Tom Brennan - THE 700 CLUB


Tom Brennan - THE 700 CLUB

I saw Anthony Dimino was 7 for 10 (.700) before being promoted to St Lucie.

It made me think, this Easter weekend, of Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

Some people do word association, I'm a numbers guy, so for me, it is number association.

Anyway, Anthony is now 9-18 (.500) this season after going 2 for 8 after his promo from Columbia to St Lucie.  Not shabby, in my humble opinion.  And by the way, that makes him a career .330 hitter in 82 minor league games.  Yo, Anthony, keep goin', yo, yo.

So who remains in the venerated .400 club in the Mets' minors?

Anthony Dimino: .500/.550/.556

Wilmer Becerra: .429/.514/.536

Dominic Smith: .417/.447/.611

Luis Guillorme: .414/.500/.517

I may do a daily update on the .400 Club starting tomorrow.  

Let's hope they all stay in the club for a while.

Maybe Pat Mazelka (.375) can join the club, too.

Hey in 1963, Pumpsie Green started out 5 for 7 (.714) for the Mets, but eventually slid to .278 in 54 at bats in his final big league season....so hitting .700 does not always mean success.  But it's nice to do for a while, for sure.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Let's dig into the Mets catcher situation a little...

Right now, in my opinion, we have two catcher prospects... Tomas Nido (B) and Patrick Makeika (C+).

We'll have to keep an eye on Dimino, who has pushed Makeika to first base while Peter Alonzo heals from a broken hand.

Carillo, Glenn, Plaia, Rizzi, Brosher, Sanchez... all seem to be fodder.

Lastly, Kevin Plawecki is our emergency catcher in waiting

Thomas Brennan said...

Sanchez has a gun. Hope he starts to hit

Thomas Brennan said...

,.427 OBP. Maybe a diamond in the rough😀

Thomas Brennan said...

Domino that is, a lefty hitter too

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