I love the term "various and sundry."  Not quite sure why.

But this early in the season designated as 2017, one can have various and sundry thoughts.  Here's a bunch (mostly thru Wednesday's games):

Through 9 games, Daniel Murphy has 16 more hits than Jose Reyes and 8 less Ks in his 41 plate appearances than Lucas Duda has in his 32 PAs.  What a weapon Danny Boy would have been in this Mets line up.  No one would listen to me, though, right, Sandy?.

Great to see Zach Wheeler throw so well.  First bad night was frigid, his second start was warm....any connection?

Matt Harvey impresses as a guy with above average stuff and above average guts.

Jake deGrom showed again that like Ali, you can have Jake badly on the ropes, but he will still find a way to get through that round and beat your sorry butt.

I love the missile launcher also known as Yoenis Cespedes.

Do we all love Asdrubal Cabrera yet?  I do.

Hansel Robles' all-too-easy surrender of homers scares me.

Bartolo Colon got his butt kicked all spring, but then pitched like Koufax against the Mets, and reverted to crappy in his next start.  I am not surprised.

Conforto must stay, Conforto must play, Conforto is A OK.

Two minors guy who had great springs and are hitting over .400 in the regular season, too: Luis Guillorme and Luis Carpio.  Everyone else is legally changing their names.

Two guys hitting .393: Dominic Smith and Amed Rosario.

Gavin Cecchini started really slowly, but was on base 7 times in the past 2 games, which is 4 more than Jose Reyes has been on in 9 games.

When Jose's Mom asked him if he washed up before dinner, he yelled back, "I AM NOT WASHED UP, MA!"

What do speedy Jacob Zanon (who started out red hot for Columbia) and Pete Alonzo have in common?  Being out for a number of games after being hit by a pitch.  Not the same pitch, just to be perfectly clear.  Send Get Well cards, people. (Especially to Alonzo, who it is now reported has a broken hand, again).

I know it is only one start each, but Colin Holderman, Jordan Humphreys, and Merandy Gonzalez dominated, big time, for Columbia.

Meanwhile, Justin Dunn's first start was shaky and wild for St. Lucie, which has a team average of .198.  What would they hit, though, if their home games were in Vegas?

Tyler Pill has not allowed a run in 2 Binghamton starts.  His Alamo is located in Vegas, though.

Great relief pitching: Fellow Rumble Ponies Al Baldonado, Tim Peterson, Scarlyn Reyes, Kyle Regnault, Kelly Secreast, and Corey Burns have thrown a combined 13 IP without a run, while allowing just 5 hits and fanning 20.  Keep those ponies ready to gallop out of the pen, pardner.

Nick Sergakis has been our most versatile player, but lacking results, so far: he lost a game for St Lucie when they ran out of real pitchers, surrendering 2 runs in an inning, and is just 2 for 11 as a hitter - but take comfort, Nick, Reyes has just 2 hits also, but in 22 more at bats.

With Juan Lagares coming back and Grandy a notoriously bad April hitter, why not bench Mr. Grand Man for a while and play Juan and Mikey?   I know we don't want to hurt Grandy's future development, but...

I have to go now, I have various and sundry things to do.

Have a great and varied day, you sundry folks out there.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Is Alonso on the DL? I had no notification from the team on that.

There seems to be two guys, Donovan Hand and Ben Rowan, that are a little overmatched in AAA. The Mets might consider sending Rowan to Binghamton for some R and R and possibly releasing and replacing Hand with someone else with a glove on their hand.

Hand... glove... hand... get it?

Thomas Brennan said...

I gotta Hand it to you, Mack.

Baseball is so cool....d'Armand couldn't drive in a run to save his life last year. This year, 9 RBI already in 27 AB, including the game-deciding HR in extra innings. Looks like we have a #1 catcher again.

Smoker's job on the line, and he gives them 3 dominant, critical innings. So nice.

Jordan Humphreys had another great game last night...5 no hit innings, went 7 allowing 3 hits and his only run in 2 starts, in which he walked none and fanned 18. Making a bid to be the Mets' best minor league starter.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese would love this, written by Ken Davidoff of the NY Post:

"Hansel Robles clocked his fourth straight game, going two innings and throwing 34 pitches. Manager Terry Collins said he didn’t plan to use the right-hander until he called from the bullpen to proclaim his availability. Risky business, for sure.

And speaking of risky business, the Mets opted to pitch to the dangerous Ozuna with a runner on first and two outs in the 16th, even though Adam Conley — who was supposed to start Friday night for Miami and instead wound up giving up the game-winner to d’Arnaud — stood on deck, with no pinch-hitters available. That decision nearly blew up in the Mets’ faces when Ozuna sent a towering flyball to center field that Juan Lagares caught on the warning track for the last out."

Ozuna JUST MISSED winning the game on that one - how can you not pitch around the dangerous Ozuna to face Conley in that situation? Terrible decision, and Terry lucked out.

bill metsiac said...

Supposedly a RP will be called up today, and it better be soon. Vegas is 5 hours away. Who will it be, and who goes? I vote for Montero, and I'd leave him there to replace Hand in the rotation.

Mack Ade said...

Bill -

Gilmartin is on the way on a direct flight to Miami

bill metsiac said...


Thomas Brennan said...

Gilmartin is the obvious choice, since they need another crafty lefty to pitch to Stanton and Gilmartin :)

Actually, short of dipping into AA, no worthwhile arms in AAA. Rested AA guys are not on the 40 man.

Familia's absence is causing much juggling.

bill metsiac said...

Good points, Tom. And it's only for 5 days or so. Let's see who's leaving today.

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