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September Call-Ups
WFUV’s Amit Badlani reported that Sandy Alderson would like to see both Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia in the big leagues in September. That shoots the hell out of my ‘shut down Familia’ theory, but the moves make sense. You want Mejia back where he once plays and you want to work with Familia in the pen, especially on days he’s not pitching. These are two more of the 2014 team I’ve been preaching about, folks and it would be great to see a game Matt Harvey pitches, Familia pitches the 8th and Mejia closes. Wouldn’t that be kewl? 

Garrett Olson
Olson was designated for assignment to make room for the activation of LHSP Johan Santana. Olson’s Mets stat line: 1-G, 0.1-IP, 4-ER, 108.00-ERA. I’d hate to see this be the last MLB professional outing for this guy. I’m sure the Mets will return him to Buffalo, especially since there aren’t any additional lefties in the Binghamton pen that deserve a bump up right now. 

ST Donation
I received a $100 donation from a family member of a ballplayer that I did an interview with earlier this month. I chose to keep his identity private for a myriad amount of reasons and I’m placing this money into the attempt to raise enough money to attend the Mets spring training next February. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless to you and your family. 

“About 20 Guys”
I sat back today and smiled about how far the coverage of the Mets minor league system has gone. I started Mack’s Mets around eight years ago, when there was only Ed’s NYFS and another guy other than Toby at MetsBlog. Today, every site has at least one dedicated writer covering what I have done day after day. And frankly, there’s not a bad one out there. I take a lot of satisfaction in knowing I was a big part of putting “about 20 guys” on the map. That’s really all there is in every team… 20 potential full time major leaguers and a bunch of nice guys you meet along the way chasing their dreams. I would have a bourbon right now if I still drank. Instead, I’ll just smile, sit back, stick on the Allman Brothers, and lite up. Night.


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