The Morning Report 7.7.2015 | Familia Snubbed, Who's The Next Impact Bat, Cuddyer and Duda's Struggles, Gerardo Parra a Trade Target


Adam Rubin | ESPN New York- All-Star manager Bruce Bochy said New York Mets closer Jeurys Familia received strong consideration for a guaranteed spot for the National League squad. Bochy added that it is a sign of respect that he named Familia to the five finalists eligible to be voted in by fans this week. Fans will vote one from Clayton Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, Carlos Martinez, Troy Tulowitzki and Familia into the All-Star Game. "I know all about him," Bochy said about Familia. "He's got great stuff. And, of course, he had a great first half. That's why he's on the fan voting. You're not on that unless you receive a lot of consideration.

(Chris Soto: Man, idk how Bochy could have left Familia off the guaranteed ballot but let Mark Melancon. Yes Melancon has been on a roll, but did Bochy not see how bad he was in April? Melancon almost lost his job due to poor velocity and a 5.23 ERA. You won't see any of that with Familia. Juerys has been solid from Day 1 and his ERA has never been above 1.77 in any month this season. This was an egregious snub.) 

Kevin Kiernan | New York Post- The pitching All-Stars should be plentiful over the next few years for the Mets. But who is going to be the Mets’ next position player All-Star starter? Catcher Travis d’Arnaud, perhaps, if he can stay healthy, could be that position player All-Star. Michael Conforto has a shot. He is 22 and is a hitter, batting .325 at Double-A Binghamton. Scouts love his swing. Brandon Nimmo, 22, is climbing the ladder but still has a long way to go. The Mets are surviving with epic pitching, but this sure would be a lot more fun if the Mets had a few hitting All-Stars, too.

(Chris Soto: A healthy Travis d'Arnaud is probably the 3rd best hitting Catcher in the National League so he is absolutely an impact bat. The problem is the health part as he continues to get nicked up by unlucky type injuries. As for the next homegrown impact bat....it has to be Conforto, the numbers he is putting up are unbelievable and he hasn't the least bit of signs of slowing down after jumping from A+ to AA. In fact you could make a save assumption that Conforto could probably continue crushing in AAA too. As for Nimmo, while his performance in 2015 is certainly good, I'm not sure if he's an "IMPACT bat." I continue to see Nimmo as more of a solid role player. Pretty much the team's next Daniel Murphy. He's someone who's  I think is gonna hit .270 with 15 HR/15 SB and good defense in RF.) 

Marc Carig | Newsday- As the Mets constructed their team during the offseason, they envisioned a lineup based on length from top to bottom, with enough firepower to thrive. Instead, injuries have left gaping holes in the lineup, which has been made even worse by the lack of production from the players who have managed to stay healthy. In particular, the Mets' offensive woes can be traced to Michael Cuddyer and Lucas Duda, who had been expected to anchor the middle of the order. "It's been a grind, there's no secret to that," said Cuddyer. "The results aren't what I expect, what the team expects or what everybody else expects, either. The only thing I can keep doing is working and going out and playing."

(Chris Soto: It's easy to see why Cuddyer and Duda are struggling. Both guys have gotten away from what has always made them good hitters in the first place, Seeking and Attacking their pitch. Instead they are expanding the zone, swinging at pitches that are not even close, and getting themselves into unfavorable counts which leads to neither of them getting the fastballs they want. Perhaps its a state of carrying too big a load with Wright, d'Arnaud, and Murphy all being out at various times in the season. In either case the guys need to back track and start over and get back to being the players they've always been rather then trying to do too much.)

Kevin Alonzo | Bleacher Report- Since June 17, the New York Mets have averaged 1.4 runs in games rookie sensation Steven Matz has not started, underscoring the glaring need for general manager Sandy Alderson to acquire a bat like, say, Gerardo Parra of the Milwaukee Brewers. With the Brewers in last place in the National League Central, there's good chance they look to unload some of their veteran players. The two-time former Gold Glove winner is hitting .308 with a .345 OBP and would provide an immediate improvement over any of New York's outfielders. He's also only 28 years old, and his career numbers indicate that the Mets wouldn't be trading for just one good half of baseball.

(Chris Soto: I too like the idea of acquiring a guy like Gerardo Parra. However, great minds think alike and Parra's recent hot streak has grabbed the attention of GM's all over the league. This means that the Brewers are likely to command a pricey exchange in order to part with the Gold Glover. Parra is likely a rental player only as well since he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. He's very likely to eclipse his current $6.2M price tag if he continues to perform this season. In addition, last time he started full-time...he posted a +6.1 WAR for the Brew Crew. That could command some serious dollars.)


Thomas Brennan said...

Parra would be nice, and Sandy is ready to overpay,or so he has said.

If Familia gets passed over, I won't mind. It will give him a much- needed rest. He is an All Star,on or off that squad, undeniably.

ZachBoyer said...

If not Parra, I'd like Prado's ability to play both OF and IF.

And I objectively think Familia is more worthy than the other choices.

Ernest Dove said...

All star or not what matters is that Familia is the MVP of the Mets.
Nimmo and his yearly trips to the minor league DL have slowed his progess .maybe September 2016 call up.

We can have fun all day playing GM but if the rumors are true, the Mets are NOT adding any payroll, so good luck getting a guy like Parra unless they are also able to trade off Gee/Niese or Colon in a separate deal.

Mack Ade said...

On my way to rehab.

What a wonderful bonus by Niese. This, and Colon's last outing were gems. It must be tough to be Matt Harvey right now.

I can't see any National League team trading this team a decent bat (or two) what with this pitching staff. They would be crazy.

Anonymous said...

Parra is the right play particularly if they feel a need to shut down Lagares.

The bat has been consistent and he's a Gold Glover.

It will cost something but the Mets have been stockpiling the farm for the last five seasons.

Let's try to win this season.

James Preller

Reese Kaplan said...

Parra is a treading water move. He delivers approximately the same offense over a 162 game period as Lagares. Yes, you need someone out there for the obviously injured Lagares, but he's by no means a "difference maker". I'd sooner see them go after a slugger for a corner outfield position and live with Curtis Granderson in CF if they disable Lagares. Yes, he has no arm, but right now neither does Lagares.

Buddy3 said...

I know this is never going to happen, but when you look at the upside of the big 4, with Wheeler coming back mid- year next year, does it make any sense to trade Matt Harvey in the off season?

He is team controlled through 2019 and is the one name that could return a Kris Bryant type hitter. In addition, we all know he is a Yankee fan and has made it clear with his disdain of the FO that he is not going to fall into line. Lastly, he will never sign an in -season extension with Scott Boras as his agent.

Is he really so much better than Thor, Matz or DeGrom? He certainly has the name recognition and the attitude for a team to willingly surrender their best young hitter.

Finally, with Fulmer, Bowman, Cessa and Ynoa gaining experience in the upper minors, is the pipeline actually bare to replace what would be your fifth starter in 2017 (assuming Dylan Gee is our 5th next year until one of the next wave arrives?)

Just wanted to throw out the curveball, but lets face it guys - he isn't resigning and Freddy Coupon wont pay.

Michael S. said...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I wouldn't be completely against dealing Harvey considering the emergence of the rest of the young pitching. If the team really believes they're going to eventually lose him AND we bring back a monster return I'd hope they'd consider it.

Mack Ade said...

Trading Harvey DURING this pennant race could possibly bring you TWO bats.

A team like the Dodgers need a 5th starter.

I've said this before... you could possibly get Peterson AND Seager from them

Anonymous said...

Matt Harvey is a great, dynamic pitcher.

A great competitor.

A big-game guy.

He's in his first year back from TJ surgery, and he's been good. But not his old self.

The Mets control this guy for three more seasons. If they have a shot in the playoffs, this year and in the following years, this guy is a huge, huge reason why. He wants the damn ball.

If he needs to be traded, do it with one year to go in the contract. Right now, reap the fruits.

Trading him now would be just a horrible, horrible, horrible move for this NY franchise. The guy is a freaking star and a stud. The negative PR on his is grotesque; all he wants is to win, probably more than any other guy in that clubhouse.

After 2017, however, the Mets can make a deal. Or, possibly, try to win the World Series and let the chips fall where they may. We've only won two, you know.

James Preller

ZachBoyer said...

You cannot. Pretty sure you're as wrong now as you were whenver you last said it.

Pederson (on pace to break HR record for rookies, Gold Glove candidate as a rookie), Seager (next Tulo, minus the advancing age and injury history) for post-TJS Harvey?


Mack Ade said...

Zach -

I just said 'possible'.

ZachBoyer said...


I hear you. I'm of the opinion that it would be IMpossible. Then again, Idk how dumb the Dodgers are. So who am I to say?

Maybe I've underestimated their need for a pitcher whose best season might already be behind him? Because until Harvey starts throwing that wipeout video game slider again, he may never recapture '13 dominance.

(Hope I'm wrong.)

Buddy3 said...

I agree that Pederson and Seager is a lot, but what about Puig, Seager and a young pitcher for Harvey this year or in the off-season.

Mack Ade said...

Zach, Buddy -

I only keep bringing up the Dodgers because they can make one phone call and buy any rental bat they need for a pennant run to replace one of their outfielders and what currently isn't one of their infielders... what they can't do is buy a pitcher like Harvey that is under team control until, what, 2019?

As of Puig, I hear he makes Valdespin look like a choir boy

ZachBoyer said...


I don't think they'd do that either. Although I question how much the Dodgers value Puig.

How do you pry away a cost-controlled uber-talented OF for a decent price? Answer: He has to be crazy. Puig is crazy.

Me? I like crazy. I have a sneaking suspicion Sandy doesn't. Plus his free-swinging approach doesn't much fit in with our seemingly team-mandated observation of pitches right down the middle.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully don't think the Dodgers would have trade away those guys for Harvey.

First, that's a winter scenario; secondly, they can just go out and buy a great pitcher.

I think Bob is right about the game's shift to pitching. It's the big HR hitters that are rare and most valuable. The everyday player. And from a fan perspective, that's where the action is.

If I were in the sports-entertainment business, I would never build a team the Sandy Alderson way. He may have assembled a team that can compete for the WC, but he's done it in the most boring way possible. No speed, no defense, no offense -- with hitters instructed to take, take, take. He has never understood the NYC market. This is simply not an exciting team.

James Preller

Metsiac said...

It seems Sandy needs a "P-shooter", since there are 5 targets whose names all begin with P:

Parra, Prado, Pederson, Puig and Phillips.

I don't like what I've heard about Puig's Valdy-like attitude, but maybe the hatred that his teammates reportedly have for him would help him learn from his mistakes, and he could benefit from a change of scenery as well as a clubhouse led by David, Cuddy, Grandy and Colon.

None of the others have that issue, and all have talent. If Parra can't be extended and is strictly a rental, he shouldn't cost too much. Further, he'd give us a change to DL Lagares without creating a hole in the OF.

Get the "P-shooter" out, Sandy!

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