets record under Alderson?
How many games did they improve each year?

Mack Ade said...


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