Mack’s Morning Report – 6-26 – Maybe The Mets Should Have Drafted…, DSL Progress, Nabil Crismatt, Tim Tebow


Good morning.

First... a little dirty laundry...

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Maybe The Mets Should Have Drafted

Don’t get me wrong. Pitcher David Peterson was a great pick with the Mets first pick. He shouldn’t have been around that late in the round and the Mets couldn’t have picked a better prospect at #20.

Now things get debatable.

I’m not saying that 3B Mark Vientos was a bad pick at #2 (#59). What I do say is there were three other players taken later in the first round that might come back to bite us in the arse someday. Call it ‘The Mack-Giolito Factor’.

They are –

            C Hagen Danner – 61st pick/Toronto – Huntington Beach HS (CA) –

John Sickels - STRENGTHS: As you’d imagine from a pitcher/catcher, Danner’s best physical tool is his throwing arm. On the mound he shows a 90-94 MPH fastball, occasionally a bit higher. He also has an above-average curveball and has refined his change-up, giving him three pitches which project as at least solid major league average. His control is also very good for his age and his mechanics are consistent. As a position player, Danner’s arm works well behind the plate where he also shows impressive mobility and athleticism. He also has the leadership skills necessary for backstops. His best hitting tool is power.

            P Wil Crowe – 65th pick/Nats – South Carolina –

John Sickels - STRENGTHS: Crowe is listed at 6-2, 250, a right-handed hitter and thrower born September 9th, 1994. At his best he features a fastball as high as 97 MPH, though more commonly he works in the 91-95 range. Movement on the fastball can be inconsistent: some observers report good cutting and sinking action low in the zone, while others describe the pitch as straight. This may vary from game-to-game (more on that in a moment). Crowe’s secondary pitches are a hard slider, a softer curve, and a straight change. Both breaking pitches flash plus while the change-up should be at least average with a bit more development. He repeats his delivery well, appears fearless, and throws strikes.

            P Hans Crouse – 66th pick/Texas – Dana Hills HS (CA) –

John Sickels - STRENGTHS: Crouse throws quite hard, working in the mid-to-upper-90s at his best. As his body fills out he should throw even harder (or at least hold his peak velocities more readily) despite non-standard mechanics (more on that in a moment). His breaking ball is erratic: this pitch looks plus at times but he has trouble commanding it and it remains to be seen if it will be more of a slider or curve in the long run. He has tinkered with a below average change-up which may or may not improve with time. Despite his inconsistent secondaries Crouse has been dominant, in part due to his mound presence. His personality is unusual: Baseball America describes him as “goofy and playful” off the field but an “intense competitor” on the mound while Perfect Game notes his “animated and entertaining actions on the mound” but also praises his “openly competitive” nature and track record of performance under pressure. He may be unconventional, but scouts love him.

DSL Progress

I normally don’t have much things positive to say about the DSL Mets. They rarely produce hitters, have spotty pitching, and never do both well at the same time.

            That being said, both the DSL 1 and DSL2 teams seem to be producing some             possible chips that become a positive addition to the system.

            The players, and their early results (through 6-24), are:

                        DSL 1 –

                                    SS Sebastian Espino ($300K) -  .357/.400/.518/918
                                    OF Jean Carlos Soto ($150K) -  .346/.433/.481/914
                                    C Wilfred Austudillo -   .317/.440/.415/855
                                    SP Jorge Cespedes -  3-starts, 2-0, 0.56, 0.81
                                    RP Jurgen Jiminez -  5-G, 12-IP, 0.75, 0.67
                                    RP Ramon Guzman -  4-G, 13-IP, 0.00, 

                        DSL 2 –

                                    OF Jhoander Saez -   .393/.493/.536/1.028
                                    2B Yoel Romano ($300K) -   .333/.436/.400/.836
                                    SS Shervyen Newton ($50K) -  .317/.427/.444/871

                                    SP Ivan Santana -   4-G, 3-ST, 0.66/1.10
                                    RP Jefferson Escorcha -  5-G, 0.00/0.88

Nabil Crismatt

I didn’t mention Crismatt in my last Morning Report as a possibility/probable candidate for promotion beginning this week, but that might have been a mistake.

Someone will have to make room in the St. Lucie rotation for the predictable promotion of both Merandy Gonzalez and Jordan Humphries. Add to that the fact that Justin Dunn is far from being ready to go to Binghamton and Crismatt becomes the odd- on favorite to get the first phone.

And why not? The guy has done nothing but excel since starting off in 2012 for the DSL 1 team (3.00/1.06). He follows this in 2013, again for DSL 1 (1.33/0.89), 2014 for the GCL Mets (2.25/0.89), 2015 for Kingsport (2.90/1.03) and 2016 for three teams (Columbia, Brooklyn, Binghamton: 2.47/0.88).
This year, he’s 13-starts, 2.25/1.12 so far, running his professions ERA/WHIP for six seasons/eight teams of 20-14, 2.25/1.00.

You really can’t do too much better than a career one whip.

The problem Crismatt has is the six-man rotation logjam of Chris Flexen, Marcos Molina, P.J. Conlon, Mickey Jannis, Ben Griset, and Donovan Hand that already is in New York State. At least one of these guys would have to be sent to Vegas (Conlon) or another could be released (Hand).

And lastly...

Wasn’t it I who said that Tim Tebow was a circus attraction ? And, did you notice that not one firefly pitcher retaliated for these tasteless promotional attempts to be mocking Tebow by throwing at the body of one of Charleston’s hitters. Maybe even his own teammates don’t have his back.



Thomas Brennan said...

Tim Tebow wore out his welcome so they promoted him :)

Not too often a .220 hitter gets promoted...part of Tim's Sink or Swim Tour

He does lead all of the minor leagues in making fans happy, though.

Crismatt has been outstanding, you are correct. Szapucki (see my 11:00 AM article) is back in Ace land too.

Reese Kaplan said...

Apparently there's an attendance problem, hence the Tebow promotion. Hopefully the money made can help fund something the team really needs besides a second rate quarterback.

Thomas Brennan said...

Kevin Kernan wrote today: Tebow is now back in Florida, where he is a living legend.

Alderson said Tebow has been “outstanding’’ in the clubhouse.

“There’s been nothing but positives and I expect that will continue at St. Lucie as well,” the GM said.

Mack Ade said...

Peter Hyatt has an interesting spin on this later this week

Charles said...

There's so much non prospect filler on all these minor league teams that I've never considered Tebow a problem. What's the difference? He isn't taking someone's place; 85% of these rosters are made up of players that won't make it to AAA.

And he does has one or two tools, with power being his main one at this point. If he can only barrel up some more balls, it could get interesting. He needs ABs.

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

His one tool seems to be LOVED by anyone that comes close to him.

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