DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor league Results - 7-11-15

These nine teams win a lot of games. 7 wins in 10 contests on Saturday.

STAR OF THE DAY: Miller Diaz dominated.

HONORABLE MENTION: Robert Gsellman and Kevin Canelon were almost as good in their starts, and the Brooklyn bullpen continue to thrash opponents sort of like a...cyclone.


Las Vegas 5 - Salt Lake 4

Binghamton 6 - Portland 1

St Lucie 3 - Lakeland 0

Savannah 7 - Lexington 8, 15 innings, but...

Savannah won 5-2 completing a suspended game.

Brooklyn 2 - Aberdeen 1

Kingsport 5 - Bristol 14

GCL Mets 5 - Marlins 3

DSL METS 1.  5 - Rockies 9

DSL METS 2.   4 - Cubs 3

Las Vegas used 8 pitchers in this game just before the Triple A All Star break. 

Only one of them, Vic Black (13.50 ERA) , pitched poorly, allowing three runs and four hits in his two innings. We may just not see Vic until 2016, if at all. Cory Vaughn hit his fourth home run of the season, but is still only hitting .211.

Binghamton's Robert Gsellman was excellent tonight (7 IP, 1 R) and its hitters put up a 4-spot in the first and never looked back.

St Lucie had Dominic Smith's 4th homer and a brilliant 8 inning shutout performance by Miller Diaz.  For readers fixated on Smith's low homer totals, he now has hit four homers in his last 39 games, and 26 doubles since May 9. Nice.

Savannah had the game of the season in this loss, as they took the lead in the top of the 9th, 12th, and 13th, only to have Lexington tie it each time,  Then the Gnats took the lead in the 15th inning, only to lose to Lexington in the bottom of the 15th inning. Pretty wild. 

They did win the suspended game, a much shorter affair: only seven innings, certainly relief to their pitching staff.

Brooklyn move to 15-6 despite a 2.29 BA, because they have an ERA of 2.27. Kevin Canelon threw an excellent six innings, and the bullpen pitchers did what they always do, NEVER allowing runs.

BULLPEN SENSATION: in fact, 7 of their relievers have a total of 39 relief outings, and between them have surrendered just one run in 55 innings. They deserve to be named: Alex Palsha, Christian Montgomery, Craig Missigman, Carlos Valdez, Corey Taylor, PJ Conlon, and Andrew Church.  Kudos, gentlemen.

Kingsport hits better than Brooklyn, at .248. And last night, they got stellar 2 inning pitching performances from draftees Chase Ingram and Dillon Becker. But not so good for Connor Buchman, Tori Nuez, and Adrian Almeida, who got torched for 14 runs in the other five innings. The K Mets have a 5.11 ERA.

GCL Mets decided that extra innings was to their liking. they scored two in the 10th inning for the victory.

DSL METS : Richard Reina got clobbered, but Wagner Lagrange had three hits including a home run, and is hitting a robust .366.

DSL METS 2: a run in the bottom of the ninth pulled out the win.  Misael Familia moved to 4-1 in relief.

GOAT: Vic Black, the Savannah pen for blowing the save 3 times, and 3 of Kingsport's 5 hurlers were raked.


Thomas Brennan said...

Taijeron struck out 4 times last night. It was his 5th game in the last 12 where he has K'd 3 times or more, and in that span he struck out 20 times in 41 at bats...and he, and not raking Alex Castellanos, made the AAA All Star squad (along with Matt Reynolds). Reynolds on DL, so maybe Alex goes instead, but Travis over Alex is puzzling at best.

Zozo said...

When are they going to bring up Alex and send down Campbell? Long overdue IMO

Thomas Brennan said...

Could only help to switch Campbell and Castellanos. Maybe, though, the plan is ot do that with Coforto right after the Futures Game, and they are being tight lipped.

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