Draft 13 – Q and A – OF - Omar Cotto – USC


Draft 13 – Q and A – OF - Omar Cotto – USC

Mack - Good morning everyone. We’re speaking this morning to University of Sothern California junior outfielder, Omar Cotto. Good morning Omar. Are you finishing up your summer schedule?

Omar – Well, Mack, I've already started my fall semester and also this year we've started baseball sooner too. We're normally resting the first two or three weeks of school, but this has changed this year.

Mack – Let’s go back to summer and travel ball. Who did you play for this summer and how did it go?

Omar – Oh, I was in The Northwoods League playing for the Thunder Bay Border Cats.

Mack –So, how did it go in the Northwoods?

Omar - I had a great time... the coaches were awesome and we had a great team chemistry. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't go as far. Stats wise I also did very well. The only stat that is bothering me at this moment is the stolen base one.

Mack – Okay… so, we’ve got a sophomore season at USC where you only get 29 at-bats (.103), followed by 153-Abs in the Northwoods, hitting .327. What am I missing here? And, will the fact that you led the Northwoods in hitting get you some more Trojan at-bats this season?

Omar – Ha ha,  I really have no idea... I'm just going to continue what I was doing in Thunder Bay. Just playing relax and having fun. We have around eight maybe nine outfielders this year and I have to compete for my spot. The thing at USC is that I was NEVER given a shot to play in multiple games. Most of my at-bats were mostly pitch-hits. I'm not making any excuse,s but you feel better when you know that no matter what you're gonna play the next day. I'm gonna work my ass off like always because I know I have the tools and the talent to play this game.

Mack – Well, Omar, you’re off to a good start and we’re going to keep a look out early to regarding your progress. Let’s talk directly to the scouts out there that are reading this here on BLF. You’ve been playing baseball for a team that, well, hasn’t done very well, and you haven’t had the amount of at-bats needed to be evaluated properly for the upcoming draft. So, this is your chance Omar… tell everyone why you should be playing every game for USC and why you should be drafted by every team in baseball.

Omar – First, that I'm simply a GAME CHANGER and second that you can't teach speed. You walk me and you'll be seeing me at third base.


Shankbone said...

Nice interview. I saw you play last year Omar, and you did end up on third base, then you scored! Good looking ballplayer. Best of luck this year.

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