Mack’s Morning Report – 5-25-16 – Matt Harvey, Ricky Knapp, P.J. Conlon, Pen Usage


Good morning.

Well, another Matt Harvey start has come and gone… three home runs and an ERA over six…

It doesn’t look like whatever is wrong here, or simply has changed here, isn’t going to be turned around by keep sending out for his normal rotation assignment. I go back to my original suggestion… come up with some phantom arm injury and stick him on the 7-day DL… then, send him down to the spring training facilities and, first, give him 7-10 days to just chill. 

Lastly, let him work with the coached down there and eventually work his way back via a rehab assignment.

The Mets can survive without him right now. Frankly, their win-loss record would be much better if you take the Harvey game out of the stats. Can he come back like Jon Snow did?

It’s sad watching a fallen Dark Knight.

The Florida State League announced on Monday that St. Lucie Mets right-hander Ricky Knapp is the league’s Pitcher of the Week.  

Knapp’s one outing last week was a start in game 1 of Wednesday’s doubleheader against the Clearwater Threshers. Knapp pitched a complete game shutout (seven innings) and limited the Threshers to three hits. He did not walk a batter, plunked two hitters and struck out four. Knapp lowered his season ERA to 1.96 while improving to 4-2.  

It only took 58 pitches for Knapp to get through the first six innings. He stranded the bases loaded in the seventh to end the game.  

Knapp is in his fourth year with the Mets organization. He was drafted by New York in the eighth round in 2013 out of Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fla. Knapp is from Port Charlotte, Fla.

Mack – Knapp is far from prospect level, but he’s having a great season as a 24-year old in A+ ball. In four minor league seasons, he’s 19-15, 3.47, but a very high WHIP (309-IP, 229-K, 82-BB).

His career 6.69 K/9 is seriously below any chance of a projection someday to the majors.

Brian P. Mangan @brianpmangan  - Jeurys Familia, last 30 days: 1.88 ERA, 1.74 FIP, 69.2 GB%

OF Kyle Johnson transferred from Binghamton to Las Vegas

- OF Vicente Lupo transferred from Columbia Fireflies to Short-Season A Brooklyn.

- RHP Andrew Church transferred from Short-Season A Brooklyn to Columbia's active roster.

INF Wilmer Flores assigned to Binghamton on Major League rehab

RHP Mike Hepple transferred from Binghamton  to St. Lucie

LHP Kelly Secrest transferred from Binghamton  to St. Lucie

LHP Alberto Baldonado transferred from St. Lucie to Binghamton

RHP Tim Peterson transferred from St. Lucie to Binghamton

Here’s a stat you’ll love… Columbia SP P.J. Conlon (7-0) has never given up a homerun in his professional career.

It’s been an amazing two years for Conlon. Last year, he pitched entirely as a relief pitcher for Brooklyn and had a 0.00 ERA in 17 appearances.

This year, he was converted back to the starter he was at the University of San Diego, and he’s 7-0 in 8 starts. He’s currently the only pitcher in all of minor league baseball to have won seven games.

So, he’s now given up six earned runs in 68 professional innings, which is crazy numbers.

We have to start taking this guy serious.

Brian Joura wrote an interesting post on the usage of the Mets bullpen –

        It’s encouraging to see Collins going a full inning with Blevins but it should be pointed out that each of his last three games have been blowouts. Would Collins have had the guts to use Blevins for a full inning if the lead was, say, 4-1 instead of 7-1? We probably know the answer to that one.

The Mets’ relievers have been fantastic this year and hopefully the starters will start performing up to preseason expectations so that the pen won’t be needed for 20 or more innings each week. But those times when Collins leans on the pen heavily, he can’t be so dogmatic about roles. Guys beside Reed need to be trusted to pitch in the 8th inning of tight games and Blevins needs to be allowed to face righties.

Mack – I actually have no problem with the Mets pen this season. Additionally, they don’t even have any room for the turn of Josh Edgin who hasn’t given up a run in his 10 outings with Las Vegas.
This season may come down to what this team can and will do in the last three innings of each game.


Hobie said...

PJ Conlon: Ever been a N.Ireland born Met? Major Leaguer?

Respite for Harvey. Merrett starts, Edgin to pen. Works for me.

Bob Sugar said...

Boycott the NY Post sports section!!!
They are constantly negative towards the Mets. Anytime things go off the rails like Harvey they jump at it and make it headlines. Even aside from Harvey it's as if they look for the negatives to write about it. When times are going good they jump on the bandwagon but they are the first to jump off. Telling you. Boycott them.

Ernest Dove said...

Im curious about Edgin.
I only saw him face one batter out here in lucie last month. He only threw one fastball, 88mph, and the rest breaking stuff out of the zone to get the batter out.
I wonder if his fastball has gotten over 90yet and I wonder if post TJS if he's trying to fully become more of a 'junk ball' thrower now.

Ernest Dove said...

And even though i hate saying this I now currently believe that either verrett or Gilmartin Would give our Mets a better chance to win every 5th day than Harvey. Maybe with even just a two week break like degrom that time mr Harvey can come back strong.
Harvey is still talented. Hes still young. Hes still under team control. The fans and media dont need to bury him in may 2016

Gary Seagren said...

Bob I get it but the truth hurts. His diva act only works if your "The Dark Knight" and disappearing after the game y/day won't hack it. No one knows whats wrong with him but they really need to get him out of here and hopefully reboot his head. Don't know if he's on the path of Steve Blass or Strasburg from last year but if TC meant what he said about "it has to be whats good for the team" then DL him and hope he finds it again.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Harvey is good for 3 innings, let him go to the bullpen. Smoltz did it with huge success. It can only be for this year. Or part of it. Short successful outings are better for the psyche than implosions trying to go 6 innings. Of course, Joba is the opposite story to Smoltz, of a guy ruined by being moved around.

Some fans postulate that stopping chewing tobacco could have caused him to lose his edge.

Harvey brings to mind (don't know why) Tom Sturdivant, who closed his career with the Mets in the 1960's. His first two full years he was 34-14. The rest of his 10 year career he was 25-37.

Mets send Stopper Steve to the mound today.

Conlon makes me proud of me Irish heritage. They should promote him ASAP.

Lastly, Andrew Church was "WOW" in his Columbia debut last night: 5 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 9 K. For a 2nd round 2013 guy who prior to 2016 had a low strikeout ratio (5.1/9), and a 1.60 WHIP, and a 5.18 ERA in Bklyn last year, this debut start in 2016 was eye opening.

eraff said...

Vacarros column is absolutely brutal and over the line. He's in some kind of Dick Young fantasy of chasing Harvey out of town.

As for Harvey...:they need to figure out a 30 day plan to get him ready to pitch... They need him

Brian Joura said...

I had forgotten about Andrew Church but wasn't he supposed to be a bit raw for where he was drafted but with a big fastball?

Seeing the note about Church made me think of another Mets draftee from 2013 -- Casey Meisner. Not going too good for him, as he's 0-7 with a 4.14 ERA and a 1.555 WHIP for Hi-A Stockton. Averaging almost five walks per nine.

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

There is a Mets writer from Northern Ireland - me

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

The Mets caught a lot of static when they drafted Church ahead of other players that were available with that pick, but he was a true prep prospect

Bob Sugar said...

If I was lucky enough to be on the mound today I would drill Murphy in the back. He alto ok a long look at Harvey after he hit that home run.
Unfortunately the way the game is today players and managers are too soft and too political. It won't happen but it should. Send a message ! Honeymoon is over with Murphy. F him.

Dallas said...

So who comes up to replace Harvey? Gilmartin, Montero, someone else? Could pick either of those guys or Verrett to start. Harvey has been responsible for nearly half of our losses, he can't pitch again until he figures it out.

De Aza(-0.3), Flores(-0.1), Reynolds(-0.2), Campbell (-0), Plawecki(-0), Rivera(-0) have all been totally brutal. All under .200 except Campbell at .204. None of them even slugging .300. This might be passable as bench players for a short period (still not good) but these guys have been starting on a more regular basis with injuries. Thor and Verrett have higher OPS than these guys. Matz seems like he could produce at the same level they have been. Seems like a good time to make a trade or shake things up with TJ and Ty to see what we can squeeze from them.

When does Wheeler start getting into some games? 5 weeks away from when he is suppose to be in the bigs assuming we really see him in early July...

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

TC liked to keep things in order.

I expect Verrett to get first shot.

Mack Ade said...

Update -

Mets are going to stay with Harvey at least through his next start vs. White Sox

Dallas said...

Yeah, just saw all the tweets coming through on my site...thats a bold move. How long do you let this go... Harvey is almost solely responsible for around a third of our losses so far.

Thomas Brennan said...

Agree, Dallas, shake up the moribund bench. Wheeler threw off mound other day finally, and will now ramp up. I'd guess St Lucie backfield "games" for a few weeks shortly, then getting into games for real. Still supposed to be ready, earliest, in early July.

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