Mack’s Morning Report – 5-30-16 – David Wright, Noah Syndergaard, James Loney, Matt Harvey


Good morning.

Seems we may have a new David Wright neck problem. 

He's out until earliest Tuesday while they try some anti-inflammatory medicine to ease the pain. I've taken plenty of that stuff and none of it prevents my spinal canal from re-opening.

This could be a long year for both David Wright and his fans. Let's hope for the best here.

I was watching the Mets game on Saturday when my dog Maggie sent the signs my way that she needed to be taken for a walk. I come back and Logan Verrett was pitching.

I caught the tail end of the discussion about what had happened to Noah Syndergaard and I did finally see a replay of the pitch that was thrown about a foot behind Chase Utley. It’s hard for me to believe that there wasn’t a warning issued here, but, at the same time, we all knew this was going to happen once Syndergaard and Utley faced each other. It represented the honor of a fallen teammate, even if the guy is no longer on the team.

Utley took the incident hard. He only hit two home runs in the game.

All four leading teams in the division lost that day so I guess the Mets survived. Still, the team looked like they were well on to winning another game behind their ace starter.

What would I have done?

Well, I never would have thrown behind him.

If I was good enough to be a starter in major league baseball, and I could throw a 100-mph fastball that takes less than a second to reach a batter, I would have made sure it was thrown right at his waist so Utley could have turned and taken a good one in the back.

But that’s just me.

Buster Olney - Over the last three weekends, Major League Baseball has had three very similar incidents of pitchers seemingly throwing at or near hitters with purpose, and the handling of the three incidents couldn't be more different. You cannot find a consistent strain of administration.

BTW… Ruben Tejada was designated for assignment by th St. Louis Cardinals

Mets catcher Rene Rivera on James Loney (who he played with last season) –
"He's got great numbers, a very good hitter. He brings that great defense at first base. It's great for us. We're missing Duda here, and I think that he can step up and help us."

Mack – True, he does have ‘great numbers’, but they come from AAA-PCL and wasn’t that the place that guy like Ty Kelly and Eric Campbell hit, like, .800?

Here’s the deal… he’s an outstanding defensive first baseman who can platoon with Wilmer Flores and definitely hit better than anyone that’s playing that position right now.

It cost the Mets only cash. It’s already a great deal.

Joe Trezza on Matt Harvey -

           The Mets believe they've pinpointed the root of Harvey's issues -- a mechanical flaw that flares up as he pitches deeper into games. Only a few Mets are aware of the specifics of the habit that's led to Harvey's 7.56 May ERA. Manager Terry Collins and pitching coach Dan Warthen headline an exclusive group that includes Matt Reynolds and Alejandro De Aza, who were summoned to stand in against Harvey and report on his progress.

Collins says Harvey isn't tipping his pitches but remained tight-lipped beyond that.

Mack – Interesting stat lines through the season so far for Harvey –

          1st time through lineup - .241/.292/.373

          2nd time - .301/.326/.518

          3rd time - .509/.563/.764

The most important thing I take away from this story is the fact that Harvey is working along with the staff to try and figure out just what the heck went wrong here.


Brian Joura said...

Loney certainly comes with a great defensive reputation and back in 2011 and 2012 he actually deserved it. But fielding skills generally peak early in a player's career and Loney is not the fielder he once was.

Both DRS and UZR show Duda as being a better fielder than Loney the past two seasons. Loney actually graded out as a below-average 1B in both 2015 and 2014.

Mack Ade said...

Brian -

Well, at least he can play better than Duda can today :)

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack:
Hope you had a great weekend?
The one thing I'm thinking about Harvey is,they should take baby steps with him? Let him get some confidence with a 4 inning start! follow it up with a 5 inning start.All this monkeying around, give him some rest,between starts/ Guy is probably mentally and physically tired before his start! So when he gets to the 5th or 6th inning he is exhausted
Also another idea might be a physchologist, I believe John Smoltz used to use one?
Just a thought


TP said...

Good points about Loney's diminished defense but it strikes me he will be far superior to Campbell and Flores with the glove, and likely with the bat vs RHP.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree. Keep Harvey short. 5 innings if he has a lead.

If Wright goes down on DL, recall TJ Rivera. Campbell's .161 has to go. That is after he hit only .197 last year and .160 over the last 2 months of 2014. Extreme extended ugly there. Enough. Send Ty Kelly down too...produce or leave.

Terry needs to not overuse Familia. Or we'll have pen hell.

Jeff said...


I couldn't agree more on the Thor - Utley incident. The 86 Mets applauded Thor's intent but to a man they would have preferred he get hit. That's the way it's always been. However, I will give Syndergard props for standing up and trying to do the right thing according to baseball's book of justice. The way this series went, how much do we want the Dodgers and Mets to meet in the playoffs?

Hobie said...

If Wright goes on the DL, TJ is a must; Loney-Flores-TJR &... Kelly/Reynolds (?) round out IF squad.

Don't know whether the Thor/Utley event was more stupid in concept than inept in execution. Revenge is more often a fail than not. They had already given the finger to Utley winning the NLCS on their turf. This over-reach may take some time to recover from. Own the inside black & get him out would have been a more fruitful approach..

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

I agree.

Get Harvey's head on straightt regardless of amount of innings throw.

Let him go around the White Sox lineup only 2x

Dallas said...

Pitching could not have gone much better today! The hitting is a bit of a mess but the pitching can keep us in every game again. When is Loney joining the team? Kind of expected him vs Kershaw yesterday. Campbell definitely got his shot. Ty kelly has like 10 at bats and most of them were vs Kershaw and Quintana so i would give him a few more shots...

Anonymous said...

Hey Mack
After what I said this morning, maybe letting him ride threw the 5th and 6th was a good thing?? Mind you the double play line drive to Flores helped, aswell as the bunt!The one problem with the lineup, besides the injuries is!! Its all our nothing, and no speed?
I'd really like to see the Mets pick up some speed


Mack Ade said...

Steve -

I'm going to talk about Harvey's start in tomorrow's Morning Report

Gary Seagren said...

Great win today even if its against a tired slumping Sox club we'll take it. I wasn't sure Harvey had it in him but great effort and nice comeback from Familia but what to do with Wright is anybodies guess but this always playing short has to stop and can we PLEASE find a veteran infielder who can fill in and pinch hit because we have to end this nonsense of playing Campbell everyday. If we can find a solid veteran as quickly as we found Loney there HAS to be someone better than Campbell and Mack is TDA in the witness relocation program or what....do you know his status?

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