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John Mayberry Jr. career stats w/ bases loaded: 35-AB, 0-GIDP, .314//457 slug/.847/OPS, 1-HR. 28-RBI

Listen, I’m getting really excited at both the volume and intelligence being expressed in the comment section of each post. I mean, the other day we hit around 64 messages on one post, one more entertaining that the next one. 

One thing I did want to comment on before we go any farther. I NEVER delete a comment. Some are deleted but are being done by the writers themselves. I would consider dropping a few if they used curse words in a derogatory way, but that hasn’t happened yet.

And one more thing… don’t be afraid to take off against each other every once in a while.

This is YOUR blog and have fun with

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said that club was ''disappointed'' that outfielder Bryce Harper did not show up Saturday at the NatsFest fan festival[i]… The Major League Baseball Players Association has filed a grievance on Harper's behalf over whether he should able to void the 2015 terms in the final season of a $9.9 million, five-year contract he signed when drafted. Outfielder Jayson Werth met with fans Saturday but, unlike other players present, did not speak to the media. Werth was convicted this month of reckless driving and sentenced to 10 days in jail

Mack - Are you friggin kidding me? Harper has been a walking head case since the day he picked up a baseball bat. The problem is he’s a very talented walking head case

He’ll find a home. They all do.

Jessica Quiroli ‏@heelsonthefield  - @JohnMackinAde  Hi John. I read your comment re. my Nimmo info. He specifically told me the last 2 yrs he stayed in Fla. to work at facility. It wasn't just to live there, but a conscious decision to continue improving all areas of game. Thanks for reading & sharing.

With the addition of Jimmy Rollins to the middle infield of the Las Angeles Dodgers, one must return and take a good look at the defensive genius they call Erisbel Arruebarrena in that town.

We talk all the time about the value of WAR and how it is achieved both defensively and offensively. We were willing to live with the limited bat of Juan Lagares far before it began to blossom (2013 - .242) in 2014 (.281). We know that the secret of any team getting to the World Series lies in their defensive skills up the middle.

Arruebarrena and the Atlanta Braves’ Andrelton Simmons are the premier defensive shortstops in the game and the 24-year old Arruebarrena may also be perfectly set up with a wonderful workable contract ($4.5mil/2015, $5.5mil/2016, $5.5mil/2017, $6.5mil/2018, Arb3/2019) through 2018

The Mets must take the time to reach the Dodgers’ powers to be and discuss this guy.

Eno-Chat –

. Comment From Scott - I can’t figure out the Mets. They know the fans aren’t stupid right? Grandy and Cuddyer is not getting us to the stadium and certainly not moving them into contention. Are they putting too much on players like Noah, Matz, Nimmo, Conforto, and Reynolds to come up and really move the needle for them?

Eno Sarris: I just think they’re trying not to be the team with the biggest free agents — they’re not shopping all the way in bargain bin, they’re buying mid-range guys. Free agency suck

Mack – The Mets have their own internal plan here that simply isn’t fan or beat writer friendly. They are going to build their 2015 team around a rotation of a returning Matt Harvey and look for increase season long return from C Travis d’Arnaud, 3B David Wright, and SS Wilmer Flores. You add to this a new starting corner outfielder of Michael Cuddyer and a new backup in Josh Mayberry and we’re talking six members of your 25-man squad… and this is before Noah Syndergaard comes to town

It isn’t sexy, but it may be enough to sneak into the playoffs.

Kiley-Chat - Comment From Gabe

I hear a lot about the Mets pitching prospects, but do they have anything in the way of position players? Given the climate of baseball, it seems like the pendulum of power is shifting to teams that have bats. Do the Mets have anything in that regard?

Kiley McDaniel: Got a nice early read on the NYM system and there’s some bats. 50+ group has Plawecki, Rosario, Herrera, Nimmo and Conforto. Cecchini, Smith, Urena and Ramos all currently in the 45 group. Mazzilli, Reynolds and Puello all showing some flashes in the 40 group and there’s some solid sleepers below that also on the list. There’s your sneak preview!

Mack – You know, this is a pretty good quick assessment of who’s still out there in this organization past the pitchers.

Remember, there’s a ton of top rated pitching at both the AAA and AA level and ready to break out.

A couple will miss big and could be immediately filed in by others.

This is going to a very exciting year to follow the Mets minor league systems.

Winter League All-Star Team –

C Xorge Carillo – 164-AB, .268/.342/.512/854
1B LJ Mazzilli – 49-AB, .306/.433/.469/906
SS – Wilmer Flores – (42-AB) .310/.370/.452/.822
OF Alex Castellanos – 60-AB, .267/.318/.500/818
OF T J Rivera – 98-AB, .327/.364/.439/803
OF Cesar Puello 25-Ab, .240/.269/.280/549
 2B Dilson Herrera – 25/AB, .240/.310/.320/6303B
3B Matt Reynolds 77-AB, .240/.310/.320/630

P Jake Kuebler – 4-G, 5.1-IP, 0.00, 1.31
SP Rafael Montero – 6-G, 22.0-IP,
Hansel Robles – 13-G, 11.2-IP, 0.77, 0.51

Jon Velasquez – 11-G, 12.0-IP. 2.25, 1.08


Tom Brennan said...

One of the problems with wanting the LAD SS would be learning to spell a 64 syllable name. Kidding aside, he has to hit better than Ruben or i do't want him.

Mets as you outline are truly stocked - a subject I plan an article on in a few weeks.

Hapers Bazarre...o= bizarre, not sure which.

Hobie said...

Had been thinking that Torres holds the rosin bag while Parnell is held back in XST, but beginning to think Hanson Robles has a shot.

eraff said...

Correct Thomas!!!--- we already Neuhgwhencheize and Jheornerty Mejheia, and Jaeyoureeesz.... our intellignece is obviously stretched to it's limits--aftger all...We're Mets Fans!

Tom Brennan said...

Maybe if we acquire Erisbel Arruebarrena (I cut and pasted the name, just to be on the safe side), we could ask him to shorten it to Ernie Ruben.

Hobie, I agree and think Hansel has a shot to make the 2015 Mets' opening day pen, but is more likely to start out relieving in AAA due to having done no time in AAA. If there's room there for him. Pitchers everywhere.

Unknown said...

If any minor leaguer jumps to the ML pen it will likely be Mazzoni I see him as the next Parnell - doesn't throw quiyear as hard, but simular minor league profile

Hobie said...

OT (back of the jersey).

The Chicago Bears (197?) once lined up on the goal line with a backfield of Mike Hartenstine, Jerry Muckenstern & Brian Bachsnagel in a straight T. The announcer (Lindsey Nelson!) called it the "Full-Mouth Backfield."

Charles said...

I'm really hoping for a big year from Dom Smith. I really liked the Pick and thought he'd be a great prospect, but even though he did well in a league where he was surrounded by older players, his lone homer worried me.

I know the stadium he played in was horrible for power and they're selling that he was trying to learn to be a better hitter before learning to hit for power, but it still bothered me.

First baseman that get picked in the top 15 picks of the first round better either hit 320 in the majors or hit 30 homers. I need to see some power from this kid in 2015.

I'm also hoping for a big year from Checchini and honestly think he may be our future SS. An actual SS that grinds every game and could even bat lead off. That's exactly what this team desperately needs and I hope he's ready by opening day 2016.

That Adam Smith said...

No discussion of bats in the system is complete without mention of Jayce Boyd. He had a big second half in Binghamton last year after recovering from shoulder surgery. He should start the year as Vegas' 1B, and he's going to HIT. Is he blocked by Duda? Perhaps, but he does hit RH.

Unknown said...

Mack - what did you write about when the Mets used to actually win? I noticed this is more of a prospect leaning blog is there still stuff to cover when everything's fine and dandy 1 thru 9? Just speaks to how long it's been since they have been legit... My fandom started during the collapse of 07

bgreg98180 said...

"May be enough to sneak into the playoffs"

See......this is what bothers me.
The Mets have been penny-pinching for years.
The minor leagues are well stocked.

Why assemble another team that going into the season is seen as a best case scenario to. "Sneak into the playoffs"

Ernest Dove said...

I also hope Dom Smith succeeds. Mainly because its easy to spell out Dom Smith in all future posts about him..............
Its also why I can't wait to write more about Thor and Matz......and yes I will call him Thor permanently cause its easy.

eraff said...

Checcinni--an upside of Walt Weiss?...Bill Almon--- Those names ring a Bell?

Smith--- seems to have very little position flexibility, which makes him a very narrow Hit or Miss guy---or, more aptly, a Hit with POWER or Miss guy.

It's a wormhole to get to a Starting position...Smith and Cece have a big advantage---they're first round picks and they will always get the first shot (for a while). Jayce Boyd is Older and is also lacking in position versatility---and he'll get a thinner shot-[--Eric Cambell, Lutz, Satin.

So...there's my expertise on guys who I've (ALMOST) Never seen.

S Finch said...

Bob -

I am diagnosing you with a case tunnel vision. There are 29 other teams all trying to compete with differing resources and at different stages. Would you argue against the fact that we are moving in the right direction and closer than 2 years ago?

You can't view every move (or lack thereof) in a vacuum. 29 other teams are competing for the same handful of decent free agents and limited spots to the playoffs.

Penny-pinching? perhaps, but we are basically middle of the pack, not bottom of the barrel. Are you interested in resigning guys like Harvey, Wheeler, DeGrom and Lagares when the time comes or would you rather we splurge now for mediocre players?

bgreg98180 said...

S. Finch

Tunnel vision? Maybe. Maybe not.

I see it more as a. Broader vision that includes talent now & the future.
Competing now and the future.

My vision also includes attendance and growing a fan-base. A sustainable growth that stops accepting middle of the pack as good.
all good examples of blending minor league system talent, money, good baseball decisions, an understanding of balancing winning now & the future.

You see me as tunnel vision.
I see you as brainwashed by Alderson and the Wilpons into accepting mediocrity now with promises of a later that is always pushed back. Lies of a commitment to a future hamstrung by a draft pick like Cechini and limiting pursuit of top minor league international talent because of $ and fear of risk.

Mack Ade said...

Jacob -

the blog started around 2007 :)

Unknown said...

We may be heading into some uncharted territory pretty soon then ahah

Tom Brennan said...

2015 will be the beginning of the Jayce Boyd Era. Whatever that means...when I figure it out, I'll let you know! But I do wonder if we've got another Olerud there...and not just another Magadan.

I am not concerned with Dom Smith, as he does not turn 20 until mid-June. If he hits 1 homer in 2015, I will join the worry warts. I am betting on 15 in '15.

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