Q and A - Throw in Wilmer


Ross Clark asked:

It seems to me that the major underlying storyline to the Wright extension is Wilmer Flores.  I would think he would be on the trading block as it is my understanding that playing him anywhere other than 3rd would decrease his value.  I would think that the future of our minor league 3rd base would be AAAA players. Am I off base here or could we possibly see a pitcher and Flores go in a package next week?


We discussed Flores yesterday. A team would have to want someone that can’t play shortstop, plays a marginal third base, has played minimal time at both first base and second, can’t run, I mean, literally can’t run, is not an outfield option, and will take a few years to translate into an effective DH.  Yes, I would throw him into a deal, but only if the deal brought to the Mets at least two new players. 


Hobie said...

Hard to believe a guy playing SS a year ago "literally can't run."but then I found this. I guess it's true.


Mack Ade said...


I watched him for parts of 3 seasons... he can't run.

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