Butterfingers.  Not my favorite candy as a kid.  Players with butterfingers are often not among my favorites, either. 

In the Mets minors, I often address hitters' offensive prowess, but how are those that might be considered key prospect players doing in the Errors Dept? 
Who has many errors, who has few or none?  Trends in 2016 are a bit early to project in that regard, but what the heck.
Let's take a peek at 17 prospect type guys, through Monday’s action.


2B DILSON HERRERA – Dilson had 6 errors in 81 AAA games in 2015, just 1 in 25 games this year.  Nice.

SS GAVIN CECCHINI – very shaky in 2015, with 28 errors in 109 AA games.  Five errors so far in 26 games this year, a bit high but there may be some needed improvement emerging in 2016.

3B T J RIVERA – zero errors in 26 games in 2016, only 6 in 110 games in 2015.  Defensively sure handed, is what I conclude.

OF TRAVIS TAIJERON – 4 errors in 127 games in 2015, none so far this year.  As with Rivera, defensively sure handed, is what I conclude. Plus 10 assists in 147 games in the field spanning 2015 and 2016.

OF BRANDON NIMMO – only 2 errors last year, 3 so far this year.  Eleven assists in 123 starts in 2015 and 2016.  Overall, seems competent.

IF DANNY MUNO – 11 in 81 games in 2015, 3 in very limited field time in 2016.  On the high side.


1B DOMINIC SMITH – surprisingly, reputed future Gold Glove made 10 errors in 118 games in 2015, but has improved to 2 in 28 games so far in 2016.

IF JEFF MCNEIL – 13 errors in 119 games last year, none in 3 pre-injury games in 2016.  Get well soon, Jeff, we miss your errors (and hits).

2B L J MAZZILLI – 13 in 86 games last year, only 1 in 26 games in 2016.
Offensive slippage, but defensive improvement.


SS AMED ROSARIO – reputed glove, the youngster needs to tighten D.  Made 17 errors in 103 games in 2015, 6 in 29 games in 2016.  Love his arm.

OF WUILMER BECERRA - 5 errors in 116 games in 2016, 2 errors in 24 games in 2016.  Assists?  A fine 21 in 215 games started. Future Mets RF.

2B LUIS GUILLORME – reputed glove wizard had 15 errors in 122 games at SS in 2015, 3 errors in 27 games in 2016.

3B JHOAN URENA – shaky in the field: 19 errors in 64 games with St Lucie in 2015, 7 in 29 games in 2016.  Lots of improvement needed there.


2B VINNY SIENA – 6 errors in 68 Bklyn games in 2015, just 2 in 30 in 2016.

3B DAVID THOMPSON – a tad shaky in his career so far in the field: 9 errors in 59 games in 2015, 6 more in 31 games in 2016.  Does have 36 RBIs, though!

1B DASH WINNINGHAM – 6 in 56 games in 2015, 3 miscues in 20 games in 2016.  Youngster has lots of time to improve.

OF IVAN WILSON – 2 in 50 games in 2015, 2 boots in 27 games in 2016. 14 career assists in 175 games started.
Fielding is one aspect of the game where maturity and hard work can do wonders.  My favorite example is Juan Lagares, who in 2007 made 40 errors in 82 starts at shortstop, and later won a major league Gold Glove award in CF.
Have a great day - and don't drop the ball, whatever you do.


Mack Ade said...

As I've said before, the names that matter here are Rosario, Herrera, and Becerra.

Hobie said...

Whenever I hear TJR knocked for his defensive play, I wonder if the critic has ever seen him play.

From my limited viewing (Brooklyn 3times, Bingo twice) he makes all the routine plays. I've never seen him make a web-gem, but what if he just makes difficult plus LOOK routine?

If he could only hit.

Thomas Brennan said...

I have worn myself out trying to get T J Rivera to hit a lick :)

Thankfully Matz did not have to be DL'd. If so, maybe they call up Rivera until Flores comes back. Oh, well.

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest asked me to ask you why you left Smith off your list, Mack :)

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