Gary McDonald - Master Plan Revealed


After long and exhausting searching I think I  have discovered Sandy Alderson’s Master Plan for the New York Mets, and the 2017 season.  It is a wonder that I, and every other Mets fan did not discover it sooner, as it is right before our eyes, but nonetheless, it is obvious.  I was curious to know why the Mets were so hesitant in bringing up Ahmed Rosario.  We now know what Sandy Alderson said was the reason, needs more seasoning, don’t want him to be the savior of the team, and on and on.  And then it happened the announcement came out,  the aha moment.

This from ESPN.com:

The New York Mets are promoting Tim Tebow from low-A ball to St. Lucie of the high-A Florida State League.

He batted .222 with three home runs, 23 RBIs, a .311 on-base percentage and a .340 slugging percentage with 69 strikeouts and 23 walks in 212 at-bats for the Columbia Fireflies. Those aren't numbers that usually lead to a promotion.
Later on the report says:

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson announced the move before the major league club's game in San Francisco.
"It's not like he's tearing up the league, but at the same time, all of the indications are positive in terms of various things we look at: chase rates and exit velocity," Alderson said. "The bottom line is the average isn't there, but he's improving."
"Clearly, it's a step up," Alderson said. "I certainly think he can handle it."
This is Alderson putting on his PT Barnum hat and selling us some snake oil.  He won’t bring up Rosario because he needs the roster spot for Tebow, who he plans to bring up to the Mets eventually.  Nobody fills seats like Tebow and this is what Alderson is counting on.  If the Mets fall further out of this race , and attendance starts to fall off, he has  Tebow to hopefully but fannies in those seats.  After watching the team Alderson  has assembled, it may be time for him to go. I'm not a Tebow hater but I don't believe he deserves to be promoted , and while Alderson has made some good moves, I believe it is time for a change of personnel and philosophy for this Organization.

Back to reality.
This from the NY Post:
Anthony Young, a Mets fan favorite who is known as the owner of baseball’s longest losing streak, passed away Tuesday at the age of 51, the team announced.
In January, it was reported Young had an inoperable brain tumor. Early Tuesday, former teammate Lenny Harris tweeted Young was in a coma, and later in the day, his passing was announced by the Mets.
“Anthony was a true gentleman,” Turk Wendell, a former Mets pitcher who participated in the team’s fantasy camp with Young the last several years, said in a statement. “At this year’s fantasy camp, he told us he had a brain tumor. That was Anthony. He never ran away from anything.”

Anthony Young was a good pitcher with incredibly bad luck.  He suffered throught the worst losing streak you could imagine and never gave up.  He did the same in his recent fight .  And now his fight is over.  

RIP Anthony.


Reese Kaplan said...

At one point Jerry Koosman advised Anthony Young that he wouldn't keep getting handed the ball every 5th day if the team didn't feel he was a quality pitcher. Koosman should know because he once suffered through a season in which he went 8-20 despite a 3.49 ERA.

Mack Ade said...

Young was a good man and a great Met

Gary Seagren said...

Did someone say "tank it for the draft pick" it sure seems he's headed that way.

Thomas Brennan said...

Bring up Rosario, release Reyes, promote Thompson to AAA. I wonder if it will happen right after the All Star (7/11) break.

Reese Kaplan said...

Not promoting Rosario and Smith, promoting Tebow, leaving Regnault in AAA whle keeping Ramirez in the majors...it's like "The Producers" in which they pick the worst cast, the worst script and worst director...

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, I just wonder if the master plan is to pray they can trade Reyes for something (if, say, for instance, he inexplicably heats up and a team wants to take a flyer on him via trade because in part he is so cheap); if it becomes apparent they cannot, then to cut Reyes right after the All Star break and bring up Rosario.

Rosario hitting just a Tebow-like .230 in June, so they may not feel an extreme urgency right now to promote him. Unless he goes into a deep swoon, the latest I want him called up is after the All Star break in mid-July - and we are just a few weeks from there.

Gary Seagren said...

Thomas I agree but no matter how you slice it his recent .230 stretch (and of course his overall .316) is alot better than Reyes's .193 and Rosy has 49 rbi...I know I know it ain't the big's but it's time Sandy.

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