Mack’s Morning Report – 7-12-15 – Random Thoughts


Good morning.

I followed the Mets 8-0 win against the Dodgers earlier this week, where they touched up Dodger starter Mike Bolsinger (3.09) for four runs in six innings. Bolsinger is the Dodgers SP4 followed by Carlos Frias (4.39) at SP5. Neither of these guys are household names and you would think that the Dodgers would match up well for a Jonathan Niese trade once Carl Crawford worked his way back into the lineup. I was thinking that OF-1N Scott Van Slyke could be a great fourth outfielder and could spell Lucas Duda at first.

I also found the Niese victory against the Giants quite impressive. Now, all the Mets have to do is convince some other team that Niese is the pitcher that has produced a 2.41-ERA in his last six starts, rather than the guy that put down a 9.00-ERA in the previous four.

Jon Morosi reported earlier this week that the Cubs were not only looking to add a starter, but, in addition, a LHH centerfielder. Hmm…  let’s see… Jon Niese and Darrell Cecchini for Addison Russell.


I do want to get back to basics here and use the Random Thoughts Sunday post as a place to feature some of the youngsters like I used to do when I first built this site. I’m sure you notice that many of the regulars point out things like ‘Mack, you were the first one out there to recognize Ruben Tejada and tell us about him…”. Well, that was one of the major reasons I started this blog, not to serve Queen but to introduce to you the kids playing at the affiliate levels.
We need to talk about three this week.

There’s an unheralded 17-year old playing centerfield for the DSL-2 team that hit his 4th home run of the young rookie season. DSL player just don’t hit a lot of homers and 6-3, 175-pound Ranfy Adan just hit his 4th homer in only his 26th game played. Like I said, this isn’t being done at Bryce Harper levels but it’s the closest outfield power slugger this team has developed out of the DSL system since C Jose Flores hit four over the entire 2008 season. I think we need to keep an eye on this kid.

He is joined by a 21-year old 6-5 RHP Nicolas Debora, who has recently been converted into a starter (8-games, 3-starts). The stat line is awesome: 4-0, 0.97, 0.76.
Lastly, there is catcher Ali Sanchez, now playing for the GCL Mets. Yes, this is a small base, but I have never seen offense like this come from a minor league catcher, no less one playing already in Florida at the age of 18. As of close of business Thursday night, Sanchez has hit .378/.417/.400/817.


Ernest Dove said...

Wait. You're suggesting the Cubs accept an offer of Niese and darrell Ceceliani for Russell?
Mack, theres this new drug thats made its way to south Florida called flakka. Its reported that if u take too much of it, you can literally lose your mind. Have you been down here lately? ;)

ZachBoyer said...


That's on the level of your Harvey for Pederson AND Seager gem.

Did I read that part wrong?

holmer said...

If the Mets make a deal it will be with minor leaguers such as Smith, Nimmo, Cecchini, Fulmer, etc. I don't see them trying to move Niese at this time-especially with Matz out.

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, I'd sweeten the deal aNd give them another lefty CF...KIRK N.

if I were the Cubs, I would think a deal involving Niese, Nimmo, and Fulmer for Russell might be more reasonable. Throw in one of our 800 minor league shortstops not named Gavin or Amed. They want one of them, no Fulmer. Gavin is on fire: 17 for 41 and 7 walks in last 10 games. Wow.

Ernest Dove said...

Gavin also has 20 errors..........20.......

Mack Ade said...


kay... I'll throw in Muno :)

Mack Ade said...

Holmer and everyone else -

I don't see ANY deal being made.

I'm just trying to create something to talk about on a Sunday morning.

I had planned on a few more subjects in this post but just never got around to it. Sorry.

Thomas Brennan said...

you had to bring up Gavin's errors, didn't you, Ernest! 20 errors (actually 21) in 75 games is pretty awful. No argument there. Undoubtedly all due to bad hops!

Mack, don't trade my Muno - last I checked, he is a valuable major leaguer:)

Muno is part of the dreaded Sub Club. Members are Herrera, Monell, Recker, Campbell, Muno and Kirk.

In 372 at bats, these Sub Subs have 60 hits and (calculating it in my head) are hitting a combined .160. Whatever happened to subs that can hit .220?

ZachBoyer said...

Here's something to talk about: What's up with Murph and Granderson vs. LHP? .204 and .119, respectively.

Their splits this year are stark compared to their career numbers.

Fix one problem (Duda), create two new ones?

End result: More Eric Campbell sightings.

ZachBoyer said...

Haven't heard ANYone bring this up: SNY, WOR, Mack's Mets, et. al …

Mack Ade said...

Zach -

Is there anyome on this team hitting both LH and RH pitchers?

ZachBoyer said...

Depends on your definition of hitting?

You have 2-3 guys with relatively even splits—it's just their overall numbers aren't great to begin with. But they're even!

I was just saying this is totally out of character for these two guys. Completely new problem. But what's one more of those, right?

Mack Ade said...

Zach -

Well, considering all the injuries and multiple loses to the Cus and Pirates, I'm relatively happy going into the All-Star break.

Of course, another win today would top that off :)

Charles said...

Matz and Nimmo for Russell and they wouldn't immediatley hang up on Sandy. Offer Neise and Ceciliani, and Theo Epstein would probably start recording the conversation and ask Sandy to repeat the offer so he could have himself a laugh any time he replayed it at dinner parties.

Charles said...

With Matz hurt and Gee pitching horribly in Vegas, I don't think the Mets can afford to trade Neise. He's pitching wondefully and they need as much great pitching as possible just to keep the record over .500.

Unfortunately, Sandy is going to need to deal from his prospects. So take Confotro and Rosario out of the equation and now you're looking at trading players like Nimmo, Smith, Fulmer, and Meisner. Probably at least two of them to get a rental like Upton for the rest of the year and I don't know if Sandy has the stomach for that or even if that'll get it done.

ZachBoyer said...


I, too, am pretty much ecstatic at this point.

One interesting revelation: The Cubs are 7-0 against us, which makes them 39-40 against everybody else. They don't have the benefit of facing us for the rest of the year! So good luck! Gave me a laugh/touch of optimism when I realized that.

Anyway, LGM! *Removes broom from closet.

Ernest Dove said...

Its crazy that, proven stastically, when the Mets score 4 or more runs, you can pretty much light the cigar and 'put it in the books'.
Anyway its too late now to keep bitching about what might have been if the Mets had more offense. Whats done is done.
Keep trying to win every home series, split on the road and see their pitching takes them.

Ernest Dove said...

Oh, and Mack, I believe Dom Smith hit another bomb last nigh ;)

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

"Keep trying to win every home series, split on the road and see their pitching takes them" -

You have this all figured out.

Also, remember... the Mets will playing the majority of their September games against the weal NL East. Pitsburgh and Chicago will play each other and the LAD and Giants will also. This should strengthen the Mets chance for a Wild Card.

However... like Keith Hernandez said... we're in it for the pennant and it will probably come down to the 12 games the Mets and Nats still have to play each other

Ernest Dove said...

Very simple thought process......

All we need is good pitching. Timely hitting. The return of TDA and Blevins. Duda to hit again. Wilmer to keep hitting. Murph to keep hitting. Lagares and cuddyer to be healthy (ish).
The bullpen to stay amazin. Mejia to be solid. And the bench to improve. ..... simple ;)

bob gregory said...

Believe it or not I wouldn't be surprised if the Wilpons and Alderson have a serious conversation saying that same thing

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