Richard Herr - An Observation


I've only seen parts of some of the Mets' games, but I think I'm observing something going on. It appears to me that the umpires are calling a much more rigid strike zone. If a pitch comes in a quarter of an inch off the plate, it's called a ball. I'm seeing pitchers complaining to umps about close pitches that used to have the batters berating the man in blue. I'd guess the word came down from the league office that they wanted a much more consistent strike zones from all of the umpires. I extrapolate that this is a move to inspire more offense. It seems that the Mets are scoring more runs. Is that true around the majors?


Thomas Brennan said...

Toronto is hitting .194 with 4 homers, so if the zone is tighter everywhere, they are not benefiting. Red Sox only have 4 homers, while the Mighty Mets have a whopping 20.

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