Ernest Dove - Will a Happy Matt Harvey Make for a Successful Mets in 2015?


  Recent reports are that Matt Harvey is "completely on board" with the front office plans regarding managing of his innings this coming season. It seems as if a pitchers post TJS work has become a huge case of trial and error around the league.  Most stories nowadays are about the Mets doing what the Nationals didn't with their ace, and instead find a way for Harvey to pitch into October.  Other possible options have maybe included the Atlanta Braves, who during the same time as the Nats, made their decision to have their own pitcher (Medlen) start the year in the bullpen to conserve his innings and allow him to pitch into October that way. The Mets have shown no interest in going this route with Harvey (I offered this idea as a suggestion in a post last year, and readers went NUTS)
  So, perhaps, the idea and strategy reportedly looks a little like this:  Harvey starts day 1 (perhaps literally as the opening day starter).  Then, as the season goes on, Harvey may seemingly, perhaps during random weeks with a scheduled team day off, may get skipped in the rotation.  There is also reports that the Mets, now already modeling the most recent trial and error with new star Jacob deGrom ailing shoulder, may decide to give Harvey a full two weeks off during the 'dog days of summer', before having him (hopefully) come back a little rejuvenated and ready for a playoff push.
  Well, as some of the loyal readers of this site may know of me, based on many past posts, is that I do find ways to crowbar my opinion in here some way, somehow.  So, here it goes. I'm FULLY on board with this idea.  Especially for an alternative reason/motive then just the added rest and stretching out through October.  It's also because of the other report out there, which is that Sandy and company are having internal discussions about possible bypassing the simple concept of having the roster's 'long relief' pitcher step in for those spot starts.  Instead, the front office has completely opened the door to allowing the idea of calling up one of the many hot young arms in the farm system (Syndergaard, Montero, Matz, Mazzoni) to make the starts.  For me, this may be a 'happy medium' of emotions and possible moans and groans personally about craving the opportunity to see some of these prospects pitch on the big stage (yes, Montero already has but there's currently no guarantee of a 25 man spot at this time).
  Maybe another humble opinion/conspiracy theory is this.  Perhaps the plan is to go as is with the rotation, barring a trade of either Colon, Niese or Gee.  Then, come June/July (ughhh super two), A Syndergaard, Montero or at maybe even Mazzoni are called up for a spot start or two.  And then, if one of them pulls a deGrom and shines, the Mets will frantically (if not anyway) heavily shop the remaining veterans not traded this offseason, and allow for the rookies in question to remain right where they are.
  However, with everything being said, the key (possibly) remains Matt Harvey.  Long before deGrom was shining, Wheeler was improving, and Montero was stringing together quality late 2014 season starts, Matt Harvey seemingly was flirting with a no hitter ever 5 days.  During this short spurt of greatness, Harvey was brilliant, fantastic, and then apparently the poster child for the Mets/MLB version of an ongoing TMZ celebrity news investigation.  This joint un-comfort zone ran itself into and through the TJS, and includes pictures of Harvey at hockey games, naked pictures for a magazine and even a trip to the Bronx to catch a Yankee game.
  But, that was then, and this is now.  As some of us have stated and agreed upon in the past, being a professional athlete is an amazing, wonderful, and seemingly impossible goal to actually achieve.  And, with that, it really becomes understandable to see many athletes as being 'cocky' 'over-confident' and 'ego driven'........ Because, again, a VERY small part of the population actually makes it this level of sports.  And an even smaller amount do it at a high/elite level.  So, for me, bring on Harvey the confident.  Bring on the guy who wanted to pitch last year.  Maybe he wanted to help the team win.  Maybe he wanted to be in the spotlight.  Maybe he wanted to do what he dreamed of doing from the day he picked up his first baseball.
  All in all, for me, it almost states the obvious that this team, no matter how stacked with 'prospect' arms, need Matt Harvey healthy, and happy. And, the organization, can possibly utilize this health and happiness to achieve their own goals they have set (I'm not mentioning the 90 wins....oooops).
  We can argue from now until April about whether or not Matt Harvey pitches on opening day, or gets bumped in the rotation by an improving Wheeler or upstart deGrom.  But the fact remains the same.  The Mets need Matt Harvey.  Matt Harvey needs to pitch. The fans need Harvey Day.
  So, what is everyone thoughts?  Can a happy Matt Harvey lead this team to the playoffs in 2015? Can rest and spot starts ultimately not lead to any TMZ reports or in-house grumbling of Harvey being upset about sitting?  Can Syndegaard, Montero (again), or even Matz or Mazzoni step in with consecutive quality starts, and force the organization to leave them where they are ?
What say you?????????????????


Thomas Brennan said...

I weigh in on the affirmative side: a happy Harvey WILL make the Mets successful. He is just one of several spots on the team that should improve over 2014 and add 10-15 more wins.

Reese Kaplan said...

Pessimists go through life continually pleasantly surprised when they are wrong. Optimists go through life continually disappointed when they are wrong.

I think Harvey will take 2 steps backwards and need until at least August to approximate the kind of pitcher he was in 2013. He has to learn how to pitch, not throw. Obviously the hard stuff took its toll on his arm.

He'll be Harvey again eeventually but to expect him to step in with Cy Young worthy performance on opening day is unrealistic. Expect some rough patches for awhile first.

Mack Ade said...

I agree Reese, and I warn that Harvey may be his worse enemy here and could easily reinjure himself by overthrowing

Bill Metsiac said...

Who would want to go through life hoping to be wrong? I sure wouldn't. But a pessimist who wants to be right is not hoping his team, or his life, is successful.

But that aside, why should Harvey's post-surgery season be any worse than anyone else's? Especially when he'll have 17 months of rehab before returning, instead of the usual 12-14 months others have had.

Could it happen? Sure. But is it likely? I see no reason to expect it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Harvey will be fine. I am sure he realizes his mortality at this point in a way he did not pre-surgery. Too much $$ and fame at stake to throw caution to the wind.

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