David Thompson was drafted in the 4th round in 2015, reportedly lower than he otherwise would have been had it not been for a collegiate injury.

Up through 2016 as a Met draftee, he was an RBI machine:

In his 638 official at bats in 2015 and 2016, he had 117 RBIs, which definitely falls into the "not too shabby" department. 

Like dude, how do you spell "RUN PRODUCER"?  Whoa!!

But the journey towards the big leagues can have its hiccups.

In 2017, he jumped to AA, and the 23 year old Thompson got off to a very slow start - through May 12, he was hitting just .190 (22 for 116) with just 4 doubles and 2 homers.  Was he hitting his ceiling?  Nah!

His next game on May 16 was in fact the "ON" switch for David: in 127 at bats after his May 12 nadir, he has hit .323 with 13 doubles and 5 homers and 24 RBIs.  And just 4 errors at third base in his 67 games this year.

So now, with 881 official at bats, Thompson has compiled 61 doubles, 3 triples, 21 HRs and 14 of 17 in steals.  Nice #'s. 

Another way to slice-and-dice his numbers, subsequent to his first struggle, in his inaugural season with Brooklyn, he has had 675 official at bats with 133 RBIs!!

He could be a viable starting Mets 3B as early as the middle of next year - that's how I see it.  I'd promote him to Vegas ASAP and let him play everyday there NOW.

How do you, dear reader, see it? 

His closest competitor for 3B is Jhoan Urena, who is having a fine offensive season with St Lucie, but playing a lot of (quality) 1B after being extremely error-prone at 3B.


With what?  With Champ Stuart.  I had pretty much written him off after a horrific stretch in AA in May, with lots of Ks.

In June?  Lots better.  He's been to the plate 63 times, fanned a high but improved 21 times, and has a .397 on base % and .472 slug % over those 17 games.  Maybe the high speed speedster is figuring things out.


Mack Ade said...

Regarding David and third base -

You can not start in the major leagues at this position anymore unless you can play ++ defense there.

I loved the Thompson draft pick... he led D1 Baseball that year in RBIs... but he was never projected to be good at third defensively. That being said, he's played well there this season.

I don't think Urena is his competition. The return of Eudor Garcia could add an additional positive wrinkle here. He's only had 14 at-bats so far, but he's hitting .357/.400/.429/829 and he's a far better defensive third baseman than either Urena or Thompson.

Reese Kaplan said...

That's an unusual comment in that Garcia's rep was for the stick, not the leather. Still, I'd like to see Thompson promoted to AAA while he's hot as the 51's are reeling and the higher level of pitching competition would be a good test for him since no one knows what's the Captain's future will be.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

Well, I defer to you on Garcia... you know much more about his game than I do.

David Rubin said...

I've loved DT so far and of course have been very disappointed with the star he got off to this season. I am truly glad that he is turning around because I have definitely seen him as the heir apparent at third as Mack could tell you. Stuart needs to use his speed gosh darn it and not worry about hitting homeruns are striking out. For a few years now I have tried to envision him as our centerfielder of the future and unfortunately he can never quite put it all together. With that speed...oh, the places he could see...😂😂😂

Thomas Brennan said...

I JUST LOVE THOSE THOMPSON RBI'S....just to repeat, 133 RBI's in 675 at bats in 2016 and 2017, excluding his 2015 Brooklyn debut year. Anyone who can knock in a run every 5 official at bats is good in my book.

I want to see if he can jump quickly - guys who can knock in runs are doing something right.

Get him up to AAA and see what he can do - of course, that might mean (gasp!) promoting Amed Rosario to free up playing time in Vegas for Thompson.

Eudor Garcia, to me, is a suspect until he asserts again that he is a prospect. Also, I see that he has made 33 errors at 3rd in 158 career games (2 in 2 starts at 3rd since he is back), so that is high, and he has to prove to me how good he is defensively too. he also is above South Atlantic league level (now in St Lucie) for the first time in his career since he recently returned, so he really has a lot to prove....Thompson is already hitting well (of late) in AA, so he is way ahead.

Thomas Brennan said...

David, I have said before about Stuart - too much speed to not figure out a way to make much more contact - I think of guys like Matty Alou and others who used their speed to get on base so well, and he should study them all - he has though really improved in that regard in June, and hopefully he is on the right track.

Jorge Mateo on the Yanks has a similar profile - blazing super speed, lots of strikeouts.

Hobie said...

Champ has been lock-step with my boy Victor from KP (2013) thru 2016. Champ a college boy, drafted 6th(?) Rd, VC a 2 yr hitch in the DL--same age, Cruzado is now producing in AAA neck & neck with Ahmed, Dom & Plaw. Champ's speed gets notice DESPITE a less than mediocre display in every other offensive facet of the game (.225/.318/.321/.639) and 532 K's in 1400 AB's.

Victor (.275/.370.401/.771) and 338K in 1554 AB's is never mentioned in the same sentence, paragraph or chapter. I guess it's because Champ's single virtue is +++. Understandable, but as possible UT OF'ers there's really no comparison.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, I agree. Only if you had a team where your #5 guy was only really needed almost exclusively for pinch running and defense would Champ come out ahead.

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