Gary Seagren – Stop The Insanity


Anyway my big dilemma is this: would it more prudent at this point to use the big chips we have, Wright, Dickey and Davis (he's been VERY disappointing) and just do a complete rebuilding instead of trying to sell this bunch to Mets fans next year? Look I love David and R.A. and the thought of D.W. playing his whole career as a Met is enticing, but I'm a Met "team" fan and relize the likelihood that Dickey will continue pitching this well into the foreseeable future and that Wright will be as productive in the second half of his career verses what they will bring back in talent excites me.


By the way has anyone noticed that Fred and his idiot savant son Jeffy have been conspicuously absent this year? I'll never get the picture out of my head of Jeffy being interviewed for SNY  during the last few years of Shea in a hard hat walking around Citi field while it was under construction like HE built the place.....and he's our future owner...please pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare.


Anyway as hard as it usually is being a Met fan Mack I guess you were right about the fact that it would just be better at this point to finish last (with the Braves, Reds and Nats coming up that should do it) and get better draft picks and move on. Hey with the  $$ saved from trading Wright and Dickey they can finally dump Bay...PLEASE stop the insanity and get this new "era" going and not repeat the old "error".


Mack Ade said...


This is a confusing post.

There IS no money... and, the rebuilding began 18 months ago...

It continues tonight with players like Harvey, Edgin, Valdespin, Tejada...

This is it Gary.

Charles said...

If not for Madoff, there would never had been a rebuilding. Sixty million off the books last off season. Normally, that would have meant mucho free agent signings. Madoff, not Alderson, stopped that. Rebuilding? All those players you mentioned were drafted before the rebuild and might have actually been on the team anyway at this point regardless of money issues. This was always a half ass rebuild. Normally, you trade your best away, suffer through a few horrible seasons like Houston is and hopefully through the player acquisitions you made at the deadline and some good drafts, you finally put a cheap winner on the field. The Mets are stuck in between. They are desperate for attendance and also looking towards 2014. That's a horrible injustice towards us, the fans. Would I love to see David here forever? Yes, but we could've traded him for two Davids and an Edgin at the deadline. Dickey could've gotten us a future all star catcher and then some. They really needed to pick a route and gone all out with it. This half ass rebuild while also trying to contend is really like putting your future success on a three year hiatus.

Mack Ade said...

Charles makes very good points.

Sandy was handed a team and then a budget that prevents him from repairing it until draft picks prove out in 2015-2016.

Again, this is the team you chose to root for.

Mack Ade said...

Duda for two Davids and an Edgin?


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