UPDATE - SIGNED - Mets 9th Rd. (#277 overall) Pick - RHP Cannon Chadwick

Cannon Chadwick

I guess one can assume he has a cannon for an arm.

Cannon Chadwick is the Mets' 9th round pick and 4th straight college senior RHP selection, and 6th righty in the first 10 rounds.  He is a 6'0", 190 pitcher out of U of Arkansas Fayetteville.

MetsBlog noted that the 9th round (277th overall) pick went 4-3 with a 3.66 ERA in 24 games for the Razorbacks in 2017. In 4 NCAA seasons between Arkansas and Paris JC, Chadwick posted a 2.49 ERA and struck out 126 batters.

Razorback News noted that Chadwick is the first Hog taken by the Mets since Matt Reynolds in 2012.
Coming from Paris, Texas, Chadwick pitched three years for Arkansas, over which he threw for 62.2 innings, compiling a 6-3 record with a 4.02 ERA and 58 strikeouts.
His senior season was his best as he made a career-high 24 appearances out of the bullpen and struck out 38 batters over 32 innings, while also picking up two saves. Both of those saves came in Arkansas’ SEC opening series against Mississippi State, where Chadwick struck out two of the three batters he faced in game one and then struck out five of the final seven batters he faced in game two. The five strikeouts was also a career-high.


Thomas Brennan said...

Baseball America graded each team on its draft picks - my guess is the grade covered through the first 10 rounds.

The Mets got a B- Which does not sound terrible. Except that only one team got as low as a C, and one other got a B-.

In other words, they had the Mets ranked 28th out of 30. Not good.

Jacob Falk said...

Ouch. Hopefully most of that was the college seniors so they can sign high schoolers later though, you think?

Adam Smith said...

This draft looks like it was focused on trying to get a couple of relief arms up to Queens before Sandy retires, rather than on the long term health of the organization. Very little upside, very little athleticism, lots of college arms, very few position players at all. And if the position players, a bunch of 1B and corner OF. As a long term fan who watches other orgs develop the occasional all-star while we wait and wait (since Wright and Reyes, really) for our system to produce anyone who can conceivably be called a home grown star, I'm kind of disgusted.

Adam Smith said...

So, looking more carefully, I count one guy who might be a CF, one guy who could stick at SS, two catchers, 3 (probably 4) third basemen, two (three?) corner OF, and probably three 1B. Looking back, maybe a little bit more athleticism in the first ten rounds than I thought, but not a lot. That 2nd round 3B better be able to hit.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, I cannot disagree with you there. Again, look at my article tomorrow, and you'll see we already have a solid pitching pipeline, to my thinking, and virtually no one vaults to the majors shortly after being drafted. So I don't get all the pitchers. I WANT HITTERS!!

We forget too quickly, given the current pretty solid Mets' hitting, how poor the Mets' hitting has been overall since 1962. This organization has quite frankly an awful track record at drafting and developing hitters. Again, where is OUR Aaron Judge?

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