Tom Brennan - An Early Mets Rookie Ball Glimpse: Brooklyn Cyclones


An Early Mets Rookie Ball Glimpse: Brooklyn Cyclones

Short season rookie ball can be different that the full season leagues above them, in that the kinks and jitters are more abundant in rookie ball.

Brooklyn's Tuesday opener, a 7-4 loss, was a case in point - the Cyclones (the Mets' highest level rookie league team) had:

  • 3 passed balls
  • 2 wild pitches
  • 9 bases on balls allowed
  • 3 hit batsmen (their opponent hit 4 batters themselves)
  • 3 stolen bases (yay!)
  • 1B Jose Maria grounded into DPs his first 3 ABs.  He grounded out his 4th time up, too, but thankfully, no one was on base to let him be doubled up a 4th time.  On the bright side, he made good contact.
Thankfully, Jacob Zanon, who was injured after a very short hot April start for the Columbia Fireflies, was back healthy and leading off for the Cyclones.  Speedy Jacob has gotten on base 10 of his first 17 PAs of 2017, stealing 5 of 5 bases, giving him 25 of 27 steals in 49 career games. Nice. One to watch.

The roster should remain in flux while signings continue from last week's draft. As of Tuesday night, none of the draftees had been yet added to the Cyclones roster.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Thanks for the mini-guppy report.

The site would never exist without you.


Thomas Brennan said...

Thanks, Mack.

I heard the polar opposite last night of the wild and wooly Brooklyn game: Kenley Jentsen has thrown 30 innings this year, with 50 hits and NO walks. That is simply jaw-dropping. His K to walk ratio is infinity.

Mack Ade said...

I expect this team to look a lot different in around a week...

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, true. With possibly 30+ draft signings, lots of changes coming in the lower minors. The ripple effect will head upwards, as many guys from the two A ball teams and AA should be moving up now that the All Star games are ending.

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