Mack’s Morning Report – 5-13-16 – Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, Mike Trout, Bartolo Colon, Sean Gilmartin


Good morning.

Hopefully, we won’t have a long term problem here, but Steven Matz has been put on the shelf temporarily with what the Mets are calling ‘left elbow soreness’. Matz will be examined by team doctors on Monday in New York (you mean you can’t put him on a plane tonight, dude?).

For now, it’s one missed start. He did complain of some upper forearm soreness following his Monday win over the Dodgers. It was Matz that brought the soreness to the team doctors.

Plan A is for Logan Verrett to fill his slot due on Saturday at Coors Field. I also expect that we’ll see Sean Gilmartin called up, probably causing Eric Campbell to head back to Las Vegas until all this clears up.

I don’t speculate on things like this. I just light candles and play my old Klatuu albums.

The two home runs Wednesday night by Noah Syndergaard were simply amazing. This is the team that leads the league in generating home runs and, what with what Bartolo Colon and Syndergaard have done lately, they might be leading the league in the most home runs produced by a pitcher.

These two were especially precious because they were the difference in a tight game. I know that Thor’s ERA has risen a little lately, but I still think he’s a lock for the All-Star game this year.

Oh yeah… one more thing. There are reports by Terry Collins that Syndergaard had his ‘elbow checked out’ a couple of weeks ago; however, he’s throwing 98-100 fastballs over eight innings. Enough said.

Oh yeah… another thing. Why did Terry Collins pull him out after 95 pitches at the end of the 8th inning? Does TC have something against complete games? It almost cost the Mets the game when the very overworked Jeurys Familia came on in the 9th and gave up a 3rd run to the Dodgers.

Syndergaard currently has a career .182 ISO, which ties him for 6th best all-time among pitchers with at least 60 PA.

Padres Re-Sign Cory Mazzoni To Minor League Deal

The Mets have called Sean Gilmartin to take Wilmer Flores' roster spot while Flores spends time on the Disabled List for a left hamstring problem.

Joel Sherman @Joelsherman1  - Nationals have 3 of the top 9 ERAs in NL - does not include guy they announced they're giving $175M to Tues or guy who struck out 20 Wed.

Springer am Rand: Why is there such huge variation in what people around baseball consider a “fair” return in a hypothetical Trout trade? Jim Duquette, for example, suggests something as light as Matz and Conforto (with no extras), while others seem to think that any Mets offer (to keep the trade partner constant) would have to start with Syndergaard and Conforto and go up from there. What is your conception of a fair return?

Dave Cameron: In general, I think people are too focused on the one big name coming back, so they mention guys like Thor, Betts, etc… But reality is that teams trading for Trout need to keep those kinds of players to keep contending, so any deal will have to be based around a larger package of players rather than just my superstar for your star and some extras.

Mack – Look, it would be foolish for anyone to say that they wouldn’t want Mike Trout in their outfield, but there is a cost for everything. Syndergaard and Conforto are the future of this team and I can’t see the Mets making any deal for anybody with these two guys in it. That being said, I can’t see any other Met safe from a Trout offer, even to the extent of a multi-player offer that included either Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey, or an even up deal for Yoesnes Cespedes.

Wuilmer Becerra lifts average to .415 with a three-hit night for St. Lucie

Noah Syndergaard has more HRs for the Mets (3) than Josh Thole (2) and Mike Nickeas (0) do for the Blue Jays in four years

Remember that I wrote earlier this month that Bartolo Colon will always come up with a clunker or two during the season... well, let's hope last night was one of them and there won't be that many more to follow.

The good news was that Sean Gilmartin threw in three scoreless innings which goes a long way for saying he, like Logan Verrett, could be stretched into the SP5 role if needed.

    FWIW, Gabriel Ynoa threw another ace for Las Vegas last night... 8.0-IP, 1-ER, 1.77-ERA... IN THE CITY OF LAS VEGAS...

A great story about a baseball team playing in Grayson Stadium and an abandoned puppy… https://www.buzzfeed.com/leticiamiranda/this-puppy-was-abandoned-at-a-baseball-stadium-and-now-has-a?bftw&utm_term=.iadOKl2XZ#.fh1pO8jXx


Bob Sugar said...

Nice write up. Looking for Mets bats to make some noise in Colorado. I'll take the 500 road trip so far considering the bats have been quieter against better pitching and tough ballparks. Team needs more out of Granderson to sustain success. I don't mind taking out Noah after 8 innings this early in the season after 95 pitches or so. Let TC baby him at this point. In a pennant race it's a different story. Nationals and Murphy in town next week. Glad I got tickets. Have a good day

Tom Brennan said...

Ynoa must do something right - 3 strikeouts and 9 hits in 8 innings, but just one run and 92 pitches.

Gilmartin great in relief of Big Bart - 3 IP, 1 hit, no BB, 3 K.

Kershaw's game plan was to keep Bartolo in the park, so he was successful. Colon is definitely homer prone, which did him in last nite. He has surrendered 53 homers since his Mets career began.

We have great pitchers. Kershaw is from another planet. 1.90 ERA since the start of 2013, spanning 730 innings.

Ernest Dove said...

Regarding Trout hoopla,

I too would NOT include include Conforto or Noah in any package.
Now if we could look Into the future and know for example that Cespedes was going to opt out and leave after this year. I'd then look into trading some package lf 4-5 PROSPECTS for Trout
Remember the whole point of this rumor in the first place is because the Angels are at least a few years away from competing for playoff slotst again. So why acquire current major leaguers who will be hitting arb years and free agency in the next few years? To me it doesn't make sense.

We all know my specific love of certain prospects but if trading kiddies like Dom Smith, Cecchini, Nimmo and a couple arms gets me trout im doing it.
Heck I might even add Dilson in some package because mets can always extend walker or have one of their 20 ss prospects move over to 2B.

Ernest Dove said...

We can also add that kid desmond Lindsay in a package. Hes a CFer right?

Tom Brennan said...

I saw Trout's bug teammate Albert Pujols is hitting under .200. He was Lou Gehrig until he was 30, a big drop off since, especially in batting average. The danger of mega deals for aging guys.

Tom Brennan said...

Top minor league offensive stat line for the Mets this year is: Kevin Taylor? After 21 games, .389/.506/.569.

Household name Ty Kelly is at .405/.490/.524 after 27 games.

Gavin Cecchini on DL - anyone catch why that is?

Mack Ade said...

I tend to let these Kevin Taylor's prove themselves by rising through the levels and still turning out these kind of stats... all before 24 years old of course.

Metsiac said...

Since Gil pitched last night and Verrett starts tomorrow, there's no reason not to return Gil to Wally today in exchange for an IFer who can play SS if needed.

Why is it that people assume Yo will be gone if he uses the opt-out? We've got as much chance to re-sign him as any other team to steal him, and he loves it here.

If Grandy continues to struggle, I can see a lot more playing time for Lag vs LHPs. It'd be a contest between MC and Grandy as to which one sits.

Our struggles on this trip have been vs the lefties. It's an ongoing problem that must be addressed.

Reese Kaplan said...

It didn't help when one of the successful bats against lefties just went on the DL

Zozo said...

I would trade Matz, Dom Smith, GRanderson, Duda, Verret and Herrera or Trout and Pujols with his contract.

Brian Joura said...

Not sure why the fascination with complete games still exists. If before the game started someone offered us Syndergaard to pitch 8 innings and leave with a 4-2 lead -- everyone would sign on the dotted line.

Then throw in the knowledge that he just had his elbow checked out makes the idea of asking him to go nine innings even more unnecessary.

Now, if they had PH for him, maybe I could see being upset about that...

Glad to hear about Mazzoni.

Unknown said...

Big question is how long does TC go with Grandy at leadoff? He rebounded well last season and we are 20-13 but you just wonder how much longer we can maintain our winning pace with Grandy and the mostly cold Duda filling key lineup spots. The Nats are a MUCH different team this year and so is our division as its gone from the "NL least" to the "NL beast". SA has done a good job of filling in the pieces and we are where we are even though we've endured recent slumps from Conforto, Grandy, Duda and Walker at the same time. Wheeler coming back can only help and it will be interesting to see if Sandy has any deals up his sleeve come July. Also can ANYONE PLEASE tell me why someone in management has this man crush on Eric "friggin" Campbell....please can we move on from the last man left from last season's awful first half and one of the worst bench crews ever assembled and by the way he was mentioned this morning with Flo down as our backup SS....UGH!!!

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, agree with you on Campbell. Send him down. Can't hurt to try Herrera or TJ Rivera over him. Or trade someone and get a better 25th man. With David being fragile, and Flores out, something needs to be done. From how Flores described trying to playing through it and it got worse, I'd not be surprised to see him out longer than 2 weeks.

Eddie Corona said...

I wouldnt do Conforto and thor for Trout...
But I would do Matz, Gilmartin, Dom Smith, and Herrera...

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if the "herky jerky" nature of the Mets early schedule is to blame for Harvey's odd start, the elbow soreness of Thor/Matz and even DeGrom's performance to date.

Hopefully, as the routine settles in and the weather warms up a bit, they will all return to "normal".

Metsiac said...

Last I checked, Wilmer is still on the Interstate vs LHPs this year. His BA vs RHPs is higher.

Metsiac said...

Last I checked, Wilmer is still on the Interstate vs LHPs this year. His BA vs RHPs is higher.

Metsiac said...

Why is everyone so anxious to get Trout? Yes, he's a great talent, but our OF situation is not a problem. Why create holes elsewhere by giving up the huge amount of talent it would take to get him?

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