Mack’s Morning Report – 5-11-16 – Steven Matz, Rafael Montero, Jacob deGrom, Stephen Strasburg, Matt Harvey


Good morning.

Steven Matz’ first outing was a disaster… 1.2-IP, 7-ER, 37.80-ERA. You couldn’t possible start a season in a worse way and no one thought there was any chance he would rebound from this.

Since then, he has had five starts and has given up only four runs in 33 innings, lowering his seasonal ERA to 2.86.

His win-loss record is now 5-1 and he just might be the most consistent pitcher on the staff. He also has 35 strikeouts in 34.2 innings pitched.

Let’s remember what I said last year… Matz has the potential to be an SP1 on any team… even the Mets.

Las Vegas starter, Rafael Montero, threw 5.2 shutout innings ahead of a 5-hit 1-0 shutout of Sacramento. It wasn’t a perfect outing… three walks and four hits… but he did have six strikeouts and he didn’t give up a run, lowering his seasonal AAA ERA to 4.94.

I’m not sure what the future has for Montero and the Mets. For now, I’d like to see him just get his game together on a consistent basis.
Montero has been replaced as the sixth ‘emergency starter’ by either Logan Verrett or Sean Gilmartin, and it will get even worse for him when Zack Wheeler comes back.

Like I said… let’s just root for this guy to become an ace pitcher in the PCL, if something like that is even possible in that league.

C Raywilly Gomez placed on the disabled list

RHP Casey Delgado transferred from St. Lucie (High-A) to Binghamton (AA)

Tom Brennan’s Tuesday minor league update reminds me every week that the Mets have three minor league bats that are destined for the major leagues –

          2B Dilson Herrera – 22/yrs – AAA: .292/.313/.490/.803
          SS Amed Rosario – 20/yrs – A+: .342/.392/.550/.942
          RF Wuilmer Becerra – 21/yrs – A+: .424/.473/.494/.967

We know that Herrera has had two short stints in Queens, both of which did not duplicate what he has done in the minors, but we’re never going to know the extent of his ability at the major league level until he is given the job to start for an entire season.

All three of these guys should be in place to start in Queens latest opening day 2018.

Lenny Dykstra @LennyDykstra  -  so this is Twitter? I can say whatever the fuck I want right?

          Mack – Oboy…

Mark Simon on Jacob deGrom pitching in last year’s NLDS Game 5 vs. the Dodgers

His fastball averaged just over 96 mph, his third-highest fastball velocity in any start in his career (tops on the list was Game 1, when it averaged nearly 97). It peaked twice at 98 and both of those netted outs, including Grandal's strikeout in the first.

His off-speed stuff was huge, too. He threw six straight fastballs to Seager in the second, than whiffed him on an 88 mph changeup and struck Gonzalez out on one as well. The Hernandez double play came on a curveball at the very bottom of the strike zone.

Steve asked –

        Morning Mack:

A couple things in the last 12 hours that got me thinking?

1st do you remember all the talk about Sandy picking up Bourn? 

Looks like another great non-signing Sandy has made!

Secondly about Harvey, do you think anything changes with Strasburg signing an extension? Does this open the Mets up to resigning Harvey or do you believe regardless of Strasburg the Mets aren't going to ever offer Harvey an extension.

Curious on your thoughts. Long time follower. Steve

          Mack – Hey Steve. Always good to hear from you.

The rapid decline of Bourn shows you how quickly this game can change. Whoda thunk it?

As for Strasburg and Harvey, I believe the Mets will make a valiant attempt to bring back The Dark Knight, but I can’t see them offering Strasburg the kind of money he’s going to demand. Frankly, if Zack Wheeler comes back strong, who needs him?

And lastly... re: Mets loss to the Dodgers last night. I hate walk offs especially when they destroy a well pitched game by both staffs. This s is one those games that you shake out the mud in your cleats and move on, taking solace that the Nats had dropped their game earlier.

Jacob deGrom - + outing, but velocity was an issue


Ernest Dove said...

Degrom fastball was up to 94-95 wnd I think he touched 96 once in first innjng.
For me issue ain't velicity its placement and movement.
Like degrom and harvey are not blowing people away with their rising fastballs they've been known for. Its not rising.
Even Familia continues at times to throw flat pitches mixed with filth every outing.

Thomas Brennan said...

Fat pitch from Robles for the homer. Two outs, keep the ball down.

Rookie of Year Steve Matz. Next Steve Carlton?

Rafael is caught up in a numbers game, as are several other "minor leaguers." The Mets are stocked, unfortunately for them. This time last year, Rivera, Gilmartin, Sewald and possibly Herrera are up here. Not now. So Montero has company in the holding pen.

Win tonight. Wright 0-3, 3 Ks...he is just not the old David Wright.

I saw "61" last night, somehow for the first time...great flick

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

This team is going to lose some games and I'll take this one (Nats lost). The Mets bats should never have left this go into the bottom of the 9th tied 2-2

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

It's funny... I was so high on Montero and he know comes to my mind as often as Matt Durkin does.

Robb said...

Lets just hope dykstra doesnt give out financial advice. or casual racism.

the nationals are making a big run financially over the next 4 years, but come 2023, they are basically going to be paying 25mm a year to starting pitchers who are no longer on there team. deferrals are basically a balloon mortgage. at this rate, it will be up to 40 mm in the next year, thats not exactly bonilla's 1 mm a year.

and as the last financial crash has shown balloon mortgages are usually a great idea.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, maybe Montero's best is just beginning - sometimes, adversity is the precursor to success.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Montero's future is with the Mets, he just seems to have stalled and run into injuries. Maybe he bounces back in Vegas and is part of a package to return something. Maybe if de Aza is moved mid season, Montero might be able to help get some minor league pitching back. The Farm looks nice with position players and the big club is stocked with starting pitching, there is not much left in the minors and I wouldn't mind seeing some inventory that is too far down on the depth chart to be moved to restock lower minors. Montero alone nets little, but a bounce back year packaged along with de Aza may have some minor value

Anon Joe F

Eddie Corona said...

Mack (great site) quick remark about the long term... "Frankly, if Zack Wheeler comes back strong, who needs him?"
this is true if the other 4 pitchers are great (KEY WORD GREAT)
this staff was billed as 4 potential Aces but only 1 had pitched like one this year... Thor...
Degrom hasnt been the the same since Game 1 of the Dodgers series... Wheeler has never pitched to his scouting reports due to control. Matz while on a great run is throwing 93...
While they dont have to be Arrieta or Clayton they need to pitch to a top 5 in the Cy young voting or they are not the Aces they were for told.
So Harvey may still be the best among them (outside of thor)...
I admit I think we should trade Harvey ... But what i am really saying is we need to trade the worse one and sign the best among them... It would be better to sign Harvey for 25 mill a year than keep degrom for 15 million if he is not the same guy he was the past 2 year (that was just an example, I am not saying any of them are thru)...
I am just not quick to say Harvey is the one to go... In 3 months he may be... But it could also be any of the the others...
the good teams maximize the Assets (yea this cold but a fact) and that may mean keeping the asset or trading it...

Mack Ade said...

Joe -

The Mets don't need to rush the minor league system right now.

Rosario - Herrera - Becerra will be the next bats

I hope the Mets go prep pitchers this draft and start stocking up for 2019+

Reese Kaplan said...

If the Mets have the long, hard talk with David Wright about his quality of life, what he's already accomplished, etc. do they then reach out to Neil Walker about taking over at 3B next year? Or do they go cheap with Wilmer Flores? I guess a lot depends on what Walker's numbers look like come August/September and how successful/unsuccessful David Wright has been. Right now while the offensive side of his game is somewhat troubling, the defensive side is getting a bit scary.

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