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Anyone who’s a regular visitor to this site knows that I have a particular disdain for the Skipper’s lineup construction, in-game decision making and his blatant preference for older players over younger ones.  Today, however, we’re going to cover another aspect of the man’s questionable qualifications for his job, but this time his partner-in-crime, Dan Warthen, goes under the microscope as well.

Word came down today that the reason behind Matt Harvey’s precipitous drop in velocity was a fracture in his shoulder. No one is blaming the dynamic duo for the injury.  These things happen (though seemingly way too often if you’re a Mets fan).  No, the issue is a broader question about what the so-called professionals are watching.

At some point you would think that the pitching coach and manager would notice a decidedly different style of pitching and question what has happened to make him convert from power pitcher to finesse pitcher, particularly when his last start was so dominant.

It’s not an idle or isolated incident.  The same happened with Josh Smoker just recently when the dubious duo chose to leave him in for 4.1 innings to get rocked in a laugher and then have him wind up on the DL with shoulder strain and “loose bodies” in his left elbow.  Hmmn…shouldn’t someone have noticed what was happening?

If these incidents were the end of the story, it would be unfortunate but perhaps excusable.  However, we saw mishandling of Noah Syndergaard, Jeurys Familia and others.  Thankfully both Seth Lugo and Steve Matz went to the DL before being abused and/or neglected by the on-field braintrust.  They’re now being productive, but for how long is anyone’s guess since apparently no one is watching the store. 

Apparently the only thing keeping Terry Collins employed is that he has not lost the clubhouse, but to hear Dodger Justin Turner and malcontent Jordany Valdespin tell it, working for the man is not all peaches and cream.  Then again, they didn’t have gray hair, so they were not considered part of Terry’s Team. 

These observations are nothing new.  Remember everyday Rice – how overuse destroyed pitcher Scott Rice?  How many pitchers have gone down with a variety of injuries during this reign of terror?  It certainly SEEMS like a disproportionately high number compared to other stretches of similar lengths of time before the dastardly duo took over.

Perhaps when the current regime is mercifully over we will see if Frank Viola and a new manager can be a little more attentive and careful with the team’s expensive resources.  


Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I give them one thing... they are consistent.

Thomas Brennan said...

Malpractice morons?

Richard Herr said...

While we're mentioning Scott Rice, let's not forget Tom Gorzalany.

Thomas Brennan said...

These "team leaders" are tougher on arms than Jason Statham. If I am a pitcher, I have to tell these guys when I am feeling I am closing in on an injury and ask out.

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