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I was not a Tim Tebow fan when "Tebow Mania" was in full bloom years ago. The story of his mother not aborting him was moving, but  I felt that that all the spotlight on him was going to end in embarrassment for the young man. 

It didn't. 

The New York Jets did not even give him a chance to prove his worth.  

When the Mets signed him, the reaction was strong and in many cases, emotional.  Among them there was a natural break down:

1.  Publicity Stunt takes the place of a prospect
2.  Publicity Stunt, takes the place of a prospect and personal hatred of Tebow and Religion 
3.  Wow, this is great for baseball (emotional)...or...
4.  Yawn of Indifference 

Tim Tebow was promoted after hitting .222 in Columbus. 

 How is this even possible?

Sandy Alderson said it was due to "exit velocity."

Seriously.  Remember, besides an addition to the waiver wire, Anderson loves his bases on balls.  

"It's not like he's tearing up the league, but at the same time all of the indications are positive in terms of various things we look at -- chase rates and exit velocity.  The bottom line is the average isn't there, but he's improving."

Take it with a lump of salt.  What one tells us in the negative is more sensitive than what is reported in the positive.  Above, Alderson tells us what Tebow is not doing and what his average is not, with immediate rebuttals of both.  It's a stretch.  

Earlier talk of a possible promotion came after a hot streak at the bat, but Tebow continues to struggle both offensively and defensively and is a reminder of just how high quality a level professional base ball really is played at:  even in low minors, these kids are really good.  

So, why did Sandy Alderson promote Tim Tebow?

Was it so that Alderson could then say, "See?  I told you that this was not a publicity stunt!"? 

Did Alderson find a stat to allow him to promote Tebow against the financial howls of Columbus?

The Mets recognize that there is a reason for promoting Tim Tebow of which they may not want to emphasize heavily with the public  at this time. 

Why might the Mets have promoted a .222 29 year old designated hitter?

Tim Tebow's impact upon young prospects outweighs Alderson's dislike of conservatism in general.  

It  has been said of Tim Tebow that not only did he impact ticket sales everywhere, but he got young players to concentrate and dedicate themselves to baseball and to avoid ruining themselves in  party life.  His enthusiasm and competitiveness are contagious. 

 He is so well liked in the organization that even those who despise his religious views respect him.  

Young kids on their own, including those from foreign countries, can get themselves into a lot of trouble in baseball.   

The Mets have been slowly reawakened to issues of character, hard work, ethics, and team sportsmanship.  They saw what trouble can bring to the '86 Mets youngsters, Strawberry and Gooden, and have had a distaste for trouble bringers ever since.  

Some of this reawakening has been due to positive influences while others have come the way of warnings from headaches that head cases bring.  

The Mets' brass, top to bottom, loves Tim Tebow.  

There has been plenty of discussion about hiring him in some coaching capacity but there is one main objector:  Tebow himself.  

Tebow believes in giving it everything he can before throwing in the towel.  His character is such that he will have to have the towel thrown in for him before he gives up. 

As much as Columbus wanted him to stay, the prospects at St. Lucie are in need of his leadership and dedication to the game.  


Thomas Brennan said...

Well done, Peter. Tebow is not your typical player. He is great for the gate, and sets a great example. I think that will have dividends for his co-players while they are playing and perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Tebow's challenge will be to show he can hit in St Lucie now. Other guys have stumbled going up that level, such as Vinny Siena, who just got demoted to Columbia.

Mack Ade said...

Big attendance problems lately in St. Lucie.

Tonight is now sold out... 7,000+ tickets sold.

Thomas Brennan said...

There is gold in them thar Tebow hills!

Reese Kaplan said...

That was my exact comment when he was promoted -- that there must be ticket sales problems in St. Lucie. Problem solved.

Peter Hyatt said...

When some people get tomorrow's news yesterday, they love it. They love it so much, they can't wait for more.

Others ridicule or dismiss it.

They have their reasons.

Here is a "new" article for you on Sandy Alderson's "real reason" for promoting Tim Tebow.

Note the date and the GM's words:



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