UPDATE - METS Draft Slot Money


Pick  Player            Slot                      Actual        Savings

020   Peterson      $2,994,500    
059   Vientos        $1,094,700     $1,500,000     ($405,300)
097   Brodey            $553,200      
127   Dibrell            $413,100       $380,000       $33,100
157   Winaker        $307,800      
187   Renteria        $237,600       $125,000      $112,600
217   O'Neil            $186,200        $10,000      $176,200
247   Cobb              $153,400        $20,000      $133,400
277   Chadwick     $139,700        $10,000      $129,700
307   Villines        $132,300        $10,000      $122,300

Total:              $6,212,500     $2,055,000      $302,000


Thomas Brennan said...

O'Neil, Cobb, Chadwick and Villines get bonuses with a very small B. Hopefully, that saved $$ will help pull in a big fish.

Charles said...

They went overslot for the second round pick. 400 grand over. They have to sign those college seniors for peanuts to make up for that or else Peterson is going to have to take less than slot.

The Mets haven't had a underslot first rounder yet, with the exception of Anthony Kay, and he had a medical issue.

Usually the Mets try to get themselves 4 or 5 hundred grand to play with for HS players taken after the tenth round, but Vientos may have eaten that cash up. That's fine with me, that kid could be a beast in time.

We'll see.

Charles said...

Actually, looks like they can sign everyone else for slot and walk away with plenty left to grab some upside guys still. Looks promising.

Mack Ade said...

I'll be thrilled with Peterson at slot and one HS prep prospect taht was picked later (best chance: Labas)

Jonathan Babkow said...

Pretty much a cop out for the underachieving pitching staff which has royally sucked this year. On pace to allow 250 homers. Should we move one of our outfielders into bleachers?????

Eddie Corona said...

I know projections are just that and things change (good and bad) But the projections are Peterson is at best a 3 starter... Doesn't that bother you? a top 20 pick ? our No 2 pick project to have the upside of Manny Machado... (thats super star potential...)
Peterson sound to me like a cecchini type pick (high floor) whern we missed out on Seager (high Ceiling)...
But I am no scout

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