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Besides the existing pipeline of pitchers, the addition of "lefty strikeout, walk nobody guy" David Peterson in the first round really stuffs the pipeline.  Best wishes, David. Maybe a fast riser and who we'll see in Queens in 2018.

Secondly, heck of a game by a current great Mets pitcher Jake deGrom last night.  Four straight team wins and things are starting to get interesting.  Jay Bruce superb, hitting big time, and Asdrubel with 2 homers.  Feels like late 2015 again, all of a sudden.  

Now, back to our normal programming...

The Mets have been roiled with numerous key injuries – you, dear reader, are a Mets fan and know what those are.  No need for repetition.

Three of the key injured just came back, with a real impact….Steve Matz, Seth Lugo and Yoenis Cespedes.

Any team that would add those 3 guys would be markedly improved.

And so, the Mets win 3 of 4 in the series these folks came back in, and actually the last 3 of 3 when those 3 actually played.

And the return of Rob Gsellman from pitching poorly to pitching strongly is like getting a 4th guy back.

So – the pitching seems poised to go from bottom-basement to at least middle of the pack.

And with Cespedes rejoining a team where guys largely shook off early season hitting woes and are now raking with authority ought to make the offense HUGE going forward.

Yes, the team appears markedly improved. 

Also, with Super 2 come and gone, Amed Rosario will now be available for call up as soon as they deem he is needed.  And, most likely, we will get Noah Syndergaard, one of the league’s best pitchers, back in mid August – which is a long way off, still, but could be huge should the team have reentered the playoff race.

The Mets face a very tough stretch of their season opponent-wise, while sitting on Monday afternoon at 28-33, with 101 games to go, trailing the Nationals by 9.5 games.  I think that gap could be closed, particularly if they can do well in the upcoming head to head meetings with the Nats.  The Nats, by the way, are 5-5 in their last 10, showing they are not unbeatable.

And in 2015, the Mets roster got repaired and they roared past the Nationals – it might just happen again.

Wild Card-wise, they trail 2 teams by 9 games – a big gap, but one or both of those teams could falter, and this repaired Mets team could start winning more games.

That makes these upcoming series an early Wild Card chase – Wild Card chase in June.  Deal me in.


Thomas Brennan said...

Off topic, but I love the fact that the Met's 59th pick in the draft (young 3B slugger Mark Vientos) is someone they had on their first round board. It will be a long time until the 17 year old gets to the bigs, but if he has a very high end, that's good. We'll need young sluggers in 2020.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mets pick up 4 games on Nats in 4 days?? COME ON!

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