Stuff – Pedro Beato, Josh Edgin, Jordany Valdespin, Matt Harvey

Pedro Beato

I like Pedro Beato because he lives in my hometown of Ozone Park, N.Y. I thought this was a breat acquisition, which just hasn’t happened. He’s proven a number of times that he’s a big time minor league pitcher, but, so far, he has been unsuccessful in Queens (2011 – 60-G, 4.30, 2012 – 10-G, 10.38). Tonight they gave him a spot start in Buffalo, which, on paper, makes no sense. There is already a 5-man rotation in place (Zack Wheeler, Jenrry Mejia, Jeurys Familia, Chris Schwinden, Collin McHugh). Did I miss a promotion somewhere or could the Mets be serious considering shutting down Familia? I sure hope so.

Josh Edgin

Please, please, please don’t overpitch this guy like you did with Tim Byrdak and Jesus Feliciano. Edgin hasn’t allowed a run in his last 10 outings and is not afraid to challenge you with his fastball. He also has a nice curve to set up the heater. Lastly, it’s his attitude that stands out. He doesn’t want to beat you. He wants you dead. I really don’t care who you send down or release. What the Mets need to do here to thank Garrett Olson for his contribution and call up Robert Carson post haste. Anyone that knows or has met Robert knows of his super-confidence. Give him a shot. He can’t do worse than Olson.

Jordany Valdespin

Here’s your problem… you are never going to get this kid to stop swinging. He just loves it too much. Baseball Cube gives him an ‘8’ rating (out of 100) for patience. Career wise, he has 1,405 ‘official’ at-bats. He also has only 66 walks. In the majors, it’s 135-AB and 4-BB. His BB% this season is 2.8%. You can’t survive in the major leagues with these stats. Look, if you get ahead of this kid, you can throw him any kind of junk you want and the bat will try to hit the ball. I said I’d lay off this kid, but there’s so much lack of discipline here. This all comes from someone that dropped out of school to play baseball full time… in the fourth grade!

Matt Harvey

Too many relatives. What was the ticket count, around 130 given out? Jason Heyward welcomes him back to the neighborhood with a 2-run homer in the first and the journey continues. Harvey’s biggest problem came early because he hit 45 pitches in the second inning. Simply, put, the control just wasn’t there. Four walks in the first two innings do not win you games. Out of the box: 93 FB, 83 CB, 95 FB, 93 FB, 95 FB, 95 FB, 95 FB, 94 FB, 96 FB walk. They mean nothing unless they pound the zone and bats don’t touch them. Too many relatives.


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