Mack’s Morning Report – 5-28-16 – Ernest Dove, Draft Day, Yoenes Cespedes


Good morning.

Ernest Dove, who has been an exclusive writers for Mack’s Mets since he began turning out gems, has decided to split his time between Mack’s Mets and the Metsmerized owned Mets Minors site. He has my blessing to branch out and plans on posting there his rewarding St. Lucie Mets analysis’ on the games he attends live (like last night). He will continue to post every Friday at 10am his weekly prospect post here at Mack’s Mets.

Also, I have a very special Sunday coming up on June 5th, the Sunday prior to the draft. It will include my last composite draft for the season at 8am, followed by a list of the top (ranked) players available in the draft, by position (LHP, RHP, outfielders, infielders, catchers), posted every two hours (10am, 12noon, 2pm,4pm, 6pm).
I hope you enjoy my last draft analysis.

Marc Carig Marc Carig - on Yoenes Cespedes

Progress required building a relationship over time, a luxury that Long and assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler didn’t have last season, when Cespedes was viewed as a rental.

But when he re-signed with the Mets, the time had come for real progress, though history showed that such well-intentioned missions haven’t always gone smoothly.

“When I was in Oakland, they tried to change my swing,” Cespedes said through a translator. “And I didn’t like that.”

The Mets, however, didn’t seek a swing change. They sought to refine an approach.

Mack – You can not attempt to ‘manage’ a player like Cespedes. It’s like telling Donald Trump how he has to run for President. There seems to be very good chemistry here and it’s nice to see that Carig has moved on from writing negative stories about Matt Harvey.

boy, that was a suck win..

NY Mets2819.596-

5/27 vs LAD, W 6-55/28 vs LAD, 7:15 PM

5/27 vs STL, L 2-65/28 vs STL, 7:15 PM

5/27 @ CHC, L 2-65/28 @ CHC, 2:20 PM

5/26 @ TB, W 9-1Live @ ATL

Ya know, long time readers here know how I wear my emotions on my sleeve… I just read EDove’s post over on the site that is owned by the guy that tried for years to put me out of business.

I’m going to end my post today and concentrate on producing a quality series of posts for the Sunday prior to draft day.


Thomas Brennan said...

Congrats to Ernest. Hope it goes well.

Even with the walk off, Utley spoiled if for me. I hate to see my starter screwed out of a W after tossing a gem.

I'd give TDA that 1B mitt and limit his catching starts until Duda gets back...of course, if TDA beats Duda back.

We need more offense out of 7 and 8.

Hobie said...

Even with the walk-off...

Yes, don't muck with YC's swing, but can he be convinced to play RF? Laggers needs to play more than occasionally against lefties and Conforto has to play agains at least some (maybe not Kershaw or Baumgarnter).

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