Peter Hyatt - Michael Conforto: Part Time All - Star


Prior to cooling off, the Mets were promoting Michael Conforto for write in ballet for the 2017 All Star Game; deservedly so. 

Yet, with the puzzle to some beat writers, and others overly cautious on writing and jeopardizing their access to the club house, it is no mystery. 

24 year old Conforto sat four of five games, even as he was heating up, including the game after gaining 3 hits in place of 36 year old Curtis Granderson, who has no active player future with the mediocre Mets.  

Infield Fungos

In other news, Mets fans are seeking a Go Fund Me to help Astrubel Cabrerra provide for his family. Poverty takes its toll and New Yorker's compassion seeks to alleviate Cabrerra's suffering. 

Yoenis Cepedes stood at home plate and refused to run out a routine fly ball to left field.  

The wind almost turned it into a circus where Cespedes may have been called out, had it dropped, due to his running out of the base paths to the dugout.  

Terry Collins has no comment though media forgot to ask for one. 

Mets Twitter account continues to promote Jose Reyes (.191) as the face of the franchise as did Fox Broadcast last night, replete with Reyes' ostentatious face paint.  Who better to best represent Alderson's 2017 Mets?

Jacob deGrom continues to show what happens when brains meets hard work.  How long ago was this?

Was Sandy displeased that deGrom sought out Clayshaw for encouragement?  Can't have that influence in the clubhouse, can we?  Water, as they say, seeks its own.  

Wilmer Flores' defense is routinely criticized while the Mets have never let him learn a single position.  We are still searching for Flores' whining, complaints and protests to the media.  We'll report it just as soon as we find them.  

Rumors of several clubs interested in Cabrerra.  They must first prepare a detailed strategy of their farm system first, for Cabrerra's approval. 

Should Conforto continue to make the most of his limited playing time (he is scheduled for today and Tuesday according to Collins), he may make the All Star team in spite of the mismanagement in New York.  Teams drool over his meshing of talent, character and hard work.  

He had to get a new room mate.  It is who this young man is.  


Thomas Brennan said...

Nice irony and pointed humor!

Reese Kaplan said...

Mismanagement? Perish the thought! Everyone knows that Terry Collins will be sitting in the Hall of Fame (once he buys a ticket).

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