Gary McDonald - So What Next?


As a  Mets  fan we are used to suffering.  This season is no different. What we thought would be our year has turned into a catastrophe for this ball club.

Injuries, leaky bullpen, inability of starters to go deep into starts, all have led to this disaster called the 2017 season.  With all that being said I try to remain a little optimistic and hope they can put it together to make a run for a wild card berth, but at the same time realizing the organization should  consider looking to the future.

So what now? What do the Mets do to be back in the hunt  next  year.

Bring up Amed Rosario – He’s going to be here  next  year  anyway , so bring him up and let him get a taste of big league action and pressure. And while you are at it, bring up Dominick Smith.

Look to trade Jay Bruce, Neil Walker, Lucas Duda, or Yoenis Cespedes – Yes ,I know not Cespedes , but, if you could move in you could then sign Bruce for a lesser amount of money and not lose to much.  If Walker comes back healthy you try to move him and let Cecchini or TJ Rivera earn the 2b job.  Duda has some value ,as he is having a decent season and perhaps some team in the hunt could use a power bat. Nobody should be untouchable at this time.

Release Jose Reyes – I love Jose as much as the next  fan  but his time has come and gone and it is apparent he is not the same ballplayer he was.  Lets him go and bring in Rosario.

Fix The Bullpen – It was good last year because guys were in the right spot but this year it is horrific. I know Familia was suspended and then got the blood clot, and I know the starters are not going deep, but, this bullpen setup leaves a lot to be desired.  Reed has struggled, so has Salas, Edgin, Smoker, Robles, Seward all have had awful moments.   We need to acquire one or two more guys to be consistent and help anchor the bullpen.

Revamp the training both in season and off season – They need to take a good hard look at their training methods .  Are they right for baseball.  Yes, the players are physical speciments, but are they in “baseball shape” does  Cespedes  really need to leg press 1300 pounds or whatever amount he does.  Wouldn’t flexibility be more important at this point?  I don’t know all I can tell is that there are a lot of injuries occurring in Major League Baseball and to the Mets, and no one has any answers.

Convince David Wright  to retire – One of my favorite Mets players of all time but, even the best lose the battle and David has lost.  It is now June and he cannot even pick up a ball to start a throwing program.  David, you made a valiant effort to play but, it sure looks like it is over.  The Mets should be taking the insurance and offering him a high level job.  Coach, bench coach, roving coach, whatever he wants to do, they should give him the opportunity to pursue the next stage of his career.

So there.  Will these measures work?  Who knows.  This is my opinion of what to be done.  I don’t know if I am right or not but I do know something has to be done, and done soon.


Adam Smith said...

I'm convinced that somewhere there's a contender who could use both a power bat (1B? OF? Doesn't matter) and a reliable bullpen arm (Reed? Blevins?). None of our expiring contracts on their own are going to bring back a true impact prospect, but as a package, to a team that believes it has a legit shot at a WS run, being able to shore up both the lineup and the bullpen in one go might just be worth a top 3 prospect. Our farm system doesn't need "depth" and the big league club doesn't need more gap-fillers. We need core players moving forward.

Mack Ade said...

Adam -

Expiring contracts can get you a TOP prospect that is either one or two years away... 3 or 4 of these guys for next year's AAA/AA teams would surely boost the upper levels of the pipeline

Thomas Brennan said...

The Mets have started a 20 game win streak that will mess everything up :)

I saw this link ranking minor league organizations: Mets are (ugh) # 20, Yanks are # 2


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