Mack’s Morning Report – 5-9-16 – Wuilmer Becerra, P.J. Conlon


Good morning.

Back from Florida a little late. Tomorrow’s report will be longer.
Did we really become a first place team while I was away?
Should I go away more often?

- OF Kevin Kaczmarski transferred from Columbia’s Disabled List to Columbia’s active roster.

- OF Enmanuel Zabala transferred from Columbia Fireflies to Short-Season A Brooklyn Cyclones.

I really do need to take a few minutes and bring up OF Wuilmer Becerra again. This guy is getting pretty awesome this season. He’s now leading, (as of Sunday night), the Florida State League with a .415 batting average.
The craziness is his splits… he bats from the right side and does fairly well against lefties (.364) but it’s the .423 vs, righties that has me realizing this kid just might have what it takes to be a star in this game.

He’s 21-years old and doesn’t have a single home so far this season for St. Lucie; however, the season is young and he did have seven for Kingsport in 2014 and nine for Savannah last year.

He’s third in the league in OPS, sixth in slugging percentage, and first in on base percentage. He also has only struck out 13 times in 82-Abs.
ETA:  2016 – will end season in Binghamton

       2017 – Binghamton/Las Vegas

       2018 – Queens RF

Speaking of possible all-stars that have snuck into our system, let me introduce to you someone Thomas Brennan has been touting over the past two years… the Irish born 13th round pick in the 2015 draft out of the University of San Diego, P.J. Conlon.

The Mets assigned the 6-0 lefty Conlon to Brooklyn last season and all he did was not give up an earned run in 17 appearances. Yeah, that’s right… an 0.00-ERA with a 0.59-WHIP to boot.

This season, Columbia has turned him into a starter and just about the same kind of success: 5-starts, 4-0, 1.50, 1.13. He also has 48 strikeouts in the collective 47 innings he has pitched as a pro.

ETA: He’s 22… needs to get moving. I expect him to finish the season in St. Lucie and start 2017 for Binghamton. Past that, it’s too early to project him. Could be some find.


Ernest Dove said...

Beccera, to the naked eye, looked like he was playing amongst little leaguers when I saw him last month.
He's physically imposing and makes solid contact.
Guess I need to write about him next while his batting average remains at video game levels.

Thomas Brennan said...

Wuilmer is unconscious - anything less than 2 hits a night is a disappointment.

Conlon should get promoted quickly to see where the headwinds start to pick up.

Bob Sugar said...

Anyone have any scoop on that catcher that was scheduled to start for Columbia this year. His name is Patrick M- forgot his last name.
He was second in hitting last year for Kingsport and I was looking forward to watching him progress this year. He has been on the DL all year and I have not heard why and for how long. You guys see Antonio "the bastard" Bastardo come in with the bases loaded and no out yesterday? Struck out two and gave up a weak infield pop up to give up no runs in a 4-3 ballgame. That's earning your paycheck.

Adam Smith said...

As the weeks go on, it gets easier to believe that Becerra's step forward is more than just an early hot streak (though obviously it is a hot streak, and he likely won't sustain a .400+ BA).

The kid definitely has shown some pop the past couple of years, even if it hasn't fully happened yet this season, so seeing this extreme contact, and cutting down his K's significantly is very encouraging. Let's hope that he puts the two together over the next couple of months.

Michael S. said...

Things seem pretty great in Metsville. The big club is in first place, the draft will be here soon, and the next wave of prospects (almost exclusively position players) will be arriving before we know it. Becerra, Rosario, and Conforto should provide a solid base to build around, Cheech has been on fire lately and even Nimmo has been hitting. I'm pretty confident we're going to have a sustained run and the Alderson era looks great.

Thomas Brennan said...

That catcher is Pat Mazelka - still on DL, not sure of his malady. Jeff McNeil still on DL too. Happily, Kevin Kaczmarski just came back, and had 2 hits.

Hobie said...

Pat Mazeika went on the DL just as the SAL season started. Hope he returns soon. I see Kacz just came back (my 2016 dark horse).

Also interested in what Ali Sanchez can offer. Kingsport, I guess--just turned 19 in Jan--although I'd love to get to see him in Brooklyn.

Hobie said...

... and Herrera (3/6) is over .300 now, but
TJR's average fell going 2/6 with a HR & 2B. Slumps are part of the game I guess.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

Not so fast...

Do't be surprised if the Mets go prep pitcher with one of their first two picks

Ernest Dove said...

My man jeff McNeil actually had surgery last week and is now stated to be 4-6 weeks from getting back into action

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest, and idea what McNeil had surgery for?

Ernest Dove said...

Sports hernia

Michael S. said...

Sorry Mack, I should've been more clear, the players in the next wave coming up are predominantly position players. I'm just excited for the draft in general and at this point I'm hoping for BPA. It would be great to turn back to pitching - they've harvested plenty of young arms and need to start that pipeline over again.

StevieG said...

I have followed Conlon's career since he was s freshman at USD. If u have ever seen him pitch, u know he's not the biggest guy out there but he takes the mound with a attitude that he can never be beaten. He has the heart of a lion and is always ready to fight and scrap for everything. That's the Irish in him. Kind of kid anyone would want on their team and the Mets are lucky to have him

Thomas Brennan said...

@ Stevie G, great insight on Conlon. Kind of guy you really hope can make it all the way.

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