Mack’s Morning Report – 5-7-16 – Bartolo Colon, Weekly Plan


Good morning.

Bartolo Colon couldn’t possibly still around throwing. To most of the baseball world that doesn’t spend their entire worthless life on Twitter, they look at a Mets box score and see the name ‘Colon’, and think it might be some up and coming prospect out of their international system.

It couldn’t be the guy that threw his first professional pitch in 1994, when Bill Clinton was still President and he was accused for sexual harassment (which time was this?), when four were convicted for the first 9-11 attacks, when O.J. Simpson was arrested for killing his wife, Nicole Smith, and when major league baseball went out on strike. Could it?

And how do you describe to a new kid coming up from AAA what this guys throws?

‘Well, there’s 36 different fastballs that are throw… they all range between 88-91 miles per hour and four tail off towards the ground, four head for the skies, four go left, four go right, sixteen more hit the corners, and then the most confusing of them all… four actually go straight with no movement right down the pipe.”

Let me ask you a question?

We speak all day about the devastating speed of Noah Syndergard, but, in the end, does it really matter how a pitcher gets us to the ninth inning without giving up a run.

Oh, and we know there will be a couple of bumps and grinds during the year when Colon shows us all he’s still human. They are the times Mets management usually leaves him in embarrassing too long to boot.

I know the Mets are going to have to make some hard decisions about who throws in their July rotation, but, for now, my money is on leaving this ageless wonder where he is, tossing a ball back and forth to himself in between batters like he’s playing on some Latin playground with his school buddies.

Take a lesson here. Enjoy what you are doing. Prince proved earlier this month that life is too short.

Get behind the Bartolo train. It’s fun to ride on this one.

Well, I wrote the Bartolo piece offline and I’m posting this from a McDonalds that has WiFi.

I also have the Sunday draft report scheduled to post at 8am Sunday.

There’s a good chance that I won’t be back online until the Tuesday Morning Report.

I’m sorry for all this.


Thomas Brennan said...

Big Bad Bart is a magician. "How'd I miss that?" Only Bart knows for sure.

If I were a guy struggling pitching in the minors without a Syndergaard speed gun reading, I'd get video of this guy and look to replicate the master. Maybe I'd have a 23 year spanning career too, then.

Three random minor league tid bits:

Wuilmer Becerra may be the best hitting "wil-mer" in the organization, raising his average to a stunning .415 with 2 more hits last nite.

Nimmo's recent 9 game hit streak, in which he was 14 for 35, ended. Can he kick start it again? Will a guy whose lifetime slugging % is nearly 40 points below that of TJ Rivera (who's % is 80 points below Travis Taijeron's) ever run off a bunch of homers, which are an essential ingredient of almost any MLB OF that plays a lot.

Dario Alvarez has 23 Ks in 11.2 IP, but has otherwise been lousy. Which of these two personas will win out?

Bob Sugar said...

You have to order to use the Wifi? What was it Mack?

Bob Sugar said...

Had to be the Big Mack?

Reese Kaplan said...

MackNuggets? MackCoffee? MackFlurry? EggMackMuffin? :)

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