Tom Brennan: Silver Linings - Cruzado, Plawecki, Oswalt


The Mets made a smart move earlier this month.  They released fading veteran Desmond Jennings, who had well over 200 mediocre plate appearances, freeing up an outfield slot to allow VICTOR CRUZADO to play everyday. 

 The Cruzer has not disappointed, with 4 RBIs in a comeback win Tuesday night and hitting .323 in about 100 at bats.  He missed April and part of May with an injury, and the 6'1", 210 switch hitter needs to stay healthy to prove that he is a lot better than last year's .261 average at Binghamton.  

He also needs to ramp up his power, as his speed game does not overwhelm, with just 34 of 60 in steals in over 1,800 plate appearances.  Stay healthy over the remaining 65-70 games and prove you should be in the Queens 2018 outfield equation, Cruzer.

KEVIN PLAWECKI - a name well known to Mets fans, Plaw has failed to hit in his at bats with the Mets over the past few years. He was shuffling in Vegas too, but has been on fire of late, pushing him up to .325/.357/.547. Maybe the bad is finally getting to major league quality...time will tell.  Disappointingly, he has gunned down just 3 of 19 would-be base stealers in Vegas, so that alone clouds his future as a MLB catcher, in my opinion.

COREY OSWALT - many pitchers' names come up in Mets minors conversation...Corey not so much.  But his name should be.

He tossed several shutout innings in a 2-0 Tuesday night win and has established himself as the ace of Binghamton's staff.  He stands at 5-3, 2.13 after 12 starts.  Even better, over the last 10 starts, the hard throwing 6'5" righty is a spectacular 5-1, 1.40.  Drafted out of high school in 2012, and injured several times since, the healthy 23 year old is showing that he is not far from getting his shot in Queens.  

He certainly seems promotion-worthy to Vegas now, but maybe they don't want to screw him up, too, by sending him there.  Former teammate Al Baldonado had a 0.00 ERA in 11 outings earlier this year, followed by a 7.52 ERA in 17 Vegas outings.  Vegas is hazardous to a pitcher's health.

CRUZADO, PLAWECKI, OSWALT - 3 silver linings.


Lots of media attention as Tim Tebow made his St Lucie debut....only hitting. .220, when will the circus act end, some said. Well, the big man stepped up even bigger on day 1, going 3 for 5, including a 2 run jack and a walk.  Don't misunderestimate Mr. Tebow, I always say.


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Continued kudos for the Silver Linings posts

I love talking about Cruzado, but it is a long shot that he will ever get to Queens, no less exell there.

Same for Oswalt. Just do not know about him.

As for Plawecki, Ireally wish the Mets would send d'Arnaud to Vegas and let Plawecki have one more shot in Queens to become the starting catcher.

Thomas Brennan said...

The rest of 2017 is truly crucial for all three to really step up

Eddie Corona said...

Great job tom...
You the man

Thomas Brennan said...

Thanks much, Eddie

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