Free Agent Signing: John Mayberry Jr. to the Mets


     Jon Heyman of CBSsports confirms that the Mets have signed right handed OF John Mayberry Jr. to a major league contract. Mayberry Jr. spent time with both the Phillies and the Blue Jays last season and hit a paltry .212 avg but posted a pretty decent .734 OPS. Mayberry is deadly against left handed pitching hitting .243 against them while posting an OPS of .913. Mayberry will serve as the Mets primary right handed bat off the bench.

The contract is for 1 year/$1.45m

Opinion: Depending on the dollars, this is a strong signing for the club. Mayberry mashes left handed pitching, something the Mets have struggled against in the past. He is also an average defender in the corners and can spell Cuddyer in RF when he plays 1B for Duda against tougher lefties. On the flip side though, this probably spells the end for Cesar Puello. The club can now only hope that he somehow slides through waivers this spring.


Lew Rhodes said...

.913 OPS vs/ LHP in 2014

Career - .857 OPS vs. LHP for career

I can definitely sign up for that

Plus he plays 1b and OF

eraff said...

OK... Are the Mets Shopping Duda?

Ernest Dove said...

LOL....... i prefer to make no other comment.....
Feel free to post his 2014 stats so we can all laugh

Mack Ade said...

why would this trigger shopping Duda if he can hit lefties?

Christopher Soto said...


No the Mets are not shopping Duda.

Mayberry's primary role will be as the right handed bat off the bench.

Lew Rhodes said...

Ernest - You need look at stats and understand roles before dismissing a signing.

Mayberry put up a .913 OPS vs LHP last year DESPITE a paltry .213 BABIP.

His career OPS vs. LHP is 150 point higher than Granderson's and 240 points higher than Duda's

He also has graded out (at least by baseball reference) to right about average in LF and RF and 1B defensively.

With MDD, Grandy and Duda in our lineup - he is exactly what we needed - so now with he and Cuddy, they can sit 2 LHH's against lefties.

And, he is cheap enough that he will be tossed if Puello or someone else can out perform him

I like this signing

Lew Rhodes said...

I don't think this means the total end of Puello - I think Cesar has the chance to out play Mayberry in the spring.

I doubt Mayberry is paid too much

Also, you note his .213 average last year - his BABIP was about 40 points below his career average

bob gregory said...



Christopher Soto said...

LOL.....it may not be sexy....but it truly is a strong signing for the role they are filling.

The Mets have been dreadful against left handed pitching and Mayberry crushes lefties.

Its a perfect fit.

Lew Rhodes said...

Here is how I see it:

Mayberry is waaaaaay better than Campbell or Brown as an RH bat for the bench.

To me, that is a major upgrade in a big area of need

Christopher Soto said...



Christopher Soto said...

Red Sox sign Justin Masterson....

The Sawx are clearing out the middle tier pitching market for us.

Interest in Gee and Colon should pick up over the next few days.

Ernest Dove said...

Tejada has a really high OBP..... maybe he should start. ....... I love stats......and im just messing around either way. I hope he helps the team.

Thomas Brennan said...

Actually, Mayberry in his career has 490 official at bats against lefties, .269 with a .533 slug %, 37 doubles, 30 HRs and 78 RBIs.

Those are very good #'s. He is awful vs. righty pitchers and his strikeout rate is awful, too, but his career K rate vs. lefties is one every 6 plate appearances, so why not?

Considering Duda's awful stats vs. lefties, this sure looks like a platoon to me.

eraff said...

112 career ab's as a pinch hitter... 304/355/545/900. That's useful!!!!

Ok..the Duda Comment

Would you: Trade Duda for Alexi Ramirez (or another SS). Play Cuddyer at 1b. PLatoon Mayberry and a LH Outfielder?

Kevin S said...

I'd be hard pressed to trade Duda for anything at this point unless it was blown away. Duda is a top 10 1B. Clearly the Steamer projections don't agree with me as they see him as a 1.7 WAR player as opposed to his 3.7 WAR season this year.

With better seasons from the leadoff spot and Wright in front of him and with Cuddyer behind him, I think Lucas can improve upon his number from last season and be in the 4.0-4.5 WAR range.

Anonymous said...

I think with Cuddyer, Flores and Murphy all capable of covering 3B, Campbell may be the player who loses the spot if Puello can have a decent spring. More power, speed and OF defense would be another upgrade from the right side. Plus, EC was a traffic cone in limited time at 3B, so not the ideal back up corner infielder.
Anon Joe F

Thomas Brennan said...

Kevin or anyone:

I think Steamer is dead wrong on Duda and that he'll do better in 2015 than 2014...does anyone have any idea how closer Steamer is in its estimates to later actual results?

I am sure Steamer blew its projections for Duda in 2013.

Lew Rhodes said...

I would think Steamer is factoring in multiple years for Duda - it wouldn't make statistical sense to only use one season.

So for guys like him who have a "breakout" and are on the up trend will like be under valued by Steamer and most projection systems.

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