Mack’s Morning Report – 5-27-16 - David Wright, Tom Murphy, T.J. Rivera


Good morning –

David Wright on Matt Harvey

“A lot of us don’t necessarily agree with what he did. but we take this game very personally. And when we don’t play at a level we’re accustomed to, sometimes we make decisions that we regret. ... You want to be known as an accountable player. You want to be a stand-up guy. And this is a little blip on the radar screen. Hopefully we all learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again.”

          Mack – Keith and Ron spent a fair amount of time on this subject during the Nats day game… it seems to wear a little thin on the other players and the unofficial rule around baseball includes a commitment to ‘man up’ with the beat press, especially after a bad game. Hopefully, this will all go away before his next outing.

A reader, named ‘anonymous’, chimes in on my search for a new catcher –
        “A catcher I would target is the Rockies Tom Murphy!”

        Murphy is a former third round draft pick, in 2012, by the Rockies. The 6-1 RHH has played his entire professional career for Colorado most of which has been in the minors.

        He played 11-G, 35-AM for the parent club last year, but has since returned to AAA where he is hitting .283 after 80-Abs.

        Murphy is 25-years old and is playing in an organization that already has, at catcher, Nick Hundley, Dustin Garneau, and Tony Wolters.


Julian McWilliams on T. J. Rivera

        As baseball has entered the analytics phase, Rivera isn’t necessarily a sabermetric geek’s dream player. In 2166 at-bats in the minors, Rivera only has 29 homers, which might not play well if he were to step in for Duda at first base. Still, there is something to be said about .372 with an on-base percentage of .406 and an OPS of .957.

Certainly those numbers will drop, but Rivera could help weather the storm during Duda’s absence — and do it at a more consistent rate than the first baseman.

He just needs an opportunity,” said one scout. “This kid hits and keeps hitting.”

His chance will have to wait, but when he gets it he’ll be ready to hit like always.

Avi: Has Matz become the #4 best pitcher on the Mets or is he even higher?

Eno Sarris: Second or third best right now!

Goopy: What’s up with Granderson? I know he’s usually a slow starter but this is reallyyyyy slowwwww

Eno Sarris: He’s pretty old. I’m not holding too long.


Dallas said...

I think you could argue that Matz is the best right now when healthy. He may not getting all the attention of Thor with 100MPH pitches but he has looked more dominant than anyone else especially over his last couple of outings.

With the 8 guys hitting around .200 or less I think Rivera is definitely going to get a shot. The bar is set pretty low to outproduce the Mets bench and even some of the starters...

So Thursdays rain out for the Sox means we get to face Kershaw and Sale on back to back days. Better win Friday/Saturday!

Gary Seagren said...

O.K. so we're debating playing Campbell instead of TJR and the argument is TJ doesn't hit for power...really? With TJ's minor league stats how much worse could he possibly be than Soup. I hope we're going to be ready for this weekend with that phenom Urias tonight and Kershaw followed by Sale Sun. and Mon. ouch..... Campbell better have his hitting shoes on.

Thomas Brennan said...

Campbell and Rivera's minor league #'s career-wise are fairly similar...Soup got on base a little more due to walks, Rivera 35 points higher hitting wise, slug % identical...but Rivera's #'s the past 2+ years (2014-16) are much higher than in his early career (.340/.385/.460). So he has accelerated as the quality of competition has jumped.

This year and last, his plate appearances are close to one full major league season...40 doubles, 12 homers, 90+ RBIs. A lot of that not batting in the heart of the order. He deserves his chance. He might just be the sub who can hit .260 - how wonderful would it be to have one of those.

Matz and Thor - flip a coin - two greats. Pitching at Hall of Fame caliber levels. Other than Matz's early season bomb-out loss, he is 11-0 in his career. ELEVEN AND OH. OH MY.

Brian Joura said...

Any news on why Flexen came out of his start after 6.1 IP when he allowed just one hit?

Mack Ade said...

win the series

Mack Ade said...

Brian -

Flexen was at 96 pitches so that might have been the reason.

Ernest Dove was at the game last night... hopefully, he will read this and chime in

Thomas Brennan said...
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Thomas Brennan said...

Jeff Walters clobbered last night, after another weak performance from Lugo. I wonder if Jeff's days are numbered. ERA above 8.

Hobie said...

Still don't get the choice of Kelly over TJ.

OK, switch-hitter but TJ's splits this year:
vs L- .310/.362/.643/1.005; vs R- .385/.417/.508/.925

Ernest Dove said...

The stupid radar gun/pitch count board was off at stadium but I assume definitely pitch count related Brian.
Flexen had that team confused all night taking tons of pitches trying to figure him out
Explains the 3 walks but also explains high pitch count etc.

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