Mack’s Morning Report – 5-21-16 – Matt Harvey, Bartolo Colon, Panic City


Good morning.

At the expense of beating a dead pitcher, Marc Cariq at  Newsday wrote a nice story on Matt Harvey

There was a time when Collins would have had to pry the baseball from Harvey’s hand. There was a time when Harvey would have sprinted from the dugout to the pitcher’s mound. There was a time when the fans here mocked Stephen Strasburg with chants of “HAR-VEY’S BETTER!”

But Thursday night, with the Mets down eight runs with two outs in the third, there was only the flood of thousands of boos and one shattered myth. Even the enemy recoiled at how it has all turned. “I feel sorry for him,” said the Nationals’ Bryce Harper, who collected his first hit off Harvey after 21 unsuccessful tries.

Mack – We have to keep talking about Harvey because he’s such an important piece of the puzzle of this team. Cariq points out in the story that Harvey keeps saying there is nothing wrong with him, so Terry Collins seems reluctant to invent some phantom injury that could put him on the 7-day DL for a while.

Other writers on Twitter the other night kept saying that they could identify the fact that Harvey wasn’t extending properly in his delivery. Wouldn’t you think the Mets pitching coaches could identify that if it was true?

The one thing I do believe is there is no one on this team that is more proud than Harvey and if he thinks he’s embarrassing himself out there on the mound, he’ll be the first one to point it out to his coaches.

Mark Healey @MHealeySports  - I think it's time for Matt Harvey to spend a few weeks with Frank Viola; get his mind / body right. Warthen obviously not reaching him.

- SP Thomas McIlraith transferred from Columbia Fireflies to the Disabled List.

- C Tyler Moore transferred from Short-Season A Brooklyn Cyclones to Columbia's active roster.

LHP Andrew Barbosa placed on the Binghamton Disabled List

C Raywilly Gomez activated from the Binghamton Disabled List

From  Rant Sports -

                    Bartolo Colon has been married to his wife Rosanna for 21 years and the couple have four children — Bartolo Jr., Emilio, Wilder and Randy. The couple are both from the Dominican Republic and got their United States citizenship together back in 2014 at a ceremony. They’ve provided scholarships, holiday meals, a baseball diamond, a chapel and a training facility for young baseball players in their home country.

From the outside looking in, it seemed the Colons were a happy family, but a story recently from the New York Post revealed a whole other side to the pitcher.

According to the newspaper, Colon is the father to two other kids with another woman named Alexandra Santos. The 38-year-old has taken Colon to court for allegedly being a deadbeat dad and not paying child support for his 8-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. The lawsuit was filed in 2015, but the court allowed the two sides to be listed as anonymous in court proceedings. Colon blew his cover when he represented himself for a short time.

          Mack – Shouldn’t we be bothered about this?

 P Dub had the Panic City spin on the situation –

                   It’s still early in the season, but once again, the ghosts of seasons past seem to be stirring to life. This is a different Mets team than they had in 2006, when they were clearly the best team in the National League; for starters, this team has already secured the pennant that the 2006 team fell short of due to injuries and bad luck. But the Mets aren’t sneaking up on anyone this year, the NL East is no longer weak, and the Chicago Cubs are roaring through the first third of the season. The last week in May is no time to panic…but the clock is ticking, and it’s time for the Mets to turn things around.

Mack – I sort of agree with this post, but it really doesn’t matter if the Mets are or are not ‘sneaking up’ on anyone this year. Sandy Alderson added enough offense to join a premier rotation. Yes, things aren’t going that well right now, but, like I said yesterday on a comment, the Mets were four games above .500 and only 2.5 games out of first place. I don’t consider this a panic situation for a tea with this much talent. It’s a lull, but no panic is needed yet.

Brian P. Mangan @brianpmangan  - Since July 1, 2015, Hansel Robles has a 2.42 ERA, 0.92 WHIP, and 11.25 K/9 over 52 innings


Thomas Brennan said...

Missed the first inning, but it looked on website like Carter was struck out on a curve at knees called a ball just before his two run homer. Otherwise, Matz was brilliant.

Conforto's crowd thrilling 2 run shot on a low offense night was a long fly out if hit in 2009. Thanks be that they moved them thar fences in.

Need a hitter? T J Rivera continued the tear with 3 more hits, a homer and 3 more RBIs to pad his league- leading total to 39. Hitting almost .370. Campbell hitting .200.

Robles' presented stats would be eye popping if he could just serve up fewer fat gopher pitches.

Ernest Dove said...

Its a free country we all have the right to argue about and criticize a millionaire athlete for having a bad day but the Harvey situation is out of control.
Its like some of these folk on the internets completely forgot that Harvey just did what like no other post tjs pitcher has ever done with his crazy 216innings to help this team.
Obviously its more about some good old fashioned haterade on the part of fans when seeing Harvey live the good life, dating supermodels and going about town.
What happens if this summer he goes on a run? What happens if he leads the team into the world series and wins mvp?
Do we then go back to yelling at the wilpons to stop being 'cheap' and pay our DARK KNIGHT?

Hobie said...

I got through Gil Hodges slump, I can survive Harvey's.

Not worried about Bartolo's fail either.

Now if Thor were caught in a Valhalla ladies room in a Marv Albert Garter Belt with naked Skáldskaparmál dwarves -- I'd be worried..

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

Yeah, but are they transgender Skáldskaparmál dwarves?

Thomas Brennan said...

No, only if Thor played ball in D.C.

Thomas Brennan said...

No, only if Thor played ball in D.C.

Jeff said...

On the Harvey front. I was watching him in the dugout chewing gum at last night's game. He always seemed to be a big tobacco chewer. Crazy thought, but with some cities now banning the use of smokeless tobacco in dugouts, has that been implemented at Citi? Is Harvey still chewing during games? If he is trying to quit, that could have a major impact on him. Just a thought.

Mack Ade said...

Jeff -

As an ex-tobacco user, you may have something there.

The fact remains the only pitch he is throwing effectively is his curve. His mechanics are horrible, there is no deception on his delivery and his fastballs are all up.

Metsiac said...

Yes, the tobacco rule is in effect at both NYC stadiums. And I agree with the Robles comment. He's still my pick for a breakout season.

Conforto's HR was aided by the shortened distances, but so was Carter's, so we can count last night as a 1-0 W.

Mack--- Since when do we have a 7-day DL?

Metsiac said...

Yes, the tobacco rule is in effect at both NYC stadiums. And I agree with the Robles comment. He's still my pick for a breakout season.

Conforto's HR was aided by the shortened distances, but so was Carter's, so we can count last night as a 1-0 W.

Mack--- Since when do we have a 7-day DL?

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