Mack’s Sunday Report – 5-22-16 – Players On The Move, New Mocks


Good morning.

Please find below for your perusal the latest ten mocks, which includes a few players that have been moving up the charts as we get closer to the June draft.

Some are –

LHP Joey Wentz – The Shawnee Mission East (KS) High School senior blasted on the mock scene about nine mocks ago and is now projected as a solid first round pick. How did he work his way on to the mock drafts? Well, he threw the first 26 innings this season without giving up a hit.

OF Brandon Marsh – The Buford (GA) High School outfielder has had his name mentioned in the past two mocks after the Houston Astros featured him as one of the players they are tracking for toe 2016 draft.

LHP Braxton Garrett – The Florence (AL) High School senior has been on all mock drafts throughout the mock season, but he has consistently moved into a top 15 pick in the draft. In fact, two of the last five mock drafts had him in the top 10. MaxPreps lists a 2016 stat line of 62.1-IP, 125-K, 0.56-ERA.

Jason Groome on Draft Day

"I can't wait until Draft day, because it's going to start the next mile marker in my career. Once I get there, I just hope to stay there as long as I can, [give] my brothers a great foundation, send them to school. I want to put my parents up in a new house, because they've busted their tails to get me where I am. To me, it'll mean the world to me, because I'll know all the hard work paid off."

          Mack – No chance this kid’s going to college.

D1 Baseball draft guru,  Frankie Piliere had some thoughts on the draft during a rare non-subscriber Q and A –

                  Q - Who’s going #1

                  F.P. - I still say it’s Puk and that’s what scouts continue to tell me. Braves will have a lot of good choices around with Groome, Pint, Ray all in the mix

                  Q - Let’s say Puk goes 1. How locked in do you think the Reds are on Kyle Lewis?

                  F.P. - They’ve kicked the tires on Delvin Perez but I think Lewis is their guy.

                  Q - Austin Bergner winds up at UNC, right? Not looking like he’ll get drafted high enough to forgo college?

                  F.P. - If I were putting money on it, that would be my bet, that he ends up at school.

                  Q - What are your thoughts on FAU’s 6’4 shortstop CJ Chatham? What round do you think he could go in?

                  F.P. - Big fan of Chatham. And scouts have told me to place him around the 2nd round for my list purposes. I think there are a couple teams who like him in the comp round though. Rangy, athletic SS and the bat has really improved.

                                                  (BTW... David Hood's mock draft on 5-19 is the first time C.J. was mentioned this year, projected as the 96th pick in the draft)    


  1.     LHP           Jason Groome              Suspended From H.S,
  2.     LHP           A.J. Puk                        Florida                                  
  3.     OF              Kyle Lewis                    Mercer                                  
  4.     RHP           Riley Pint                     St.Thomas Aquinas (KS)    
  5.     SS              Delvin Perez                Intl Baseball Academy (PR)
  6.     IF               Nick Senzel                  Tennessee                              
  7.     OF              Corey Ray                    Louisville                              
  8.     OF              Blake Rutherford        Charminate HS (CA)  
  9.     OF              Mickey Moniak            La Costa Canyon (CA)
  10.  RHP          Dakota Hudson            Mississippi State
  11.  OF             Buddy Reed                 Florida                                  
  12.  RHP          Ian Anderson               Shenendohowa HS (NY)            
  13.  LHP          Braxton Garrett          Florence HS (AL)                 
  14.  RHP          Connor Jones               Virginia                                 
  15.  IF-P          Josh Lowe                     Pope HS (GA)                      
  16.  IF              Nolan Jones                  Holy Ghost Prep (PA)         
  17.  LHP          Joey Wentz                   Shawnee Mission East HS  
  18.  C               Zack Collins                 Miami
  19.  RHP          Matt Manning              Sheldon HS (CA)                  
  20.  1B              Alex Kirloff                  Plum HS (PA)                      
  21.  OF-1B       Will Benson                  Westminster Schools (GA) 
  22.  RHP          Cal Quatrill                 Stanford                                
  23.  RHP          Forrest Whitley           Alamo Hiehgt HS (TX)        
  24.  RHP          Jordan Sheffield          Vanderbilt                            
  25.  OF             Brian Reynolds            Vanderbilt                            
  26.  RHP          Kevin Gowdy               Barbara HS (CA)
  27.  RHP          Robert Tyler                Georgia                                 
  28.  IF              Will Craig                    Wake Forrest                        
  29.  SS             Drew Mendoza            Lake Minneola HS (FL)                
  30.  RHP          Daulton Jeffries          Cal                                         
  31.  RHP          Alex Speas                    Mceachen HS (GA)              
  32.  RHP          Logan Shore                 Florida                                  
  33.  RHP          Alec Hansen                 Oklahoma                             
  34.  C               Chris Okey                   Clemson                                
  35.  RHP          Cody Sedlock               Illinois                                             
  36.  LHP          Anthony Kay                Connecticut                          
  37.  LHP          Jesus Luzardo              Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)
  38.  OF             Jake Frahey                 LSU                                       
  39.  3B              Carter Kieboom          Walton HS (GA)                   
  40.  LHP          Eric Lauer                    Kent State                             
  41.  LHP          Matt Krook                  Oregon                                  
  42.  RHP          Jared Horn                   Vintage HS (CA)                  
  43.  OF             Taylor Trammell        Mt. Paran Christian (GA)  
  44.  RHP          Reggie Lawson             Victor Valley HS (CA)         
  45.  OF             Nick Banks                   Texas A and M                     
  46.  LHP          Matt Crohan                Winthrop                              
  47.  RHP          Zach Burdi                   Louisville                              
  48.  IF              Bo Bichette                  Lakewood HS (FL)               
  49.  RHP          Joe Duplantier             Rice                                       
  50.  RHP          Zach Jackson               Arkansas                               
  51.  OF             Ryan Boldt                   Nebraska                               
  52.  OF             Avery Tuck                  Steele Canyon HS (CA)       
  53.  3B              Joe Rizzo                      Oakton HS (VA)                   
  54.  C               Sean Murphy               Wright State                         
  55.  RHP          Corbin Burnes             St. Mary’s                             
  56.  RHP          Austin Bergner            Windermere Prep (FL)        
  57.  SS             Gavin Lux                    Indian Train Academy (WI)
  58.  3B              Bobby Dalbec              Arizona                                 
  59.  RHP          Mike Shawaryn           Maryland                              
  60.  RHP          Zack Brown                  Kentucky                               
  61.  OF             Penny Grier                 Auburn                                  
  62.  OF             Heath Quinn                Samford                                
  63.  LHP          Kyle Muller                  Jesuit College Prep              

  64.  IF              Bryson Brigman                   San Diego                               


Thomas Brennan said...

I'd love another Cespedes. Can we draft one?

TJ Rivera 20 for last 37, .375, 40 RBI. WHAT's a guy gotta do?

Ernest Dove said...

Shoutout to C.J. Chatham and FAU baseball for clinching the conference usa title on the very last day !!!!

Bob Sugar said...

Hear you. If we remove Reynolds from the 40 man roster and add TJ Rivera does that make Reynolds a free agent? I don't know how it works........... Bring out the hammer Thor!

Zozo said...

He would be placed on waivers and can get claimed by another team.. But if he passes through waivers he can be placed back down in Vegas.

Hobie said...

But he, or anybody else DFA'd, if claimed would have to be added to the claimant's 40-man. Correct, Zo?

Zozo said...

Oh yes that as well

Hobie said...

Thanks, Zo--

So the risk to making room for, say, TJR, is whether a Reynolds, Campbell, Alvarez, etc., would fit on some body else's 40 man

BTW, TJR last night: 3/5 (.375), 2B (11), RBI (40)

Bob Sugar said...

Thanks guys. Would like to see TJR get a look

Thomas Brennan said...

Agree 100%

Metsiac said...

With our 2B/SS starters healthy and Wilmer due back soon, all TJ would get here are splinters. Let him play every day until needed.

Metsiac said...

With our 2B/SS starters healthy and Wilmer due back soon, all TJ would get here are splinters. Let him play every day until needed.

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