Mets Minor League Games - 7-1-15


Minor League Player of The Night - Ty Badamo with a Maddux-like start.  Nick Debora fine too.

Honorable Mention - Ali Sanchez

AAA - Las Vegas - (45-35) 2 - Tacoma (40-40) 2

    RHSP Matt Bowman  -  5 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 5.71

T J Rivera had 3 hits, Matt Reynold hit a 2 run shot.  Call him up. Send Tejada down.

AA - Binghamton - (39-38) 4 - Erie (30-47) 5

    RHSP Seth Lugo  -  7.0-IP, 7-H, 3-R, 8-K, 0-BB, 4.17

Binghamton jumped to an early 4-0 lead, and Lugo tossed 7solid innings for a 4-3 lead, but Matt Koch blew the lead and took the loss.  Eudy Pina had 3 hits and climbed to .303.

A+ - St. Lucie (39-38) 8 - Jupiter (38-39) 2

    RHSP Miller Diaz  -   5.2-IP, 3-H, 1-R, 7-K, 4-BB, 3.68

Miller lost his win on an unearned run in the 7th. Sure enough, Lucie rallies for 6 runs, keyed by McNeil, Jairo Perez, Dom Smith and Stefan Sabol.

A - Savannah - (40-36) 2 - Augusta (38-38) 5

    RHSP Casey Delgado  -  8.1 IP, 6-H, 5-R, 0-K, 0-BB, 3.08

3 of the 5 runs against Delgado were unearned.

The Gnats were inefficient tonight, with just 2 runs on 12 hits.  Another awful offensive outing by Vicente Lupo with 4 straight Ks, hitting .198.

 Low-A  -  Brooklyn - (8-4) 7 - Hudson (6-6) 0

    RHSP Tyler Badamo  -   7.0-IP, 1-H, 0-R, 4-K, 0-BB, 1.83
Brilliant outing by the Long Island native.

2 hits for Michael Vernal (.342) and David Thompson (.350).

Rookie -  Kingsport - (5-4) 4 - Danville (4-5) 9

    RHSP Connor Buchmann  -    1.1-IP, 5-H, 7-R, 0-K, 3-BB, 13.50

Buchman's awful start was too much to overcome.  

Two scoreless innings apiece from newcomers Chase Ingram and Dillon Becker were today's bright spots.  

On the offensive side, Dash Winningham (homer) and Milton Ramos (2 hits, .394) were most notable.

Rookie -  GCL  -  (4-4) 12 - Cardinals (2-7) 5

    RHSP Edwin Germen  -  6.0-IP, 7-H, 2-R, 3-K, 2-BB, 1.80

Bombs away in GCL land.  Ali Sanchez, Kenny Bautista, and Walter Racquin we're a 3-5. Dale Burdick homered. 18 hit Met attack.

Rookie - DSL 1 Mets (16-12) 9 - Twins (13-15) 7

7 runs in the last 2 innings.

Rookie - DSL 2 - Mets (15-13) 1 - Red Sox 0

Nick Debora is 3-1, 1.16 after a very strong effort.

GOAT: Buchman. Lupo.


Thomas Brennan said...

Badamo grew up close to Steve Matz. He is doing very well.

The Rookie league teams (Brooklyn, Kingsport, GCL) and 2 DSL teams have several hitters doing very well. When the Mets rip your guts out due to utter offensive ineptitude, nice to be able to focus on something else positive.

Bob Sugar said...

A lot of young shortstops on the way. How does Milton Ramos hitting 394 compare to them all?

Christopher Soto said...

Wait...why are we sending Tejada down? He's the best defensive SS we have.

I agree that we should call up Reynolds....but send Campbell down not Tejada.

The Closer said...

Send Campbell down pls. I understand he's not the problem and I'm sure he's a good kid, but a shitty hitter and not really a good defensive player.

Just because he's able to stand out there at a position doesn't exactly mean he can play that position well. Mo Vaughn can play CF, doesn't mean he'll catch any balls hit to him.

Bring up Reynolds & Castellanos. Send down Campbell and either DL Cuddyer, more to let him clear his head for 2 weeks OR DFA Mayberry but for the love of God, do something to inject some life in this team.

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